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Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner: The Choice You Didn’t Know You Had

Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner The Choice You Didn’t Know You Had

Buying an excellent vacuum cleaner is the best way to keep your floors neat and tidy. The lightweight vacuum cleaners will suck every filth out of whatever surface you wish to clean, whether it’s a carpet, car, floor, or anything else.

It might be tough to pick a vacuum these days because they are available in a range of styles and sizes. More individuals are opting for lightweight vacuums over large, cumbersome vacuums. This brings into light lightweight vacuum cleaners.

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We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with our selection of lightweight vacuum cleaners, which are extremely convenient, compact, and portable. Not only do they provide a range of functions to pick from, but they also take into consideration design factors as well. 

Our Recommendations for Ultra-Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Below is our compiled list of one of the best ultra-lightweight upright vacuum cleaners available in the market. We have made the list while keeping their functionality, size, weight, costs and design in mind. 

EUREKA Airspeed Ultra-Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to an ultra-lightweight upright vacuum cleaner that is not only beautiful but has added functionality of a washable filter so you can save costs, the Eureka AirSpeed is for you. It features attachable handles so you can reach those areas which weren’t accessible before. 

This vacuum is the ideal machine to clean up fine particles like hair and dirt from soft surfaces like carpets to hard floors. Weighing only 7.7 pounds, it is very easy to carry and store.

It has a 10.5 inch wide cleaning path, a very good path provided that it’s a portable cleaner. 

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Dyson V8 Animal+ Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Although the price tag on this vacuum cleaner is on the high side, the Dyson V8 is a powerful beast. If there is a vacuum cleaner that gets its money’s worth to a penny, then it is this one. Dyson is a brand which is known for powerful vacuum cleaners.

The Dyson V8 is a perfect lightweight vacuum cleaner for people who have pets. Why? Because for those of you who own pets, hair is the penultimate problem. And because such hair produces allergies for some, this vacuum cleaner is asthma friendly and allergy favoring. 

It is rechargeable and its power mode gives more than half an hour of operating time. It has plenty of tools with its pack such as a motorized tool, soft dusting brush, crevice, etc. It only weighs 10 pounds and has a very compact design. 

ORFELD Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The ORFELD cordless stick vacuum cleaner is tagged with a reasonable price for a 4-in-1 cleanser which has a remarkable close to an hour operating time. It has a rechargeable battery which is excellent, and with it, the machine weighs only a meager 4.6 pounds. 

Providing excellent portability, it is ideal for all floor types whether carpeted or not. It is designed to scope dust and any allergens present in the room. Coupled with its noise reduction technology which only produces a slight sound, this becomes an ideal lightweight vacuum cleaner.

BISSELL Featherweight Stick Bagless Vacuum

This lightweight vacuum cleaner is rated as Amazon’s Number One bestseller, and it is so for a reason. This featherweight vacuum transforms into a simple machine which is of 3.84 pounds and performs a dual action type of cleaning.

Its cleaning range is any area whether it is carpeted, has a rug or is simply a hard floor. It can also clean the tops of counters due to its provided structure. Its increased portability due to its design and weight makes it much more valuable and functional. 

Although the negative point by reviewers is the short cord length, its bagless feature somewhat counters this limit. Reviewers favor this vacuum due to its very attractive price and increased functionalities with such a compact design. 

Eureka WhirlWind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Continuing on to bagless lightweight vacuum cleaners, the Eureka makes its appearance once again with its Bagless Canister cleaner. With its canister vacuuming coupled with multi-surface functionality it can easily clean any floor presented to it. 

It also is embedded with a cyclone filtration system which provides it with almost no suction with high performance. It weighs 8 pounds, a suitable number for increased maneuverability around tight corners and hard-to-reach places. 

It also has swivel wheels which further help in its reach. This is without a doubt a good vacuum cleaner. 

Shark – Rocket HV302

Users of such lightweight vacuum cleaners know that better suction means limited maneuverability. But the shark proves to be an exception with its power and motor brush. It has increased agility which provides good navigation and reaches in tight areas.

It also is a better fit for wall edges and is ideal for small debris and dirt in the room. It has a removable filter and has a very good length cord (30 feet), meaning no worries when going around or swirling around furniture. 

It is termed on par with the Dyson machines and also provides equal if not best cleaning in terms of emissions. It also sucks up debris in hefty amounts, providing a superior value for a lightweight vacuum cleaner. 

Dyson – V15 Detect

Dyson again for those of us who do not want pollen and dust. The Dyson V15 Detect is highly recommended for those who can spend a little more for a machine worthy. 6.8 pounds, it is an improvement over its predecessors and offers more power and increased suction.

This remarkable machine has a digital display and several modes providing several runtimes. It also shows how much particles in the environment such as dust, debris and allergens have been vacuumed. Prepare to be shocked by the high number of allergens in the environment.

This machine also is convertible to a handheld and can probe in between difficult to reach places. The battery provides enough runtime that the whole house can be vacuumed and coupled with its increased portability and functionality, it is the ideal machine. 

Bissell 1984 Air Ram Cordless Vacuum

Stands upright for storage, it has a slim design for compact lovers. Although it doesn’t convert to a handheld vacuum, this Bissell cordless stick vacuum runs for more than half an hour straight. It also is one of the quietest machines according to reviews. 

It provides extended reach as it can go underneath furniture easily due to its design. The other negative which is with this machine is that it doesn’t come with any attachments. This machine is for those who prefer and like simplicity and soberness as their design preference.

For those looking for a cordless machine that is very slim, portable and has an impressive runtime of around 40 minutes, the Bissell lightweight vacuum cleaner wins the game.

Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet

The Miele lightweight vacuum cleaner efficiently cleans up almost every type of flooring whether it is carpeted or not. It has solid construction which is evident right from the first glance. This machine also has excellent filtration which gives it more value.

Although the machine is pricey and heavier when compared to other machines, the Miele comes with side equipment. It has a telescoping wand, a dusting brush and other crevice tools and more which makes it an attractive combo.

It can adjust to five different levels and provides powerful vacuuming which leaves minimal dust in the atmosphere after cleaning. It has HEPA filters for doing so and is considered a very good machine by reviewers on several sites. 

The only negative points which can be linked to this machine is its weight and price. But for those looking to turn their heads on these negatives for its increased functionalities and sideons, the Miele C3 lightweight vacuum cleaner is the machine to look out for. 

Summing up

Definition of the best lightweight vacuum incorporates efficiency in picking up various kinds of dirt and debris. A good portable machine is an ideal choice nowadays for tight spaces and limited storage spaces. For any type of floor, the listed machines are enough. 

For those who have pets, their environment has increased hair and particles in the air. Investing in a good lightweight vacuum cleaner is essential for all of the above scenarios. 

With such machines providing a combo of various features, more and more people are tilting towards thema and moving away from conventional heavyweight machines.