8 Best John Grisham Books of All Time

8 Best John Grisham Books of All Time

John Grisham has been writing blockbuster after blockbuster since his first book, “A Time to Kill,” was first published in 1988. The undeniable king of legal thrillers, he has written 39 more books in the intervening decades. His books have been published in 42 languages and have sold more than 300 million copies worldwide. He is one of only three mainstream authors to sell more than 2 million copies of the first printing.

Here is a list of some popular John Grisham books; if you are looking to enjoy his work, we have mentioned the link of amazon in each of his mentioned books. Luckily, his books do not have to be read in any specific order.

1. The Partner

The partner book by john grisham

The Partner is a story of a lawyer who steals millions of dollars and lives a tranquil life in Brazil. The story deals with the efforts of several very wealthy men to locate him and force him to divulge the location of the money. The FBI steps in, and they bring him back to the USA to stand trial. The story shows how the thief stole the money and how he tries with the help of his girlfriend to avoid jail and get back to Brazil.

This is a great book. It is fascinating how you begin to cheer on the thief. The storytelling in The Partner is sensational, keeping the reader speculating from the first word to the last. The narrative jumps around in time like a Tarantino film, so sections of the story develop slowly from various sources and out of order. The whole picture is not clear until the final few chapters, and it’s hard to know what characters to trust.

Moreover, it is undoubtedly the most incredible ending to a Grisham novel, at once satisfying and stunning, yet still ambiguous. There’s a reason that Grisham refers to this book often in interviews. Some of his works have been more socially conscious, and most have featured more likable characters, but The Partner remains Grisham’s best work to date.

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2. A Time to Kill

A time to kill book by John Grisham

This is truly a fabulous book written only in the style that the amazing John Grisham can write! Grisham was inspired to pen A Time to Kill when he was a young lawyer, and he overheard a young girl give testimony in court. His imagination took off from there, and the result was Grisham’s debut novel that was released back in 1989 and only got a small five thousand book deal from the twenty-ninth publisher he sent it too. It wasn’t until he released several more books that A Time to Kill got the audience that it truly deserves.

A Time to Kill follows a young lawyer, Jake Brigance, trying the case of his career. The novel starts with two white men raping ten-year-old Tonya Hailey, who is a black girl. The book is set in Mississipi, where racism is still high, and everyone knows that there is a high chance that the two men won’t be tried for their crimes, so Tonya’s father, Carl Lee, takes it his own hands and shoots the two boys died in the courthouse because he knows he’ll never get justice for his little girl going through the correct channels. This then leads to Carl Lee being arrested for murder. A Time to Kill follows Brigance trying to prove that Carl Lee was insane due to his grief at the time of the killings and therefore is not guilty but also sees his life going to hell as the Ku Klux Klan come back to Clanton to terrorize those helping a ‘negro’ get free after his crime towards the whites.

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3. The Guardians

The Guardians Book by John Grisham

This is John Grisham’s 33d novel. He has a firm grip as a legal novelist. It is an excellent solid craftsman effort that has many exciting rewards. He has used his novels to explain and explore several key legal developments-including mass torts, death penalty cases, public interest law firms, and state lawyer disciplinary boards by building them into his novels.

The plot, characters, and action of this novel are simply perfect. They merely needed John Grisham to bring them to life as a legal thriller. How exciting can a story about death row convicts regaining their freedom and being declared innocent be? In this instance, it can all be pretty exciting and enlightening. The novel is a page-turner from the beginning, and it never lets up.

This is an excellent read and one of John Grisham’s best novels of late. He has always been one of the favorite authors, particularly his legal tales.

The Guardians are a small organization dedicated to freeing those languishing in jail following a wrongful conviction. They are always short of money and run the risk of retribution from organized crime gangs.

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4. The Firm

The Firm Book by  John Grisham

WhenThe Firm” was published in 1991, it immediately ranked the bestseller lists and was made into a major motion picture starring Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman. His second book, it put Grisham on the limelight

This is one of the best books by John Grisham. This story began simply enough: Mitch, a young man who grew up poor in the south without many families, was very active. He finished graduate school for his law degree in the top ten of his class and married his high school sweetheart. Although he’d intended to make the rounds of all the top places for attorneys, he quickly accepted The Firm’s offer – partly because he and they seemed to click and somewhat because they said the family was essential to them. When he got their generous offer, they also told him they’d pay off his school debts so that it wasn’t hanging over him. They leased him a BMW that he’d need to pay them back after he made partner in a few years.

