Best Outdoor Speakers – Portable & Compact

best outdoor speakers to buy in 2021

Which are the best outdoor speakers? Let’s Find Out!

Technology has enabled us to achieve what was not possible before. As a result of its advancement, the way we live and work has profoundly changed. Such is the case with entertainment.

An increasing number of people are trying to explore various ways to extend and bring the groove to their outdoor spaces, such as with portable speakers which can enable them to listen to preferred music while performing activities such as while travelling, jogging, in the gym, in parties, while performing various other activities or simply when taking a break during the hustle and bustle of life.

This extension of previously stable facilities into moving and portable devices has led to many great, exciting and one of the best outdoor speakers.

If you want to enjoy great music outdoors, you do not have to search for your headphones anymore. Outdoor speakers can produce a powerful sound with higher fidelity and various mixtures of equalization. With enhanced sound quality, ease of use and portability, there are multiple options available for you.

Our top picks for Best Outdoor Speakers

  1. Sonos Move
  2. JBL Go 3
  3. Polk Audio Atrium 4
  4. The Dual Electronics LU53PB
  5. Bose S1 Pro
  6. Boom 3
  7. Pohopa EF-B210G
  8. Klipsch AWR-650-SM Granite
  9. JBL Charge 5

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best outdoor speakers by sonos


Sonos Move Price: $514.95

For every occasion, Sonos Move is an intelligent choice. It is the first portable speaker and first Bluetooth speaker introduced by the company. It hardly takes 2 minutes for simple installation, and it’s a lot easier with Sono’s application. With its Amazon Alexa built-in, you can play music, check the news, set alarms, get your questions answered without plugging in your hands-free.

You can customize your speakers according to needs and play whatever you want with its impressive streaming feature. Also, it can be connected to your TV and easily be installed with group speakers so you can play them together in sync, as it also supports Spotify and Apple Music.

With the Move’s weather-resistant and shockproof design, you can get phenomenal sound anywhere, and there is no need to worry about an accidental drop. Its durable batteries last up to 11 hours, which provides Sonos Move a long-lasting high performance and far greater range to sound indoors and outdoors.

best outdoor speakers by JBL


JBL Go 3 Price: $39.95

JBL Go 3 offers you a wide range of sounds outdoors. Its design is diminutive and sleek, so portable that you can easily carry it anywhere along with you. With its ultra-battery duration, you can enjoy up to 5 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge. It works better with a power bank. With a great design to match up to its amazing specifications, these speakers do speak for themselves.

Considering its size, this speaker provides you with complete entertainment with its powerful sound and excellent bass. Intrinsically built to provide you with music matching up to the occasion, it is effortless to connect on the go and make transit, parties or other special events more cheerful.

JBL Go 3 supports Bluetooth 5.1, which makes the connectivity stronger and more accessible. If you don’t want to compromise on the sound quality and look for an affordable yet classy Bluetooth speaker, then it’s the one.

best polk audio atrium outdoor speakers


Polk Audio Atrium 4 Price: $179

These speakers, although small in size, pack a punch. It can be termed as a good looking speaker for the outdoors. It is designed by keeping outdoor spaces in mind and quickly blending in corners of walls by mounting them vertically or on a plane horizontally with its 180-degree quick-lock mounting system. It provides ease of use when installing outdoors. It can also tolerate extreme weather conditions such as rains with its built-in endurance.

Equipped with a powerful bass amped up by a 4 ½” mineral filled dynamic balance polymer cone and a ¾” anodized aluminium dome tweeter with rubber surround, it can easily penetrate surrounding ambient noises with its up to 80W powered audio.

The box contains:

2 white all-weather speakers.

2 mounting brackets (pre-installed).

The owner’s manual.

An online product registration card.

A Polk Audio brochure to understand the product and its specifications.

best outdoor speakers by dual


The Dual Electronics LU53PB Price: $89.99

Equipped with a polypropylene woofer with rubber cover and UV treatment, ABS housing with fixed aluminium grill and multi-angle mounting brackets, The Dual Electronics LU53PB comes in both black and white colours. These multicolour and multipurpose outdoor speakers weigh only 2.8 lbs., making them lightweight but certainly not without some power.

This 100W power can transform any indoor or outdoor space into a music studio. At the same time, its 3-way unique design provides optimum auditory quality along with a premium experience.

