The Best Neck Massagers For Pain Relief (Latest by 2022)

Best Neck Massager

Be your own masseuse and treat yourself to a relaxing massage. These helpful neck massagers will alleviate aches and pains while also melting away stress in minutes!

Do you have a stressful job that has you working long hours? Do you come home and spend time with your family, only to find that you don’t have the energy to do anything else because your neck and shoulders are so tense? 

If so, then you need a good neck massager! A neck massager can help relieve tension in your muscles and make you feel more relaxed.

In this article, we will discuss the best neck massagers on the market today. We’ll tell you what to look for when purchasing one of these devices, and we’ll recommend some of our favorite models. 

Not all neck massagers are created equal, however. That’s why we did the research for you and have accumulated the best neck massagers here. Each of these neck massagers is comfortable, portable, and durable. 

Types Of Neck Massagers

There are a few different types of neck massagers that have their own unique features and specifications. 

The most common type is the kneading massage pillow. These pillows have a number of small, round nodes that move up and down to massage your neck muscles. Another popular type of neck massager is the percussive massager. 

These devices look like guns, and they use vibrations to massage your neck muscles. Massage balls are also a popular option. 

These small, round balls can be used to massage the muscles in your neck. Lastly, there are massage cushions

These are like regular cushions, but they have built-in massagers that provide relief for your neck and shoulders. 

Each of these types of neck massagers has its own benefits and drawbacks. It’s important to choose the type of massager that is best suited for your needs.

How We Analyse & Choose The Best Products For You 

Neck massagers on this list are from well-known, trustworthy manufacturers. 

We examined customer feedback and reviews about each product and manufacturer on several sales sites as well as the Better Business Bureau. 

We included items that received significantly more positive than negative feedback. We incorporated products at a variety of pricing levels to accommodate any budget.

Our Picks

Naipo Shoulder & Neck Massager with Shiatsu Kneading Massage and Heat

Naipo Shoulder & Neck Massager

NAIPO oCuddle™ Shoulder Massager with Adjustable Heat & Straps

NAIPO oCuddle™ Shoulder Massager

MASSNECK™ PRO: Advanced Neck Massager

MASSNECK™ PRO: Neck Massager

Without further delay, below listed are our best picks, researched, tried & tested, and reviewed by health care experts for medical accuracy. So if you’re looking to find relief for tired muscles, read on! 

Naipo Shoulder & Neck Massager with Shiatsu Kneading Massage and Heat


Naipo Shoulder & Neck Massager with Shiatsu Kneading Massage and Heat – Best Overall

With this Naipo Shoulder and Neck Massager, you can relax anywhere: at the office, in your car, or at home.

It helps to relax tired muscles and tighten tight muscles with 8 deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes.

Depending on your preference, you may adjust the massage speed between three levels (low, medium, and high) for extra comfort.

This massager also provides mild heat that travels through muscle and ligament tissues to help relieve tiredness. In order to ensure your safety, it automatically shuts down after 20 minutes.


  • Gentle Heat with This Multifunctional Massager
  • deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes
  • Helps prevent dust & cushion unwanted friction
  •  Includes a UL-approved power adapter & a car adapter


  • Mild pain might be felt when using it in the beginning.
  • You can  use it for 15-20 minutes at a time.
Foldable Full Body Massage Mat Heated Neck Massager w5 vibration modes


Foldable Full Body Massage Mat Heated Neck Massager w/ 5 vibration modes – Best For Full Body Massage

Do you frequently experience backaches as a result of sitting at an office, doing chores, or as a result of old age and infirmity?

The Body Align is a portable, foldable massage mat that may help you live a healthier life by reducing sore muscles and promoting blood circulation. 

It has three massage intensities and five vibration modes to relax your body and increase blood flow. It can also adjust the temperature independently to meet your various demands. 

You may rest, sit, or lean in any area of your home, including the living room, bedroom, study, or workplace with it. It’s constructed of high-quality flannelette that is soft and skin-friendly. 

