Best Portable Photo Printer 2021

best portable photo printer in 2021

A portable printer is a great way to share special moments with your loved ones and ensure you have a physical reminder for years to come. With the best portable photo printers, you can print your pictures instantly on the spot

So if you love to hold photos in your hands rather than viewing them on a screen, it’s time to start printing your pictures again because most importantly they won’t be lost if you happen to lose your phone or account. But before you invest in the best portable photo printer, here are some features to consider.

Our top picks for you

  1. Polaroid Hi-Print
  2. Canon SELPHY Square QX10
  3. Epson WorkForce WF110
  4. Kodak P300R Mini 3 Retro
  5. Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer
  6. Lifeprint Instant Phone Photo Printer
  7. KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer
  8. Phomemo M02 Pocket Printer
  9. Aibecy Mini Portable Photo Printer
  10. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Features to consider in the Best Portable Photo Printer

The best portable printers will be able to print your shots in a matter of seconds but when it comes to choosing the right portable photo printer, there are a number of factors you need to take into account as different printers offer different various benefits.

Every kind of printer has features that you may or may not find useful. If you want to print pictures from social media or your smartphone, here are some of the things you’ll need to decide on before you make investments in the best portable photo printer

  • Size
  • Color Images
  • Black and White Images
  • Picture Paper Style
  • Connectivity options
  • Extra Features like Photo editing and filming
  • Price

The best portable photo printers are an indispensable tool for the digital age. Keep reading to find our favorite portable photo printers and pick your personal favorite among our recommendations of the best portable photo printer.

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best portable photo printer by imaging world


Polaroid Hi-Print Price: $159.00

This portable printer from Polaroid comes in a sturdy yet eye-catching design, and above-average print quality, making Polaroid Hi-Print the best-rounded portable printer of all. It can be easily connected to your device via Bluetooth.

It uses dye-sublimation technology to help the colors of your photo leap off the print while creating 2 x 3-inch prints of your photos. Moreover, it has a generous battery life, however, it’s worth noting that the battery runs down quickly on standby.

It also has built-in app feature, making it easy to capture, edit your images and make sure they look just right before printing.

best portable photo printer by canon


Canon SELPHY Square QX10 Price: $129.99

With its latest flashy portable printer, Canon aims its sights squarely at Instagrammers. The Selphy Square QX10 creates a printed image in a 6.8cm x 6.8cm square format.

The prints of this portable printer come in a brand new XS-20L pack are rated to last more than 100 years if stored responsibly. Prints also come with a smudge-proof, water-protected coating, acceptable for something that’s produced in as little as 43 seconds. It is also small enough to fit in a handbag, making it perfect for travel and parties.

It relies on a Wifi connection to connect to your smartphone. The printer creates its own network which allows you to connect to the app during the setup stage, its built-in can be used to edit pictures. All thanks to its pro-quality dye-sub technology, its prints will look really great.

epson portable photo printer


Epson WorkForce WF110 Price: $499.99

This portable photo printer is able to handle glossy photo paper as easily as it does plain A4. It is an immensely useful portable printer if you want to use a laptop when traveling.

It comes with a rechargeable built-in Li-ion battery. It is connected via Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct making it an easy printer to set up and get started with. Moreover, it is designed to produce prints that are highly detailed and look beautifully fantastic.

It comes with inkjet cartridges that are a bit on the expensive side, so factor that in before making a decision as this is the kind of cost that will mount up over time.

best portable kodak photo printer


Kodak P300R Mini 3 Retro Price: $139.99

This is portable photo printer by Kodak features 4Pass dye-sublimation printing technology that promises brilliant photo quality and beautiful-looking prints. It features an ergonomic design with minimal controls along with a unique retro nuance that gets everyone’s attention.

It comes with 4Pass printing means the device moves the paperback and forth over the printhead. It prints CMY ink colors on the paper that brings your photo experience to the next level.

