Most Entertaining & Horror Best Halloween Movies on Netflix to Watch in 2021

Most Entertaining Yet Horror Best Halloween Movies on Netflix to Watch in 2021

Are you searching for some good Halloween movies on Netflix and confused about which to watch with your friends or family? We have listed the most entertaining yet horror films of all time. 

Halloween – A time to tell spooky stories of the night in a digital world!

Why do we tell stories?

Since the beginning of time, evidence has pointed towards one particular thing: mankind has been telling stories since the beginning of time.

It is in our genes and blood to communicate to each other in the form of stories.

Since old times, societies with different cultures worldwide have shared countless stories to entertain, thrill, terrorize, scare, and give a lesson, teach, or inspire.

Especially when it came to the strange or bizarre, the only way to invoke some level of understanding or teaching on a story familiar to all was telling events in the form of structure.

Even when it came to death, there were days when people talked and elaborated on the topic of bonfires.

This particular day is the Celtic tradition now known as Halloween. And in modern times, what better platform to experience storytelling in the form of films than the digital media world of Netflix.

Why Netflix?

A good scary movie not only plays with fear, but it captures attention by invoking the imagination.

It not only works wonders but can also be a form of education and inspiration for all. And one of the best times to watch a movie on Netflix as a family is Halloween, where you can not only share quality time with your family but also experience the thrill of storytelling.

Here’s a list of recommended movies for you to watch this Halloween with your loved ones and chill.

His House

A marriage plagued by shared tragedy is at the heart of Netflix’s ghost story “His House.” In the first scene, writer/director Remi Weekes makes this symbolic connection apparent, although humorous.

The film’s plot focuses on a couple; it’s a refugee narrative told through the eyes of a South Sudanese couple who seek shelter in England.

When evil begins to lurk inside their home, things start to go awry. Nyagak, their only child, died when their overcrowded, unseaworthy boat overturned in high waves. Both Bol and Rial are naturally distraught about their daughter’s death.

However, on the other hand, their personal and communal trauma goes well beyond Nyagak’s death. This movie is a fascinating blend of mystery, psychological drama, and horror, with all spectacular effects being terrifying.

There are the typical jump scares, but they’re only a taste of what’s to come once they’ve afraid of us.

Vampires vs. the Bronx

The story is all about a group of friends who start the renewal of their neighborhood and fight against vampires to defend their community.

This movie will provide you with the ultimate fun while enjoying the Halloween occasion with comedy and horror.

Vampires vs. the Bronx portrays gentrification as a clear manifestation of white supremacy. The pallid creatures attempt to demoralize the locals by alluding to the Bronx as no one bothers if people disappear.

The movie isn’t strictly a vampire tale. It’s much about a group of brilliant kids who transform into heroes in order to defend what they truly believe in. They’re full of action, and their humor is strong.

Blood Red Sky

A red-eye journey is never pleasant, but for the curiously unwell Nadja and her little boy, the transatlantic travel from Germany to New York will be deadly—literally!

Terrorists hijack the plane for monetary gain, promising that everyone would be released if the demands were met.

When they don’t seem to be keeping their half of the bargain and endanger Nadja’s son, she has no choice but to unleash the unpredictable beast she’s been hiding behind medicines. Snakes on the plane in one of Samuel Jackson’s movies were not the only gross thing.

This scary Netflix movie is aimed squarely towards adults, but if you have kids at home, we won’t be suggesting it because of the ultimate horror filled with thrilling scenes, which will give you chills throughout the movie.

1922 – 2017

The movie “1922” is based on a Stephen King novella from 2010, which was adapted for the film by Zak Hilditch and broadcast on Netflix in 2017.

In this film, Thomas Jane plays a farmer who struggles to make a living on a piece of land that is his wife’s inheritance.

Everything goes horribly wrong when his wife needs to move to the city, and rats begin to infest the whole farm. 

That’s when the story jumps. The movie’s direction is phenomenal, though its cinematography has its unique way to portray the novel.

The story is told in a grey tone and at a leisurely speed by Hilditch. Wilf’s fate unfolds with such delicacy that the entire book feels like a work of short fiction come to life. When you watch the movie, it seems like the whole book starts playing.

