5 Most Advanced Laptops under $700 in 2021

Best laptop in 2021 under $700

Technology has put people on the moon and sent robots to Mars. We’d think somewhere in the extraordinary Eden of our age, we’d also be able to get a reliable, cost-efficient, durable, and best laptop under $700 because not everyone loves to throw away lots of money. Computers are desktops, it’s a hustle to move them around. But Laptops are made to carry from one place to another easily. All we want is something more portable that doesn’t consume all our energy by just carrying it for a day and reliable 0enough to get the work done.

Most recommended laptops

  1. HP Pavilion X360
  2. Microsoft Surface Pro 6
  3. Acer Chromebook 714
  4. Dell Inspiron 15.6
  5. Lenovo Flex 5

Are Laptops under $700 worth it?

There are tons of laptops with different and upgraded features. But having a laptop that isn’t too pricey, nor is it a stripped-down economy device is the right choice.

There are a lot of options of laptops available under $700 which can perform almost any task you throw at it. With that said the task to find and pick the right one for you among the several laptop options isn’t an easy task anymore. To get this task done, people need assistance and patience when finding the best of the lot.

So we tried to make it simpler by filtering out the best laptops for the requested price. And, here is our list of the best laptops under $700, including the best business notebooks, school or college students’ laptops.

Our top picks for you

If all you want is something portable enough that doesn’t give you back strain after toting it around for a day and powerful enough to get some basic work done. Is a light yet fast enough laptop under $700, is that so much to ask?

Luckily, it is possible as we have tested a ton of laptops under $700, that is designed for everyday tasks, these devices will do everything you ask of them while also leaving some money in your bank account. So all you have to do is, have a look!

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Best laptop under $700 by HP


HP Pavilion X360

amazon.com Price: $614.99

The HP Pavilion line has been determining to quality and reliable. This 14-inch laptop ticks all the basic cheap-laptop boxes as it comes with a 10th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, integrated graphics, and plenty of ports including two USB-A, one USB-C, HDMI, and SD card reader, so what else you desire for under $700? Plus, it is also backed with very premium looks and sturdiness. P

You also get some decent loudspeakers and a very nice keyboard where the Pavilion stands out is the option to get some extra RAM. So this HP Pavilion laptop will surely satisfy anyone in the market looking for the best laptop under $700.

Best laptop under $700 by microsoft


Microsoft Surface Pro 6


Earlier Price: $899.00
Save: $238.03 (26%)
Deal Price: $660.97

The Surface 6 by Microsoft is a bit different than most of the laptops on this list. It’s a convertible 2 in 1 laptop that allows you to use as a regular PC, or detach the keyboard and convert it to a touch-screen handheld tablet. Other than that, this laptop features a beautiful 12.3-inch display and a longer battery life than its predecessor. So it’s a great and versatile option for those wanting both the performance of a PC and the compactness of a tablet.

Those who love the speedy Intel i5 processor, which really sets the Surface apart from other devices. It has a well-rated stylus that can be sold separately and a weight of only 1.7 pounds. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is more adaptable and lighter than most regular laptops with more functionality and versatility while delivering beautiful graphics and performance.

Best laptop by acer under $700


Acer Chromebook 714

amazon.com Price: $678.88

If you’re all-in on Google’s Chrome OS, Acer’s Chromebook 714 offers the best experience you’ll get outside of Google’s much more expensive Pixelbook laptops. Its features set include 8 gigabytes of RAM and an Intel Core i3 chip that makes Chrome OS plenty snappy, and the Chromebook 714 manages nearly 12 hours of battery once charged.

It has a 14-inch touchscreen that is sharp, though not the brightest this laptop is not for everyone. It’s not good for editing images in Photoshop or gaming, but if most of your work is web-based, it might be the right one for you.

Best laptop by dell under $700


Dell Inspiron 15.6

amazon.com Price: $599.00

This one is a 15-inch laptop by Dell sporting a 15.6 inch full HD display with very small bezels. It looks beautiful at the first glance, but it’s not the best display you can get in terms of color accuracy under $700, but still a decent panel for your everyday tasks.

The laptop features an island-style backlit keyboard with perfectly laid-out keys. Plus, it also features a lift hinge which is an addition to the comfortable typing experience while also helps with the cooling of internals. It has more svelte looking chassis and boasts more powerful hardware specifications along with decent battery backup.

Best laptop by lenovo under $700


Lenovo Flex 5

amazon.com Price: $629.00

Another most versatile, stylish, and powerful laptop on the list is packed with powerful hardware in a very well-put-together polycarbonate chassis. This laptop isn’t just stripped in terms of weight, but also in terms of price. Plus, its features set also include a digital pen inside the box which gets it an upper hand when considered another 2-in-1 rival in the list as well as other best laptops under the $700 price segment.

It features a very nice 14-inch IPS display, 8 gigabytes of RAM that opens up bulky software in just a couple of seconds and it can be put to high multitasking without any issues. The best part? It features a fingerprint scanner for added security measure.


There are now many laptops with different options available on the market, at a very affordable price point. Getting fast, solid performance and impressive displays no longer mean that you have to pay over $1000 for a quality laptop. First, consider your needs and then have a look at our recommendations of the best laptops under $700 and we are sure you might get your hands on your favorite one.