Best Netflix Movies For Students in 2021

Best Netflix Movies For Students in 2021

According to Statista, 9 out of 10 American college students watch Netflix. Can you imagine how popular it is? And what’s the secret of its great admiration by students? Why do so many young people not imagine their lives without watching Netflix shows? There are many different reasons for this, from educational to entertaining. Let’s have a look at the best Netflix movies for students here below,

1. Belonging to a community

Since TV shows have become a part of our culture, we all have friends and family members who watch Netflix. Today, this is one of the most common topics for a conversation in any community, and college is no exception. Students like discussing the shows that impressed them and share thoughts about the latest episode they’ve watched. Talking about TV shows is a kind of social interaction loved by almost everyone, so it ensures a feeling of belonging to a community.

2. Help with complicated homework

There are so many educational shows available on Netflix one can benefit from in terms of academic success. In fact, they can help you expand your knowledge in different disciplines, from Arts to Engineering. If you find assignments in a certain subject too complicated, you have a few ways to deal with it: either to turn to Edubirdie’s homework helpers or to watch a show explaining it on Netflix. It’s completely up to you what option to choose, but note that you should pick the one that can be both more helpful and more enjoyable for you.

3. An escape from reality

Sometimes school can be so stressful that it becomes a burden on student’s shoulders. To relieve psychological tension, young people get engaged in fun leisure time activities, one of which is watching Netflix shows. In fact, this is their way to escape from harsh reality and relax. Absorbing series help students forget about all hustles and bustles of college life and unwind.

4. Ideas for essay writing

Essay writing is an integral part of the school curriculum, so every student faces this challenge. For some people, this is one of the most difficult types of tasks given by instructors as it’s really hard to find an interesting topic for discussion and view it from different perspectives. However, you can not only use this custom essay writing service to get your paper done but also watch Netflix as it may be a great source of insights. Its thought-provoking shows can inspire you to discuss various themes and share some extraordinary opinions in your essay.

Now that you realize how beneficial Netflix can be for young people, let’s consider the best shows for students.

5. Dream Big: Engineering Our World

The main purpose of Dream Big is to celebrate the human ingenuity behind various engineering marvels and show how professionals manage to push the limits of innovation. This show explains unexpected and amazing ways of building the world’s tallest towers and useful underwater robots. Learning more about the creation of solar cars and smart cities can transform the way you think about engineering and inspire you to dream big.  You will also see how creativity and compassion drive engineers towards creating a more sustainable future for people. This show can serve as great encouragement for stressed-out students as well as fun entertainment with extraordinary visuals.

6. Abstract: The Art of Design

This is a Netflix original series consisting of eight episodes devoted to different successful designers and artists. Basically, the series explores their crafts and most importantly, the ideologies behind them. The first episode tells about Christoph Niemann who works on the creation of a virtual reality animation for The New Yorker, while the second one follows the story of Tinker Hatfield, a footwear designer hired by Nike. From the third episode, you can learn about Es Devlin, a stage designer crafting incredible sets for operas, plays, and concerts. The rest of the episodes are devoted to Bjarne Ingles – an outstanding architect, Ralph Giles – a famous automotive designer, Paula Scher – a highly professional graphic designer, Platon – a genius photographer, and Ilse Crawford – a talented interior designer. No matter what episode you decide to watch, each of them is just fascinating.

7. Bill Nye Saves the World

This Netflix show can teach you about the significance of science for modern society as well as explain to you how data and facts can drive its development. The ultimate goal of this series is to combat the scientific illiteracy that is so widespread among millennials. Together with the experts, Bill breaks down the science of global warming, debunks alternative remedies, explores the potential and pitfalls of artificial intelligence, talks about genetically modified foods, discusses NASA missions, demonstrates how vaccines work, checks out video game technology, explores the science of sexuality, answers questions about private space travel, and more!

8. Explained

This American documentary TV series premiered on Netflix and ran for two seasons on a weekly basis. It digs deep into a wide range of topics that might be interesting for students, from cryptocurrency to the wild world. You can learn about the wealth gap among races in the USA as well as the risks of gene editing. Some of its episodes examine monogamy from historical and biological points of view, while others explain why diets fail. The connection between the stock market and a country’s economy, the rise of eSports, various usage of hemp, and the history of astrology – are some of the numerous exciting topics discussed in Explained.