Its folding design also makes it easy to store and transport without taking up much space or time.

Don’t hesitate to purchase our massage mat as a gift for your relatives and friends!


  • It can help you relieve muscle soreness and promote blood circulation
  • 3 massage intensities and 5 vibration modes for you to choose
  • The massage of the neck, back, lumbar, and leg can be combined at will
  • The heating function combined with massage mode offers you a different massage experience


  • The Thickened pillow may not be suitable for all kind of people. 
Intelligent Neck Massager


Intelligent Neck Massager – Best Rated To Alleviate Massage Pain

Do you have no time to go to a spa for relaxation? 

Get that pampering at home with this Intelligent Neck Massager, which employs low-frequency pulse technology to simulate massage and help relieve neck discomfort. 

It also helps improve sleep quality and increase blood circulation. With 6 modes and 9 intensities, you can customize this massager to give you a variety of massage techniques. 

This neck massager will automatically stop after 15 minutes of usage to guarantee your safety. 

The patch is composed of a 304 stainless steel plate that is both comfortable and non-irritating.


  •  Helps relieve neck pain, improve sleep quality, & promote blood circulation
  •  Control the massager according to your needs
  • It is U-shaped so it Fits more comfortably around the neck


  • You need to keep your neck moist before use to get a stronger electric pulse
  • This neck massager adopts electric pulse massage, and cannot be used for pacemaker implantation or metal in the body. 
Smart Neck Massager


Smart Neck Massager – Best For Neck, Shoulders & Body

This neck massager is adjustable to the ergonomic frame and relieves pain, muscular tightness, kinks, and other problems. 

It has an Advanced Integrated Heating function that transmits heat to the muscles and ligaments, allowing for increased blood circulation and soothing. 

There are three intensity levels available; you may change them depending on your preference. It’s simple to operate: all you have to do is sit back, press the “on” button, and let your tension melt away.


  • Advanced Integrated Heating that improves blood circulation & soothes tired muscles
  • It has a 3D intelligent fit technology. You can easily adjust the electrode according to your neck curve
  • It is Multifunctional. It can be used on the neck, back, leg & waist; also applicable to the whole body. 
  • It has a 6 modes/ 9 intensity/ 3 speeds. You can adjust the massager’s power depending on your needs


  • There are a total of 9 intensities. Some users might find it very time-consuming to set the right intensity level. 
Neck Flex Mini Massager with Remote Control


Neck Flex Mini Massager with Remote Control – Best Budget

Staring down at your phone all day and constantly looking at the computer for work and pleasure may not only create a bad posture but also cause neck pain. 

This universal neck masseur with a remote offers a relaxing effect while also aiding in the improvement of circulation in the neck, back, and shoulders.

Two-speed vibrations, an infrared heat element that penetrates deeply into muscle tissue, and a user-friendly remote control that allows you to operate it without taking your hand off the device make this massager unique.


  • It is a wireless technology so you can enjoy hands-free massage
  • Infrared heat element. It penetrates deep into the muscle tissue


  • Low battery time
Neck Massage Pillow


Neck Massage Pillow – Best Pillow

Have you ever woken up with severe neck or shoulder discomfort? 

You won’t have to worry about that anymore, thanks to the Neck Massage Pillow with infrared surface heating! 

It’s meant to decrease neck and shoulder pain, stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness while improving blood flow. 

The Neck Massage Pillow adjusts the back of your neck to provide proper support. Sleep like an angel and wake up feeling refreshed every day with the Neck Massage Pillow. 


  • With 16 massage nodes. Active nodes that provide deep massage in every turn
  • Dust & waterproof.
  • Tear-resistant materials. Durable fiber to last a long time


  • Not everybody may find a pillow massage comfortable.
Costway Shiatsu Shoulder Neck Back Massage Pillow W/Heat Deep Kneading Massager Car Seat - Black


Costway Shiatsu Shoulder Neck Back Massage Pillow W/Heat Deep Kneading Massager Car Seat – Best Kneading Motions

Do you require a massage pillow? This massage pillow is an excellent option for you if you are suffering from massage pain. 

