You Can Buy These Best Robot Mops to Keep Your Floors Clean and Gleaming

best robot mop in 2021

There’s hardly any reason not to invest in the best robot mops, with so much technological advancement. The main idea of robotic cleaners is to delegate your cleaning duties automatically to them.

Mopping is a chore that no one really enjoys. It is a time-consuming task and makes you feel tired. You need to get rid of filling up your buckets with water and using ugly mopping cloths. Robot mops make your life simpler.

Here’s a list of some of the best robot mops in which you need to invest your money without thinking.

Our top picks for Best Robot Mops

  1. iRobot Braava jet m6
  2. Roborock E4
  3. Coredy R750
  4. NARWAL T10
  5. Yeedi Vac Station
  6. ILIFE Shinebot W400s
  7. Tesvor X500
  8. ECOVACS Deebot T8 AIVI

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best irobot mop


iRobot Braava jet m6 Price: $499.99

The m6 is suited for both flats and bigger homes, thanks to its extended battery life and capacity to cover 1,000 square feet in a single session.

The m6 sweeps with electrostatic force and mops with wicking fibres and learns the layout of your house and creates customised Smart Maps with vSLAM® navigation, allowing it to clean and traverse in tidy, precise rows.

Precision Jet Spray is useful for removing sticky stains and oil from the kitchen and its Maximized-Edge Design goes into every nook and cranny.

If the battery runs out, it recharges and resumes where it left off, ensuring that the task is completed. Including Braava Jet Hard Floor Cleaning Solution that adds long-lasting fragrance to your floors.

For convenient and hand-free mopping, m6 allows you to make a request to your voice assistant or via the iRobot Home app. It’s compatible with both Google Home and Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

best robot mop by roborock


Roborock E4 Price: $379.99

This machine cleans your floors properly and fast using logical route planning, along with intelligent navigation, and a Z-shape path.

Collision avoidance is aided by infrared sensors, while cliff avoidance is assisted by cliff sensors. E4 cleans without interruption due to its anti-tangle main brush and a side brush.

Vacuuming cum mopping machine brightens your flooring, giving a tidy look. It’s low enough to reach dirt-hiding places such as under mattresses, sofas, and other furniture.

Using the Mi Home app and Amazon Alexa, you can schedule cleanings at any time and from anywhere. With a super-slim 3.55in design, you can get up to 2000Pa of power suction with minimal noise

A 5200mAh battery with a 100 percent high capacity can clean up to 2152 square feet. When E4 runs out of power, it will automatically return to the dock to recharge before continuing where it left off.

best coready R750 robot mop


Coredy R750 Price: $320.99

The Coredy R750 has an intelligent mopping technology that employs an electronically controlled water pump to alter water flow without spilling.

It changes water dispersion automatically as needed to keep the mop moist while cleaning, resulting in effective mopping. It also supports Google and Alexa.

Engineered with Boost-intellect Technology, its suction power increases from 1600pa to 2000pa when detecting carpets, to provide more efficient cleaning.

Easy to use cleaning app has three cleaning modes to choose from. 1) Auto mode 2) Edge mode and 3) Spot mode for thorough clean in a random pattern.

The Coredy R750 which is powered by a 3200mAh Li-ion battery can clean for up to 120 minutes on a single charge, allowing you to clean all of your rooms in one go.

best NARWAL robot mop


NARWAL T10 Price: $1,199

The Narwal T10 will bring out the gleaming gloss of your hard flooring. It instantly cleans your hardwood floor surfaces, removing stains and damp areas.

It distinguishes between the vacuum module and the mop pads with microfibers and adjusts modes accordingly.

With extra-large water tanks, which may hold up to 2500 square feet of floor space, this cleaning machine cleans its microfiber mops on its own, by returning to its base station.

To reduce hair tangles, its no-roll brush design provides strong 1800 pa suction. The HEPA 10 filter effectively captures dust, fur, and all the grime from the floor.

Due to Lidar Navigation and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology, the T10 analyzes the layout of your home and properly captures and depicts the surroundings using the LDS laser mapping technology.

best yeedi vac robot mop


Yeedi Vac Station Price: $499.99

You can sit back and relax knowing that Vac Station will take care of the cleaning. Yeedi brings convenience to your cleaning routine without being under a hefty price tag.

This innovative robot cleaner is simple to operate, its self-empty station automatically disposes of dirt in yeedi’s dustbin, which can store up to 30 days of dust.

The 4-stage cleaning system with 3000Pa powerful suction power sweep away dust, pet hair, and other ground-in debris from hard floors and carpets efficiently.

Vac station can perform on a single charge for up to 200 minutes, making it the best cleaning assistant. When the battery runs out, it starts recharging batteries by returning to the charging dock.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you are able to set up your cleaning schedule, it creates a virtual boundary if you don’t allow it to go to certain areas via its user-friendly yeedi app.

best iLife shinebot robot mop


ILIFE Shinebot W400s Price: $229

If you are looking for a budget-friendly robot mop, then this machine is the best choice with the least amount of hassle. It can clean a variety of surfaces like hardwood, ceramic, granite, marble, laminate floors that have been sealed and carpets.

The ILIFE W400s leaves the floor sparkling with its four-step cleaning. It sprays the floor with clean water to soften stains, then with a microfiber roller it scrapes the floor, eliminates filthy water with high suction power, and wipes off contaminants with a rubber scraper.

Ensuring an optimal cleaning, this cleaner includes a 0.9L dirty water tank, which is attached to the exceptionally large 0.85L clean water tank.

W400s is cleaner than a regular wet mop because it can collect filthy water from the floor and dry it in under a minute. It runs up to 130 minutes on a charge, guaranteeing a thorough cleaning.

best Tesvor robot mop


Tesvor X500 Price: $199.99

Engineered with the independent robot operating algorithm and a dual-chip, the Tesvor X500 is more precise and quicker to clean floors.

The gyroscope navigation and S-shaped route features ensure that your household will be cleaned thoroughly. Professional brushes are included to efficiently clean hard-to-reach places.

In combination with a strong motor and optimum low-noise ventilation, Double V-brushes provide excellent suction power with the best cleaning experience.

The three-filter system guarantees that your rooms are clear of allergens. Also, you can keep track of your robot mop’s cleaning progress on your room map at any moment with its app.

best Ecovacs robot mop


ECOVACS Deebot T8 AIVI Price: $748.99

Revolutionize your home chores with AIVI, it detects, recognizes, and intelligently chooses how to clean around obstructions.

Carpet detecting sensors recognise the type of floor quickly, eliminating mopping carpets and increasing suction strength when vacuuming.

TrueMapping generates a detailed map of your floor to ensure thorough cleaning and avoid missed or repeated areas.

High-efficiency filters provide maximum protection from allergens and 3 layer dust filters.

Ensuring that you do not miss a place, the cleaning map notifies you every time an obstacle is encountered and allows the robot to go back to that spot for cleaning.


Robot mops are compact in size and require less maintenance. It will provide the greatest comfort to your life and will keep you away from doing the daily strenuous home chores. Also, it will assist you to put an additional level of cleanliness into your routine.