These speakers are especially for outdoor use; hence they are UV treated, i.e., explicitly treated for protection against UV rays and built inside an ABS enclosure that shields the speakers from the environment and atmospheric pollution and other dust particles to retain their optimal sound quality and maintain sound integrity.

It can also resist rain and temperature so that one can enjoy music in any weather conditions without having to worry about sudden weather changes or any other climatic conditions.

best Bose s1 outdoor speakers


Bose S1 Pro Price: $599

For moments that need to be stored, such as birthday parties, important life milestones, parties, gatherings, and those that deserve sound to match up to the occasion, The Bose S1 Pro is the best choice. Bluetooth enabled and portable, these rugged speakers pack big sound.

Wireless pairing via Bluetooth and outputs such as for microphone or other musical instruments such as a keyboard or a guitar make these speakers a perfect match for any outdoor gathering that requires backup assistance for any dedications or requires ambience sound makes it hard to ignore.

Such powerful speakers require strong life. To cater to this demand, The Bose S1 Pro is fitted with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that boasts up to 11 hours of usage. They also provide flexibility in terms of orientation to be room for vertical and horizontal positioning.

To provide a maximum level of portability, these speakers are very easy to connect. Just place them anywhere you want and plug in the cord, and they are ready to blast. Included with auto-equalizer ensures originality and makes sure that you get your music and the sound, as the music and you deserve.

best outdoor speakers by ultimate ears


Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Price: $149.99

Do not let the size make you fool because these amazing Bluetooth powered speakers are the full value of money. A non-removable Lithium-Ion battery lasts up to 15 hours straight. A shock-proof build shields its exterior from damage. It is also dust-proof, protects the speakers from dust and dirt retain ideal sound quality.

The enhanced portability of Boom 3 makes it easier to slug around. It is water-resistant and designed to tolerate weather conditions such as rain and humidity. Its One-Touch feature is like a magic button so you can play, pause, and skip songs directly.

It allows you to play an immersive 360° sound with deep bass and you can have easy access to your playlist. With a trendy and smart look, Boom 3 is one of the best portable options.

best outdoor bluetooth speakers by pohopa


Pohopa EF-B210G Price: $189.98

Our obsession with pure sound is undeniable, therefore the 20W Bluetooth speakers are designed to be used in pairs to provide the clearest room-filling genuine wireless stereo sound with the best quality. Its diminutive design makes it easy to bring anywhere for indoor and outdoor activities.

Additionally, the lantern-like LED lights enhance the overall look of these speakers and facilitate even more fascinating features. It adds a nice ambience to any place, especially at night. Pohopa lantern speakers will undoubtedly complement your lovely home design.

These portable speakers don’t have a lot of control buttons. Pohopa has simplified its operation using modern technology. You can turn off the power and turn on/off the lights for both speakers using just one speaker. If you set one speaker on one side and the other on the other, it will be really convenient.

best outdoor speakers by Klipsch


Klipsch AWR-650-SM Granite Price: $299.99

These are the perfect indoor-outdoor speakers for everything from relaxing on a weeknight to pumping up the volume for a weekend celebration. Over six decades of audio expertise into a weather-resistant design, also featuring a durable UV-resistant enclosure to enjoy the clean, clear sound, Klipsch’s AWR-650-SM won’t disappoint you.

This maneuverable speaker resembles a realistic rock in order to blend in with the surrounding outdoor environment. A security eyelet is placed on the underside of the Klipsch AWR-650-SM speaker. For increased security, this permanent eyelet can be used to secure the security cables and metal stake. The ‘650-SM’s dual-tweeter feature enables it to play both channels of a stereo signal clearly.

best JBL charge 5 outdoor speakers


JBL Charge 5 Price: $199.99

JBL Pro Sound’s incredible power will give you the best stereo experience. The JBL Charge 5 features an optimized long-excursion driver, a separate tweeter, and two JBL bass radiators, which aim to deliver amazingly rich and clear sound, even when you’re outside, you can get that enormous room sound.

With Wireless Bluetooth Streaming, you may connect up to two smartphones or tablets to the speaker and experience JBL Pro’s best sound quality with an enhanced equalizer. Built-in power bank enables charging of your devices without any hassle.

Packed with a 20-hour of remarkable battery time, allowing you to have fun all day long. Because the JBL Charge 5 is waterproof and dustproof to IP67 standards, you can take it with you wherever you go, around pools and on roads.

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