It significantly promotes bodily circulation and relieves your entire body. 

With 8 massage nodes and an enhanced heating function that mimics the kneading and penetrating motions of a real massage therapist’s hands, this device may help you relax and reduce muscle tension in the vehicle, office, or at home.

Your neck, lower and upper back, shoulder, lumbar, waist, leg, calf, and foot can all be massaged.


  • With 8 massage nodes and a heating function
  • Counter-clockwise and reverse rotations automatic mode


  • It shuts off automatically after 15 minutes. 
MASSNECK™ PRO: Advanced Neck Massager


MASSNECK™ PRO: Advanced Neck Massager – Best Portable Design

The MLT-2000 Muscle Neck Pro is a non-invasive treatment for muscular tightness alleviation that works by decreasing tissue inelasticity. 

Furthermore, because the arteries of the neck are somewhat fragile, receiving massage therapy from untrained or unskilled practitioners can lead to significant issues, including a stroke. 

Regular neck treatment keeps all your joints flexible, lowering your chances of hurting yourself.


  • Portable design so you can experience relief anytime, anywhere
  • It has 15 intensity levels. Get a spa-like massage on the go
  • It includes Heating PI sheets. Promotes blood circulation & stimulates healing


  • You need to have regular neck treatment to get rid of the pain
Pur Relaxation Shoulder, Neck & Back Massager


Pur Relaxation Shoulder, Neck & Back Massager – Easy To Operate

Relax with the Pur Relaxation Shoulder, Neck & Back Massager. 

After a long day, you’ll get a deep tissue massage, relieve muscular pain, and relax your neck, shoulder, and back with this massager. 

Its relaxing heating function reduces tension while also relieving stress and anxiety. It improves sleep quality by reducing tension while also promoting relaxation. 

It has an automatic 15-minute timer that shuts off after every cycle.


  • The soothing heating function reduces tensions, alleviates stress, lessens anxiety & more
  • It is portable & easy to operate


  • The 15-minute timer automatically powers down after each cycle
NAIPO oCuddle™ Shoulder Massager with Adjustable Heat & Straps


NAIPO oCuddle™ Shoulder Massager with Adjustable Heat & Straps – Best For Providing Optimum Comfort

The NAIPO oCuddle™ massager, which is shaped to wrap around the neck and shoulder snugly like a comforting cuddle, provides optimum comfort for stress relief and peace of mind. 

It’s adaptable to your needs with two four-node massage heads, three speeds, and two levels of FocalHeat technology. 

The arm straps can be adjusted to fit various body types to create a comfortable fit that is “just right.” 

For rejuvenating massage, position this little, lightweight massager on your neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, or legs in any way you choose.


  • It is U-shaped. Wraps around the neck, shoulder area snugly for optimum comfort
  • It has a soft, breathable fabric. Reduces friction & is removable to wash for long-term hygiene


  • Needs to be kept clean
Serenity™ Neck Massager with Infrared Pain Heating Relief


Serenity™ Neck Massager with Infrared Pain Heating Relief – Best For People Of All Age

The Unique T Serenity Neck Massager with Infrared Pain Heating Relief offers soothing acupuncture-type pressure massage therapy to help you relax and improve blood circulation throughout your body. 

It has six customizable preset massage modes with time settings that give immediate relief and comfort. 

The heated massager has a bendable neck collar for a comfortable fit. It’s available in a beautiful wrap-around design and in various sizes, making it perfect for people of all ages.