Mitch did indeed work very hard for the firm, putting in longer hours than anyone. However, little by little, Mitch began trying to make sense of certain events – how and why were two of the firm’s lawyers found dead in the Caribbean in the last year or so? Relatively soon, Mitch was approached by an FBI person who hoped to entice Mitch to turn over documents that they could use against the firm. Mitch was suspicious about that. The story continued unfolding with lots of ups and downs. We readers could guess but not know how it would turn out until near the final chapters.

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5. The Testament

The Testament Book by John Grisham

This book is one of John Grisham’s finest. Very meaningful, and some finely drawn contrasts are made between characters: in the novel, we see those who seem to live for things that will have eternal value even though they are poor by the world’s standards. We see other characters who have seemingly attained every criterion for success and yet they are wretched and miserable. In this novel, John Grisham seems to invite us to re-evaluate our criteria for human worth and success.

This book is about an incredibly rich mans will. He leaves most of his money to an illegitimate daughter. Leaving almost nothing to his legitimate children. The daughter is a missionary in a remote region of Brazil and at first wants nothing to do with the money. A recovering alcoholic is sent out to persuade her to take the money. It is a journey fraught with danger but it is on the way back that he becomes seriously ill with dengue fever.

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6. The Innocent Man

The Innocent Man Book by John Grisham

A true story about a failed baseball player, Ron Williamson, from the small Oklahoma town Of Ada, suspected of killing a young waitress.

This book was slow going in parts, but it is an essential book. It shows how ordinary people can be let down by the American legal system and be so poorly represented as near unbelievable with maybe the death sentence.

The book was not necessarily about race. Various races suffered equally at the hands of bossy prosecutors, poor defenders, inadequate judges, and stooge witnesses who would say anything for a reduced sentence.

The story starts to gather pace & becomes a page-turner when a local cocktail waitress is raped & murdered. After five years of dead ends, the police have no leads and intend to bring someone/anyone to justice. Despite no physical proof, the police arrest and charge Ron Williamson with murder and set about making a case against him at trial and sending to death row.

While Ron Williamson is on death row, you get to feel the anguish & torment he goes through as he awaits the lethal injection. Throughout his time in prison, he protests his innocents, yet no one listens as the Oklahoma justice system has their man; however, crude their efforts were of “framing” him. It is equally found sorrow for Ron, once justice prevailed & he was acquitted of all charges. He returned to his hometown of Ada, where most, including the church, turned their back on poor Ron Williamson, who had suffered years of injustice at the hands of corrupt police investigations, the prosecution, witnesses’ testimonies, evidence, and even failed by his lawyers. Eventually, he receives little in the way of apologizing for his years living in “hell.”

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7. A Painted House

A Painted House Book by John Grisham

This is a different kind of book for Grisham. No matter the subject matter, he has such a fabulous writing style that this was completely enjoyable. The thing about John Grisham is that some writers over-write details, side stories, and conversations. Grisham is the master of balance. He has a way of describing a story full of depth and richness without boring the reader with a back story. Like no one else can craft books that are page-turners that maintain my interest throughout.

This is a deviation from the standard Grisham legal thriller. The story spins around a poor southern family in the ’50s trying to keep their cotton farm afloat. To do this, they must employ temporary help. In the end, we have four families to study. The Spruills, who are “hillbillies,” a group of Mexicans, the family of a 15-year old girl who has just given birth, and the central family, the three-generation Chandlers, who live together in a house that would look classier for want of paint. An unspoken character is the tiny town of Black Oak, where everybody knows everybody else, and the shop owners kindly sneak young Luke his coveted Tootsie Rolls. And there’s the stern minister who shouts his sermons and seems to “make up sins as he goes along.”

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8. Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer Book by John grisham

This is a terrific series for middle schoolers or elementary school kids with an advanced reading level. The content is pretty mature. Theodore Boone, the first book, is about a murder trial and the suspect is a slimy man suspected of killing his wife. But no more violent than most other books in this age group. There is lots of great information about how the court system works and just good common sense and moral decision-making. This main character is wonderful. A role model for how kids should behave today.

Interesting story, woven with facts about courts clear enough for age group to understand. it was a nicely woven and intriguing novel. Kids portrayed had good character and fun with each other. nice models.

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We hope all the above John Grisham books will be a great reading experience for you, and his unusual way of writing will open the different ways of perceiving things in your life

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