This portable printer is designed to print 3 x 3-inch photos with high-end quality and vivid colors. It is designed with dye-sublimation technology, this printer uses an ink-paper cartridge to deliver life-like and impressive prints.


best portable photo printer by fujiFilm


Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer Price: $199.99

The Fujifilm Instax is perfect for on-the-go fun to capture your memories. It features a built-in app that allows you to fully customize prints with fun captions and filters. Moreover, you can also buy photo paper with designs already printed on it, to add even more character.

It has a feature that gives you a digital count of how many shots it can print, it’s a feature no other device in this guide offered before you’ll have to install a new pack of paper.

This portable photo printer uses Bluetooth connectivity for an easier and more reliable way to transfer your files, which also lets you connect multiple smart phones to your portable printer at once.

best portable photo printer by lifeprint


Lifeprint Instant Phone Photo Printer Price: $109.99

Lifeprint portable photo printer will turn your smartphone into an instant camera. You can simply slip it into the arms of the printer and click away. This portable printer even includes a wrist strap to complete that instant camera feel.

It uses Bluetooth to connect to your devices while creating high-quality, 2×3″ prints which also have peelable, sticky backs. It uses Zink (Zero-ink) technology to print its photos.

Moreover, it’s possible to embed videos in your photos with the built-in Lifeprint app. It comes with lots of customization options, including the unique ability to turn a still photo into a short video through augmented reality.

portable photo printer by KiiPix


KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer Price: $34.00

This nonbattery portable photo printer is all you need for your long fun trip. It gives you a simple way to print retro-style pictures from your smartphone screen, with a completely manual printing process that needs no batteries or cords.

All you have to do is load it with Instax film, place your phone face down on the scanner while using the reflective mirror to ensure if it’s properly aligned, and then you can manually crank out the prints yourself.

Its cheap asking price makes it more attractive than some of the other portable photo printers on this list, though it needs more expensive Instax film to run.

portable photo printer by phomemo


Phomemo M02 Pocket Printer Price: $52.99

This is a mini Bluetooth printer by Phomemo. It offers one-click printing for black-and-white photos. This portable photo printer will let you print fun frames and sticky notes. While some won’t get it, anyone who loves that monochrome look will jump at the chance to use this black and white photo printer.

It uses Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to your smartphone along with built in complementary app to print the images, offering a wide range of handy options, including image printing, scanning and template printing.

This palm-sized photo printer comes in several exterior colors as well as a unique, piano-style design that makes it even more attractive in looks.

portable thermal photo printer by aibecy


Aibecy Mini Portable Photo Printer Price: $75.99

Another budget-friendly portable photo printer to printing your favorite photos anywhere is the Aibecy Mini Photo Printer. This one is ideal for creating physical images of all of your favorite moments and memories.

This is a multi-functional portable photo printer that can also print labels, lists, and QR codes other than printing images. And, if all that’s not enough to convince you if this is the right phone printer for you, maybe the fact the printer is designed to look like a bear will be the deciding factor. Overall, this cute portable photo printer is all looks and functionality.

best HP portable photo printer


HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer Price: $79.00

The HP Sprocket is a high-quality photo printer that comes in a fun speckled design in different attractive colors. It has a built-in loop for attaching a wrist strap to make carrying it easy.

It is compatible with Bluetooth connectivity for the easy printing process. It also features a built-in app, so you can take your photos to the next level by editing, adding filters, borders, and emojis to the image.

It offers great picture quality on 2×3″ photo paper and is really user-friendly. The HP Sprocket’s new edition allows multiple users and devices to connect at one time easily to the printer, which means everyone can get in on the fun.


Photo printing is a revolutionary turn that lets you produce your digital memories in the physical realm without specific tools. The best portable photo printer has enabled technology that promotes and takes innovation with extraordinary design freedom while being a tool-less process that reduces high costs and direct times while letting you hold your favorite photos in your hands rather than viewing them on a screen.