  • It has 9 Intensity Levels. For a continuous healing experience
  • Infrared Heat Function. Easily activated & works at a temperature of 107°F
  • Microcurrent Circulation. Stimulate deep muscles in the neck & shoulders to fight swelling and pain


  • You can’t set timer for more than 5 minutes. 
Back & Neck Shiatsu Massage Pillow – Best Shaitsu Massage


Back & Neck Shiatsu Massage Pillow – Best Shaitsu Massage

This ergonomically designed shiatsu deep kneading massage pillow accommodates diverse body contours for a relaxing massage on the neck, back, belly, thighs, calves, and other areas, effectively relieving pains, and knots, tension, and stress. 

This pillow includes four kneading massage nodes that rotate bi-directionally to mimic a real massage. The massage direction changes automatically every minute for a more comprehensive massage. 

This pillow is designed with a 20-minute auto-off mechanism to prevent overuse, as well as an overheat prevention feature to further protect users and the massager itself in the event of overheating.


  • Personalized massage. Mix & match 3 modes and 15 intensity levels
  • It is comfortable. Cutting-edge design to fit perfectly around the neck
  • It is cordless. Rechargeable; lasts 1 month on a single charge


  • It is pretty much only for the neck
RelaxUltima Portable Neck Massager with TENS Pulse Technology


RelaxUltima Portable Neck Massager with TENS Pulse Technology – Best Design

The RelaxUltima is a novel portable electronic neck massager that offers genuine pain relief when you need it most.

It delivers gentle electric impulses through the skin, along with up to 107°F heat function, using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). 

This combination helps to relieve muscle aches and boosts deep relaxation while also lowering stress. The RelaxUltima’s cutting-edge appearance ensures maximum comfort. 

It comfortably surrounds your neck and is safe for everyone in the family to use.


  • Gentle electric impulses moving through the skin
  • Comfortable. Cutting-edge design to fit perfectly around the neck
  • Cordless. Rechargeable; lasts 1 month on a single charge


  • For some, even the highest intensity may feel like nothing. 
Cordless Rechargeable Back & Neck Massager with Optional Heat


Cordless Rechargeable Back & Neck Massager with Optional Heat – Best Ergonomically-Designed Option

This Cordless Rechargeable Back & Neck Massager with Optional Heat can help you relax after a long day or a long vacation. 

Eight adjustable massage nodes and an optional heating function give a thorough shiatsu kneading massage that relieves stress, fatigue, and muscle soreness, similar to that of a professional massagist. 

For optimal stress relief, adjust the massage speed between three levels (low, medium, and high) as well as the massage direction. 

This massager is cordless and has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 3 hours.


  • Gentle heat. Penetrates deep into muscles to accelerate fatigue alleviation
  • User-friendly. Easy to operate with a control panel that is placed obliquely
  • Ergonomic. Fits to different body contours: neck, shoulders, back, feet & more


  • It automatically turn off after15 minutes
Intelligent Hot Compress Shoulder & Neck Massager – Best Stimulator


Intelligent Hot Compress Shoulder & Neck Massager – Best Stimulator

This Intelligent Hot Compress Massager will deeply relax your neck and shoulder muscles. 

It includes five different settings and 15 different intensities to give you a customized massage. 

To begin, press the switch button continuously for 3 seconds, then use the remote control or side button to modify the modes or intensities. 

It can warm the skin to 107°F thanks to a new built-in thermostat. The carotid artery is kept free of pressure thanks to the skin-friendly and breathable soft silica gel substance. 

The U-shaped neck is closer to the flesh, making it suited for a variety of neck sizes and curves. Say goodbye to bulky massagers; this one is only 5.6oz, making it easy to transport.


  • Customizable. Has 5 massage modes, 15 intensities, & heating function
  • Built-in thermostat. Heats the neck skin at 107°F to relax the muscles
  • Electric pulse. Simulates various massages to realize the deep relaxation of the cervical spine


  • Can only be used for 15 minutes everyday. 
Portable U-Shape Memory Foam Massage Neck Pillow


Portable U-Shape Memory Foam Massage Neck Pillow – Best Handheld

The Portable U-Shape Memory Foam Massage Neck Pillow improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles, unblocks meridians, and relieves tiredness by utilizing therapeutic ultrasound. 