Hubie Halloween

Hubie Halloween is a comic horror film directed by Steven Brill and written by Adam Sandler and Tim Herlihy, released in 2020.

Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Julie Bowen, Maya Rudolph, and Ray Liotta are the main characters.

A murderer stalks the streets of Salem, Massachusetts, on Halloween night, kidnapping locals. A delicatessen worker named Hubie Dubois (Adam Sandler) works in Salem.

He is mocked by everyone in the city, including children and adults, for being strange and shy. But something unusual happens this time, and Hubie is prepared to put his life on the line to defend his beloved city.

Although a few moments of overall spookiness keep the plot moving, this is primarily a comedy. Hubie Halloween is just a lighthearted comic horror movie that is enough to be amusing while simultaneously providing you ultimate fun during the spooky festive.


A haunted home is the epitome of Halloween, and the Winchester mansion is the pinnacle. 

Sarah Winchester, the heiress to her family’s firearm wealth, spent her life creating a never-ending labyrinth of stairways and secret rooms to keep the spirits of those murdered by Winchester weapons away.

The story revolves around a widower constructing a dungeon, an asylum for hordes of vengeful spirits, the most terrible of whom have a grudge against the Winchesters.

Winchester follows a skeptic who finally gives up his skepticism and embraces his buried superstitions. 

This movie has a classic tone added to it. It would feel like you’re watching a pretty much cliché story but with horrifying scares and jumps.

All of this makes the film’s action scenes too predictable and lessens the overall effect it could have had if it had forced us to think about this horror staple beyond its apparent metaphor.


It will be different if the movie genres like horror or zombie apocalypse start adopting a solid storyline, which is better than the clichéd ones we have watched in the past. Cargo is refreshing and exceptional; besides the zombie stuff, it has a lot to portray. 

In a sci-fi film, the time required for a bitten human to convert into a slobbering, brain-hungry monster is frequently proportional to the character’s value.

On the other hand, Cargo is a powerful, at times moving achievement: a zombie movie with spirit and emotion.

The living dead are dangerous once more, not because of plot twists, unexpected strikes, or poltergeist hijinks, but because they remind us of the most awful things in life: losing ourselves and our loved ones. Watch this intriguing movie to discover a unique side of this genre.

It Comes At Night

Trey Edward Shults’ terrifying tale of apocalyptic American fear, in which a father has built a precarious domestic order with his wife and kid, safe within a dismal house as an unnatural menace, antagonizes the globe.

Then a desperate young family comes, looking for a place to call home.

The movie has a strong storyline, which follows the set of strict rules where every individual has to save their lives from the catastrophe.

With impressive background scores and highly appreciable cinematography, this movie will keep you deeply engaged.

Protagonists are motivated by distrust, despair, and a steely resolve to preserve what is theirs as the story unfolds on the outskirts of a destroyed civilization.

However, whatever mythical nightmares may lie in the woods, it is what exists within these individuals that threaten to pull them apart.

The Silence

This movie, The Silence, is about the post-apocalyptic catastrophe and survival. The film recounts the narrative of 16-year-old Ally Andrews (Kiernan Shipka), who lost her hearing at the age of 13, and her family as they seek safety in a remote haven when the world comes under siege from terrible creatures hunting their human prey by sound.

Similar to the tone of Bird Box, the movie is a bit different from its prequel, A Quiet Place.

The vicious streak in “The Silence,” which includes a horrifying sequence in which a mother and her noisy infant are thrown from a subway vehicle, may be the most intriguing aspect.

Haunting the screens

Some time ago, we used to look all over the place and research what movies to watch. Netflix has made our lives easier by including films worldwide on a simple platform, a click away.

Not only can we experience different traditions and cultures while sitting on our couch, but we can opt for anyone from endless and the countless scary and spooky stories for Halloween.

Whether it is for four-year-olds or adults, all ages can be horrified by the immense collection, ranging from cartoons to dramas to films.

Categorically placed and genre-wise organized, Netflix truly offers a Halloween experience that can be shared with your loved ones.

Now, the thrill of the unknown and the undead can be unfolded on your screens, and the magic of storytelling can be experienced while enjoying the spirit of Halloween.