Take your Fitness Routine to Next Level with the Best Fitness Watch

fitness watch to buy in 2021

Just like every set of wearable devices you wear on your body during the workout or during the day, a fitness watch, as compared to that, is exceptionally incredibly personal.

To keep a check on our health and fitness, we use something newly introduced called “Fitness Watch.” they don’t only come in a variety of designs, but there are also highly comfortable and pleasing to the eyes.  Among all these qualities, the best fitness watch must provide accommodation to your lifestyle.

Our top picks for the best fitness watch

  1. Best for Heart Rate: FITBIT Charge-3 Fitness Activity Tracker
  2. Best for Swimming Support: YAMAY Fitness Tracker
  3. Best for Blood Pressure Rate: GOGUM IP68 Fitness Tracker
  4. Best for ECG (Electrocardiogram): APPLE Fitness Watch Series 6
  5. Best for Calorie burns: GARMIN VivoSmart 4
  6. Best for coaching: AMAZFIT Band-5 Fitness Tracker (Alexa built-in)

Is buying a fitness watch worth the money?

There are various types of fitness watches. Most come with a sheer price tag. The best fitness watches usually range from $60 for a traditional clip-on to $220 for a big band designed for hardcore athletes. People who haven’t jumped on this fitness watch bandwagon; are still wondering, are these fitness gimmicks worth the money?

Every Fitness watch needs the person to use it to provide physiological details like; weight, height, and gender to help the watch construct a good sense of data it collects. Personalization helps in operating the data created by the fitness watch. The most common sensor added in a fitness watch is used to determine body movements.

What’s the task of a fitness watch?

By looking at the fitness watch, one must think it’s just an ordinary watch. But this watch contains a flock of unique features. Any fitness watch lets you record and shows you your heart rate, daily calories burned, step counts, walking, cycling speed, blood level, etc. The self-tracking system offers you to upgrade your daily routine, exercise frequently, and sleep better. Everyday use of a fitness watch helps boost your daily workout sessions and enables you to make them attainable.

The fitness watch has a built-in screen, statistics, vibrating alarms, and provides the history of your daily workout. Features like these help the user to keep their progress on track.

Which fitness watch is perfect for you?

Choosing a fitness watch can be confusing. There are tons of fitness watches with different designs and purposes. Before buying a fitness watch, one needs to have enough knowledge related to the functions of these watches. Do you need a fitness watch with a clip-on? Does this fitness watch has a heart rate sensor with GPS? How long is its Battery Life?

We’ve assembled some of the fantastic fitness watches. They aren’t just eye-pleasing but have some advanced features to help you reach your aimed workout routine.

Fitness watch by fitbit


FITBIT Charge-3 Fitness Activity Tracker

amazon.com Price: $164.99

The Fitbit Charge-3 Fitness watch has been proved to be best for monitoring heart rate. It has built-in GPS to keep an eye on your step counts and distance, displaying on the screen during your runs, ride, hike, and more. It has a feature that shows the workout intensity map of your heart rate changes with your routes. It has automatic Active Zone Minutes; you can feel a sensation vibration or a buzz when you aim at your target.  To Sync your mobile devices entail Bluetooth LE and Internet connection.

Some Advanced options; you can examine your (SpO2) nightly average and range. The watch show red and infrared light sensors, which show your Blood Oxygen Saturation Level (SpO2).

Fitness watch by yamay


YAMAY Fitness Tracker

amazon.com Price: $43.99

The Yamay fitness tracker can easily track your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. It has whopping 9 different types of sports mode for various workouts. It monitors the body’s critical indicators of your health, enabling you to see by displaying the record on your watch’s screen. This watch can be synced with iOs, allowing you to set up calendars on your watch, getting notifications from your mobile in your watch, which means you’ll never miss a ring.

It takes about 2 hours to fully charge with a battery life that lasts for about 7 days, which proves to be much longer than regular fitness watches. It also is waterproof, which lets you keep it on when you’re showering or swimming. This Yamay watch also offers a female health tracker, breast guide along with alarm clocks, stopwatch. You can also adjust brightness and change the position of the clock.

Gogum Fitness tracker and watch


GOGUM IP68 Fitness Tracker

amazon.com Price: $43.77

This Gogum watch is just a touch away from monitoring your all-day heart rate, helping you sleep with its HRV health function, which records your blood-oxygen rate at night. With its updated version, this watch can record your sleeping pattern during the daytime too. It has red and green light dots to help you indicate real-time health data by giving you better statistics to overcome health situations.

It has 11 different modes of activity; Biking, Swimming, Indoor, Stationary, Hiking, Stair Stepping, Rowing Machine, or elliptical. You can utilize these different modes depending on your mood to get yourself some healthy time. It requires to be plugged in for charging for about 1 hour, which lasts for 5 to 6 days.

Apple series 6 fitness watch


APPLE Fitness Watch Series 6


Earlier Price: $514.00
Save: $39.03 (7%)
Deal Price: $474.97

Take your fitness watch game to another level with the Apple Fitness watch series-6. With Enhanced-On Retina Display, you can easily see your heart rate monitoring and fitness metrics. Monitor your daily activity and work out more precisely, even underwater. This watch has 8 various modes to help you achieve your workout goal. You can choose running, swimming, dancing, yoga, or almost anything you love and start doing your measurements.

No need to visit hospitals to get your ECG (Electrocardiogram) done. Record your ECG rights on your wrist with this apple watch anytime, anywhere. You can sync your iOs and reply to any message, calls anytime you want. You can even take a glance at your face on the screen without waking the display.

garmin vivosmart fitness watch


GARMIN VivoSmart 4


Earlier Price: $129.99
Save $22.64 (17%)
Deal Price: $107.35

Specially designed for weight loss, this Garmin Vivosmart 4 fitness watch can help you burn your calories. It has a sleek, yet fashionable dark screen with significant digits, which allows you to track calories consumed and calories burned to help with weight loss. It gives you a Vibration alert whenever you receive texts, calls, or reminders.

Slim profile with innovative activity tracker has advanced sleep monitoring (REG) system. It can estimate blood oxygen saturation level in the night because this wrist band is based on Pulse Ox Sensor. This watch has monitoring tools for heart rate, stress management, relaxation, breathing timer, body battery energy, and much more.

fitness watch by amazfit


AMAZFIT Band-5 Fitness Tracker (Alexa built-in)

amazon.com Price: $39.99

The advanced Amazon Band 5 fitness tracker has Alexa built-in to guide and help you achieve your fitness and health goal. Ask questions, translate, set alarms, timers, create to-do and shopping lists, control your other devices, and more. It helps you monitor your blood oxygen saturation and examines your physical state with OxygenBeats.

Bid farewell to your daily recharged trackers; the Amazfit battery life lasts for about 2 weeks, with no dim lighting or anything. This fitness tracker is the best choice for intense workouts, exercises, and sports like Marathons and gym. It also has a female period tracking sensor installed to help females predict the menstrual cycle and send intelligent reminders.


With so many fitness watches available in the market, we’ve rounded up six of the best fitness watches based on price, form, and function. So no matter what your health and fitness goal is, our list of best fitness watch recommendations can help get you started on your search for a wearable device that keeps track of your activity while letting you achieve peak fitness.

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