It’s not only a massage cushion but also a convenient travel pillow thanks to its ergonomic U-shaped design. 

The super-soft velvet fabric and memory foam provide even more comfort. It’s simple to use. To turn it on or off, press the power button on the control panel for three seconds. This massage cushion may be used at work, in school, on trains, automobiles, or planes. 


  • Soft fabric & memory foam. Provide added comfort
  • Easy to operate. Long press the power button on the control panel for 3 seconds to turn it on/off
  • Long service life. With built-in precision vibration motor, stable magnetic field, & pure copper movement


  • Some may find it uneasy to put it around their neck 
Bella2Bello K3 White Intelligent Neck Massager


Bella2Bello K3 White Intelligent Neck Massager – Best For Headaches

The K3 Intelligent 4-Point Fit Neck Massager is a circular design that adheres to the human physiological curvature of the common type. 

Low-frequency pulse, infrared light heating, U-shaped design, ergonomic design, and 3D intelligent bonding technology are used to create a composite energy field that promotes tetras health care while also allowing you to wear and enjoy your neck in all directions comfortably. 

It aids in returning your physiologic posture to provide a healthy and comfortable therapy for the cervical spine during the process.


  • Adjustable heating. From 100.4℉ to 107.3℉
  • 4-point fit. Fits the neck in all directions
  • Lightweight. Small & light, convenient, and easy to carry


  • It has a constant temperature. 
Bella2Bello EGM White Remote Intelligent Neck Massager


Bella2Bello EGM White Remote Intelligent Neck Massager

The ultimate approach to maintaining your neck healthily is with a cervical physiotherapy device that uses a human body’s normal circular contour. 

Using low-frequency pulses, hot compresses, and 3Dintelligent bonding technology to create a composite energy field in order to cure tetra disease. 

You may also take advantage of the wireless remote’s functionality to make things easier. 

At any time and anywhere, you can use Neck Massager to get a more useful, relaxing, and happy multidimensional healthcare system.


  • Comfortable for daily use
  • It is lightweight. Small & light, convenient, and easy to carry
  • TENS Pulse Technology. The magnetic therapeutic effect of low-frequency pulse in deep nursing


  • Need to add a drop of water to each of the two electrodes to create a good contact.
SpineNeck™ Neck & Shoulder Orthopaedic Muscle Relaxer


SpineNeck™ Neck & Shoulder Orthopaedic Muscle Relaxer – Best Acupressure

This Massager’s Acupressure Triggers and Strong Spinal Support will provide the ultimate relaxation for your neck and shoulders.

Do you spend a lot of time in front of your computer or on your phone? In just 10 minutes, you can give your neck a relaxing massage! Anyone who spends their day at a desk is at risk of developing chronic stiffness and strain in their neck. 

Our posture deteriorates over time as a result of these abnormal stances, putting additional stress on our bodies. 

The SpineNeckTM provides complete neck and shoulder relaxation at any time and in any location. It helps you relax, sleep better, and feel more energized. It’s like having your own personal masseus on hand at all times.


  • It provides Neck/shoulder pain relief and employs an incredible combination of acupressure, occipital muscle stimulation, & cervical relaxation. 
  • Its body curve design is flexible yet strong spinal support & soothing back relaxers


  • Some people may find the plastic or foam material hard and inflexible. 
Neoprene/Fleece Neck & Face Mask (Red)


Neoprene/Fleece Neck & Face Mask – Best Pollution Protector

In public contexts where conventional social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommends using face cloths.

This Neck & Face Mask is comprised of neoprene and fleece to provide you with not just pollution protection but also an ultra-warm shield against chilly weather. 

It provides adequate protection for your face, neck, and ears. It also comes in a variety of colors so you may match it to your attire for cycling, hiking, jogging, and other activities.


