Increase the Durability of your Laptop with Stylish Laptop Backpack

Backpack for laptop 2021

As we know it, our lives have become far more comfortable and convenient due to the latest technological inventions. There is a more reliable and more accessible shortcut for everything related to our lives. Accessories for college, office or any other place have evolved in the best way and laptop is no exception. With that being said, it is safe to say that the laptop backpack is convenient, easy to carry, and has saved every student and working man’s lives.

Laptop backpacks are the ideal, practical, and functional solution as it is the best way of carrying your expensive laptop. Since a lot of money is spent on buying laptops, it is necessary that enough care should be taken while carrying them.

Our top picks for laptop backpack

  1. Best Overall: KROSER Laptop Backpack
  2. Best Comfortable: SAMSONITE GuarIt 2.0 Backpack
  3. Best for Travelling: CAFELE Laptop Backpack
  4. Smart- Tech Backpack: TARGUS Newport Travel Laptop Backpack
  5. Best Water Resistant: BRINCH Laptop Backpack
  6. Best Backpack for Women: HIMAWARI Laptop Backpack 
  7. Best Backpack for Men: AMBOR Laptop Backpack

What exactly is Laptop Backpack?

The Backpack’s primary purpose is to protect your laptop as they are fragile and delicate electronic devices prone to damage easily and require intensive handling when using or carrying it from one place to another.

The laptop backpacks are designed with durable yet fancy fabric that functions as the outermost part of a backpack. They are made with firm, comfortable, long-lasting, and pressure-resistant padding to provide a soft matt or bed to a laptop.

Which Laptop Backpack goes with your style?

Choosing the best laptop backpack can be confusing. When buying a backpack, Not only should the backpack look fancy and pretty, but is it reliable? Does it fulfill the expectations you have when buying it?  A convenient laptop backpack should be standard size having plentiful breathable padding on the shoulder straps to give you a relaxed feeling when carrying it.

To save you from the hurdle, we’ve picked some backpacks that not only are pleasing to the eyes but also designed to provide some massive storage compartments yet are easy to carry.

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Kroser Laptop backpack


KROSER Laptop Backpack Price: $36.99

This Kroser Laptop Backpack is designed of premium environment-friendly poly fabric, which is water-repellent, making this backpack reliable and durable. The front and back compartment consist of a padded sleeve offering enough space to fit in your 17.3-inch laptop along with your textbooks, clothes comfortably. It also has two sides zipped pockets for easy access to your essentials like a water bottle and umbrella.

Breathable padded back and shoulder straps for comfortable yet fancy fit. One side of the shoulder strap is designed with glasses to hook on it to hang your sunglasses. Another exciting feature of this backpack is its Built-in USB portable which is well-situated on a backpack allowing you to charge and use your cell phone simultaneously (power-bank not included).

Samsonite Laptop backpack


SAMSONITE GuarIt 2.0 Backpack Price: $104.00

The GuarIt 2.0 is known for combining the convenience of an everyday carry with a sleeker, fancier, and professional look. This Backpack by SAMSONITE is designed to take your business or college organization to another level. It is made from a mixture of two different polyesters for long-lasting use. Space enough to fit your 15-inch to 17.3-inch laptop with an extra padded compartment to keep your table.

The see-through pockets store your cables along with small compartments of pen holder and phone pocket. This Backpack can store a lot of stuff and can resist a light shower of water. A small secret zipper pocket is present on the back to keep your tickets, receipts or sunglasses, etc.

Cafele Laptop backpack


CAFELE Laptop Backpack Price: $25.99

This Amazing Cafele Laptop Backpack has about 20+ independent pockets for massive storage and to organize small items. It has three large main compartments containing numbers of hidden and small pockets to hold a lot of things like college supplies, clothes, etc. It also has two sides net pocket to hold traveling gears or water bottle etc.

A built-in USB charger is located outside the main zipper. Inside the Backpack, there’s a pocket to keep your cell phone while it’s charging. It has an exciting feature; Night Light Reflective design is on the Backpack, which lets the user use it in the night or dark area.

targus Laptop backpack


TARGUS Newport Travel Laptop Backpack Price: $113.00

Targus Laptop Backpack is small, consisting of the tech-friendly protective cradle for the laptop with up to a 15-inch screen. Adjustable padded shoulder straps for comfortable carrying along with some front zipped pockets to keep everyday accessories.

The Slim Line profile of the Backpack is a modern but elegant design suitable taste of different aged consumers. It is Water-repellent, having a twill nylon exterior with faux leather to enhance its design. The big main laptop compartment has easy access to it and is easily separated from the other pockets within the compartment. The compartments are fully padded with scratch-free fabric to help avoid damage during traveling.

Laptop backpack by brinch


BRINCH Laptop Backpack Price: $25.99

Brinch Laptop backpack is specially made with water-repellent nylon material. The design of this Backpack is trendy and attractive. It is not too immense but is wide enough to fit everything you need. The wide-open compartments with fast zippers make this Backpack a reliable choice for daily traveling etc.

There is also a built-in USB port that allows you to quickly charge your cell phone (power bank not included) without opening any backpack compartment. It has one side pocket that swears to hold a large water bottle without worrying about it falling out.

Laptop backpack by himawari


HIMAWARI Laptop Backpack for Women Price: $31.99

To re-live your pinky dream once again, this Himawari laptop backpack is perfect for you. Stylish yet not too girly, made of environment-friendly water-repellent canvas, the silky yet fashionable design stands out from the crowd. It also has a built-in detachable USB port for charging your electronic devices. It has breathable and adjustable shoulder straps that won’t irritate your shoulders.

It has wide opening compartments that let you keep a 15-inch laptop, magazines, makeup items, etc. It consists of 2 main front zipper compartments having two small inner pockets.

Ambor Laptop backpack


AMBOR Laptop Travel Backpack for Men Price: $23.99

Not too massive but wide enough to store your everyday accessories and your 17.3-inch laptop securely. It is designed with a USB charging port (with cable) and headphone jack (with cable) on the side of the Backpack, which provides you to charge your cell phone quickly and listen to music withholding the wire.

This Backpack is designed with Anti-Theft Design having rigid metal zippers, which requires a fixed password to protect your valuable items from thieves. This makes your traveling more safe and convenient wherever you go.


Having a laptop backpack adds a layer of protection to your everyday accessories including your laptop. On the other side, it prevents your items from getting snatched by any stranger. So carry your laptop in a protected way whether you are a student, researcher, and employee.