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Best Marketing Tips to Grow Your YouTube Audience and Increase Views

YouTube has gone a long way, for better and for worse. It’s one of the largest websites in India and the United States, with hundreds of millions of users in these countries. However, growing your audience is a challenge.

Gone are when you just uploaded a video, and the views poured in. Now, you need to be strategic with your marketing if you want to grow an audience.

This post will give you the best tips for growing your YouTube channel and some of the best actions to take in order to expand your audience and allow you to improve your niche, and get more people interested in your content too.

You will learn everything about the idea to buy legit YouTube subscribers or do archive some success yourself (with more effort, of course).

Do research on your audience

With marketing anything, knowing your audience is a valuable first step, and this includes YouTube. Have an idea of who your potential viewers are. These viewers can differ from your average customers if your channel is an extension of your brand.

With research, you can use video analytics for that. Knowing standard stats, such as your audience’s age, gender, and location can help.

In addition, research what videos your audience is watching and what they want from a good YouTube video, and figure out how your videos can help them.

You can view their channel to see what they like if you have commenters. This can help you create a more effective marketing plan.

Your profile must align with your brand

With your YouTube channel, you must create a profile that will make your viewers understand what you’re about.

First, be sure you have a profile picture that showcases your logo and gives your viewers an idea of who you are. Your profile should also have a banner that contains brand information or a striking image.

Be sure to fill out your channel description with more about your brand and provide links so your viewers can find out where else you are on the Internet. Speaking of links, you must customize your URL, which someone can also use as a handle to tag your channel.

Finally, having a channel trailer can help your profile grow. A channel trailer gives newcomers a taste of what your channel is about, either through clips, an introductory hello, or another exciting method.

View your competition

Chances are your brand matches with several people on YouTube already. So your goal is to find those channels and see what they are doing.

Please write down the content they offer, how they go about their videos, what thumbnails they use, when they post, and the audience they’re cultivating. How can you emulate your competition? How can you do things differently? What do you have that they don’t, and vice versa?

With competition, you also want to ask yourself if they can be friendly competition as well. For example, you may collaborate with your competitors, with the two of you building up each other.

But, on the other hand, don’t be aggressive just because they’re your competition.

Optimize your video and schedule it

Creating quality content that scratches a particular itch is only a  part of YouTube. While we can’t tell you exactly what content will work the best for your brand, what we can tell you is that you need to optimize your video to attract more viewers.

For example, putting keywords in the title and a call to action in the description can help. With your title, you want to put any keywords naturally. Refrain from stuffing it with keywords, as this looks bad and could knock you down in the algorithm.

In addition, you need to make a thumbnail that will grab your audience’s attention. Good thumbnails can attract your audience’s attention through clickbaity text, a surprised face, or another attention grabber.

Another thing you can do is schedule your video for publishing at a specific time. Schedule it for the time your audience is the most active. While it’s OK to experiment with different times, keep your focus on a specific time.

Finally, add tags to your video. Of course, tags don’t have as much impact as they did ten years ago, but they still can give your video an algorithmic boost.

Shorts are an algorithm favorite

Launched worldwide in 2021, YouTube Shorts are short-form videos that can be 15 or 60 seconds long. Shorts use vertical video and are YouTube’s answer to TikTok, including the ability to insert music into them. Pay attention to Shorts; it is possible to get thousands of views within a few minutes of uploading one, even if your channel is small.

Shorts can consist of behind-the-scenes shots, a summarization of a longer video, or other content relevant to your brand. With Shorts, watch some from similar competitions and see how they do them. Despite their length, there’s a lot of thought and effort that comes into making them.

Be sure to engage with your audience

Your viewers will leave comments, and you need to acknowledge them. If a commenter asks a question, answer it. If they leave a nice comment, their heart reacts to it. Even be nice to the people with some choice words for your videos.

If you get lots of comments, you can’t answer them all, but you can acknowledge the first comments or answer the significant questions people leave. You can even pin a comment that seems poignant and have people reply there.

Have a content calendar and stick to it

Consistently posting can attract more viewers. However, how often you post can depend on your channel. Some channels post daily, but others get away with posting monthly.

Either way, you need to have a content calendar and keep to it. Have a consistent schedule of when you post content, and hold yourself accountable to finish your videos within the deadline.

Mistakes happen, but you want to be consistent with them as much as possible. The more inconsistent you are, the likelier your audience will forget about your channel and move on to someone else’s.