  • Gives protection against pollution from the outside environment
  • The face cloth is also an ultra-warm shield against cold weather. 


  • Gets a little sticky on the face
  • The breathing holes for the mouth could be bigger. 
NAIPO Back & Neck Massaging Pillow with Heat


NAIPO Back & Neck Massaging Pillow with Heat – Best Heating Function

The tiny pillow massager customizes your massage experience with 4 kneading massage nodes and a reinforced heating function. 

The 3D Deep-Kneading nodes rotate counter-clockwise and backward, with a heating feature that can be set to low, medium, or high, according to your preferences. 

The electric massager is ideal for your neck, cervical, shoulder, upper and lower back, lumbar, abdominal, and other areas of the body. 

The adjustable elastic on the back of the pillow, together with adapters included in the package, allows it to be easily attached to the chair seat, making it ideal for usage at home and in the office.


  • It can be used for multiple purposes. Ideal for your neck, cervical, shoulder, upper & lower back, lumbar, abdomen, etc
  • It is also safe to use. Equipped with overheating protection & 15 minutes auto shut-off function


  • Noisy Motor
  • Automatically shuts down after 15 minutes
  • Wire unplugs frequently

How Do I Choose A Good Neck Massager?

The Kind Of Effort Required

There are several different types of neck massagers on the market, and some need far more effort than others. 

If you want a simple massage, consider using a wraparound massager, a massage chair, or even a massage pillow. Choose a handheld option if you don’t mind putting in some effort.

What Intensity Do You Require?

Some massagers are more powerful than others. 

A non-motorized massage option, such as a massage ball or a massage cane, is a great way to get a lighter-intensity massage. 

If you’re looking for a motorized massager with more subtle and varied intensity settings, go for it.

Go For A Versatile Choice 

Neck massagers are not the only type of neck massager available; they’re also total-body massage devices. 

Some, however, are specifically made to massage your neck and shoulders. If you want a more versatile choice, go with anything that is portable. You can utilize handheld massagers just about anywhere because you have control over the massage.

How Do I Know Which Neck Massager Is Suitable For my Needs? 

When it comes to neck massagers, price isn’t a good indicator of quality, efficacy, or power. 

If you’re new to these kinds of products, look for one with a free trial and a no-questions-asked money return guarantee. When deciding which product to purchase, consider the following things:

  • What kind of message am I attempting to convey? 
  • Is it me or someone else that I’m massaging?
  • What type of massage will be performed on me or on another person?
  • Can I effectively control this massager if I’m massaging my own back, neck, and shoulders? 
  • Is it important to me to have a variety of percussion and power options? 
  • Is heat massage necessary? 
  • Do you think I have the strength in my hands needed to use a manual massager effectively? What is the cost of this product in terms of money and time for repair/replacement?


Are neck massagers dangerous? 

Neck massagers are typically safe, but there are hazards with any type of massage. 

You might put yourself at risk of more harm if you apply too much force or have a preexisting neck problem. 

After receiving a neck massage, one man suffered a stroke.1 Although this is uncommon, it’s vital to ensure that you’re using your massager correctly to prevent injury.

Is it okay to use a neck massage every day? 

There is no set rule on how often you should utilize a neck massager, but most professionals recommend using one only a few times each week. 

A 60-minute neck massage twice to three times a week was more effective at relieving symptoms than those who received shorter and fewer massage treatments in a study of 228 patients with persistent neck pain. 

You can also use them before and after your workout. Always check with your doctor before starting any treatment.

What are the advantages of neck massagers? 

Neck massagers have a variety of benefits. They can help you save money on costly massage sessions by reducing muscular soreness, stress, and poor blood circulation.

Final Verdict

Self-massage might help with pain relief and stress reduction. Many sorts of home neck massagers may be used to relieve back, shoulder, and neck discomfort. 

Neck massagers can be used to treat strains, sprains, and other diseases affecting the neck. They can also assist with tension headache pain alleviation.