Chrome Extensions That Makes Your Work Easy


Google Chrome extensions are the small software programs that can be connected to Chrome to improve the functionality of the browser. This incorporates including extra features to Chrome or changes the existing performance of the program in order to make it more useful for the user.

Below are some of the examples of the functionality that a Google Chrome extension can include to Chrome:

  • Block ads from being shown.
  • Optimize memory usage so that Chrome can run more efficiently
  • Add to-do lists or reminders to Chrome
  • Password protection
  • Make it simpler to copy text from a site
  • Maintain your privacy and keep web browsing safer.

As you can observe, extensions give a variety of additional functionality so it becomes easier for you to perform tasks or get most of any web sites you visit.

While most Chrome extensions are helpful, unfortunately there are some developers who create extensions that affect the Chrome behavior negatively.

For example, some of the developers may install Chrome extensions without your consent that enable ads on to web pages that you are surveying, they can change the new tab page, or hijack your home page as well.

Best Google Chrome Extensions:

There are so many good Chrome extensions that offer much-needed functionality, better security, and enhance the performance of Chrome.

The following are the list of extensions that are recommended to be installed in Chrome.

Extensity is an extension supervisor that permits you to quickly enable extensions when they are required and disable them when they are not.

LastPass is a password manager that enables you to apply unusual passwords on every website you visit, without having to hustle to memorize any of them. the way websites are being hacked it is very essential to secure those websites you usually visit. This extension makes this process achievable.

  • HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere extension is built by EFF and the Tor Project its work is to switch automatically hundreds of sites from insecure “HTTP” to secure “HTTPS”. It will guard you against many forms of monitoring and account hijacking, and some sorts of censorship as well.

  • The Great Suspender 

The Great Suspender is not a heavy chrome extension that reduces chrome’s memory footprint for users that have so many tabs open at the same time. This extension will automagically empty each tab while maintaining its title text. A tab can be easily restored by clicking anywhere on the page when it is required. This increases the efficiency of your computer and assures excessive Javascripts are running.

  •  Add to Trello

If you use Trello for project management, team collaboration, your content calendar, or just a personal to-do list, this extension allows you quickly to add links as cards to your Trello boards.

ToDoist is a project management extension that allows you to generate organized and interesting to-do lists across all of your devices. you can add responsibilities to it without opening a separate tab, app, or device.

  •  Chrome New Window Focus

The Chrome New Window Focus is an extension that fixes a bug present in Chrome for many years. For instance when a new Chrome window is begun, sometimes it does not get focused and it waits behind other windows. This extension will work to force focus on any newly-created window.

Adblock Plus is an extension for ad-blocking that also helps websites by not blocking modest kinds of ads by default.

  • Lazarus: Form Recovery 

One of the most irritating things is when you fill out a long-form and accidentally close the browser window or the program crashes before you can submit it. Lazarus is a Chrome extension that records what you type into forms so you can recover it again later.

The Click&Clean extension Chrome enables you to clear your cache, URL searches, website cookies, and download history with a single click on your browser toolbar. The extension is also capable of scanning your computer for viruses and cleaning up your hard drive of unused applications also improves your computer running.

MozBar is an extension that enables SEO marketers to get insights about various websites easily without leaving their web browser. You can easily get search ranking and link coding information about all of the search results on a Google results page with one click.

How To Add Extension To Chrome?

There are few easy steps which you can easily follow:

  • Open the Chrome Web Store. (See Image Below)

Google Chrome WebStore

  • Search and choose the extension you want. (See Image Below)

Search your extension here google chrome

  • Click Add to Chrome (See Image Below)

adding chrome extension

  • Some extensions will ask your permission if they are required, then click Add to approve the extension. (See Image Below)

chrome permission

In order to use the extension, click the right icon of the address bar.

If you are working on a computer from your work or school, your workplace might have blocked some extensions.

Note: You cannot add extensions when you browse in Incognito mode or as a guest.

How To Manage Chrome Extensions?

Following are the steps that you can take in order to manage chrome extensions:

  1. Open Chrome on your computer.
  2. At the right top you can see three vertical dots click on it, then select more tools then click on extensions.
  3. Make some changes according to your requirements:
  4. Turn then on or off: Turn the extension on or off.
  5. Allow incognito: On the extension, click Details. Turn on Allow in incognito.
  6. Fix corruptions: Discover a corrupted extension and click Repair. Approve by clicking Repair extension.
  7. Allow site access: On the extension, click Details. Next to “Allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites you visit,” switch the extension’s site access to On click, On specific sites, or On all sites.

How To Remove Google Chrome Extension?

While Google Chrome Extensions are beneficial, sometimes an extension can create trouble in the form of using extra memory than usual, but you always have a choice to remove those troublesome extensions. Below are two methods that can be used to uninstall or remove from a Google Chrome extension.

Method 1: Simply Click on Extension Icon And Remove It

When Extensions are installed, sometimes they show a small icon to the address bar. This icon can be used to immediately uninstall an extension from Chrome.

  • Right click on that small icon and select remove from Chrome (See Image Below)

remove chrome extension

Now use your browser as normal.

Method 2: Uninstall Extension from the Extensions Manager:

It is also possible to remove an extension in the Google Chrome Extensions Manager.

  • Click on the Settings button, then More Tools, and then click Extensions
  •  Click on the “Remove” button and you will be displayed a prompt asking if you are certain to remove the extension.
  • Click on the Remove button and the extension will be removed from your computer.

You can now close the Extensions tab and use your browser normally.

We hope our research on Google Chrome Extensions will help you in your work.