Collaborations are key

Collaborating is one of the best ways to promote your YouTube channel to others. As mentioned, one great way to collaborate is to reach out to your competition or channels you believe your brand is a good fit for. For example, you could appear on someone’s video as a guest part or be a guest on someone’s podcast. Either way, you reach a new possible audience.

Another way you can collaborate is through influencer marketing. Reach out to a popular YouTuber, and see if you can come up with a deal. For the right price, a YouTuber can advertise or review your product, helping your channel to reach a broad new audience.

Many viewers trust their favorite YouTuber over a traditional advertising campaign so that you can obtain the upper hand through the influencer market.

Spend some money advertising

YouTube is a platform where spending money on ads can benefit you. You can run an ad campaign to reach new people if you wish. YouTube offers a variety of ad choices, such as non-skippable bumper ads, in-stream ads, or overlay ads that run while the video plays.

Ads are not a way to replace an organic marketing strategy, so be sure to continue optimizing your videos and creating good content. That said, YouTube has a robust ad campaign that suits people of all budgets. If you play your cards right, you don’t need much to create an effective advertising campaign.

Buying subscribers can work, too

If you want to kickstart your YouTube channel, you can seek a website that lets you buy YouTube subs. This can boost your channel’s presence, and if you find the right website, you can find real accounts from your target country.

One reason buying subs can work is that they are much cheaper. In addition, it can help you to unlock specific features that may be hidden behind a sub-wall. For example, mobile streaming is only unlockable once you reach 500 subs. Buying subs, therefore, can help you get an even playing field.

Use the community tab

YouTube has a Community tab, which lets you create posts, make polls, tag other accounts, and more. In addition, the Community tab can help your viewers engage with your content further. Not only that but community posts can be recommended outside of your target audience.

Another usage for your community tab is as a secondary way to promote your videos. Sometimes, your subscribers may need to catch your new video from your subscription box. However, they may see your community post promoting it and be more likely to engage with your video.

Advertise your video outside of youtube

Feel free to post your channel and video on your social media, message boards, or any other place. While it’s a small part of your advertising plan, it can help attract more eyes to your channel, particularly if you have a more prominent social media following somewhere else.

Try live-streaming

While Twitch is still one of the most popular live-streaming websites, YouTube also has a giant live-streaming community. Creating streams in addition to regular content can attract new audiences.

Not only that, but your old audience can use this to interact with you in real-time. Many people will come to ask you questions, send tips, and engage in whatever you’re doing. You can even adjust your live stream so that only subscribers can comment.

If someone new to your channel stumbles upon your stream, they’re more inclined to sub to leave a comment. Livestreaming can be accomplished through streaming equipment or from your mobile device.

Check your analytics periodically

We’ve mentioned analytics several times in this article. In short, they give you demographic information about your audience. So it’s worth checking it every so often. Why?

One reason is that your audience may change. You may want to change your content or when you post it. Audiences constantly evolve, and YouTube channels that don’t evolve with their audience are left in the dust.

What type of content should I make?

Again, we can’t answer this. However, your content should stick to your branding. For example, your brand could be humorous, serious, or a mix of both.

While you may be a variety channel, you should pick a niche and stick to it. For example, you may create fact videos based on what your brand offers.

Your content can evolve with time, mainly based on your audience’s changing tastes. There’s only one constant: high-quality content must make your audience feel like they’ve learned something or enjoyed their time after watching the video.

Again, we cannot stress the importance of looking to your competition for inspiration and for you to experiment with different content types until you find something that works for you.

With any content, we recommend you add a call to action. Tell your audience to like the video, share it, and subscribe. While this sounds obvious, this small call to action can attract newcomers.

Go with youtube’s flow

Finally, the best marketing tip is to evolve as YouTube does.

Too many YouTubers must change their content or adjust according to YouTube’s algorithm. Thus, their channel falters.

We have yet to determine precisely what YouTube’s algorithm is, but we can give you some clear examples. One example is a person not using Shorts because they dislike the idea. That person needs a great way to attract a new audience and boost themselves in the algorithm.

While many believe that channels die off with time, the truth is that they can stick around if they know what their audience wants. So, YouTube mirrors other business strategies, right down to adjusting to market demands.

Final thoughts

There’s a lot that goes into growing your YouTube channel. Generally, by creating robust and optimized content, you can gain an audience on YouTube. It can be challenging, but you can succeed through trial and error and never give up.