4 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair to buy in 2021

A sparkling clean floor is your desired outcome when cleaning but you own a pet, sounds awful right? So if you are one of those pet owners you must be well aware of all the good and the worst parts including keeping up with the sheer amount of fur your pets shed on a daily basis and that’s the reason the best robot vacuum for pet hair can do wonders for you.

Our top picks for Best Robot Vacuum

  1. iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum
  2. Enther Experobot C200 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  3. iRobot Roomba-675 Robot Vacuum
  4. RoboRock S4 Robot Vacuum

Pets are an endless source of unconditional love but also an unyielding amount of loose fur. It can be a daunting task for you to constantly clean up after a shedding pet.

Just like any other family member, pets also demand maintenance and cleanliness. While you love your furry friends, their hair and dandruff can quickly pile up and get caught in mattresses, carpets, rugs, or under furniture.

Why you need the best robot vacuum for pet hair?

A robot vacuum cleaner is an ideal machine for households with pets. Whether your pet is shedding his winter fur and you’re tired of moving your stick vacuum or even broom, dust bin, and mop back in the closet around the house.

To help you find the right robot vacuum for you and your pet we have gathered the best robot vacuum cleaners. Our recommendations for the best robot vacuum cleaner are not based only on hair cleaning performance on different types of surfaces but also on their design and price. Take a look and pick the right one for you!

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Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair iRobot store


iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum

amazon.com Price: $249.00

This robotic vacuum cleaner will do the work for you. iRobot Roomba is a small, disc-shaped robot vacuum. It is equipped with advanced intelligent programming a vacuum floor cleaning system. It features dual-multi surface brushes to grab not only dirt but also your pet’s shredded hair from the floor, carpet, and wooden floors.

Forget about carrying a bulky vacuum around your house with this robot vacuum. You sit in one place and let this robot vacuum do its work. It has a remote control that lets you have the access to its automatic and manual operations.

It has the ability to learn and adapt your cleaning habits and different ways. It features 3 different stages of cleaning; Lifting, Loosen and suction, to make your home not only dust-free but also helps you get rid of your pet’s shredded hair just by traveling around your house once a day.

Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair by Enther store


Enther Experobot C200 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

amazon.com Price: $179.00

This smart robot vacuum is designed to thoroughly clean all surfaces. It is equipped with an infrared sensor for evading obstacles, and drop-sensing tech to avoid unnecessary falls. It supports 6 different cleaning modes with auto cleaning, max vacuuming cleaning, edge cleaning, random cleaning, area cleaning, as well as deep cleaning. All these modes can be switched in between making it easy to use.

This robot vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice for households with pets as it has a degree of climb of 12-15 °. 3.05” along with a low height design that allows the robot vacuum to go underneath furniture easily, and clean thoroughly under furniture.

It has strong suction power and double layer washable HEPA filter for intense tangle-free suction picks up dust, crumbs, dirt, and also cleaning hair and furs.

Best iRobot roomba 675 Vacuum for Pet Hair


iRobot Roomba-675 Robot Vacuum

amazon.com Price: $279.00

The iRobot Vacuum has 3 different stages for cleaning; Loosen, Lifting and suction. It features Dual-Multi Surface brushes that grab dirt and shredded pet hair from the floor and carpet. The additional feature of this robot vacuum cleaner is an Edge-Sweeping brush that takes care of corners, the tiniest little pet hair, and also stubborn dust that come afterward.

It can learn your cleaning habits and ways while offering personalized schedules. It features Google Assistant and Alexa to help you to start cleaning how you like with just your voice.

The iRobot Vacuum also comes with a flock of advanced sensors, one of them being Roomba having the ability to find the way around and under the furniture and edges as it features patented dirt detection technology, allowing the vacuum to detect dirtier areas in your home.

Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair by roborock store


RoboRock S4 Robot Vacuum

amazon.com Price: $429.00

This robot vacuum is particularly designed for great suction and motion tracking as it has a tracker, and a bumper to closely track its movements, edges of the room, and obstacles. Moreover, it also comes with Laser Navigation, Multi-Level Mapping, Invisible Wall, and No-Go Zones providing the finest control.

The strong suction offers considerable lifting grime off the floor and dust dragging out of the carpet while keeping the suction simultaneously strong throughout the vacuuming process. All you need to do for control is connect this robot vacuum to your cell phone as it is compatible with its App.

You can schedule for cleaning times, choose cleaning modes, keep an eye on cleaning progress, and after a sparkly cleaning, examine a complete map to make sure this vacuum has sucked dirt and every shredded pet hair out and under of your house.


It is important to keep your home clean especially when you have kids and pets around your home. Robot vacuum cleaners are designed to grab even the tiniest little shredded hair of your pet. So enjoy your pet ownership with the best robot vacuum cleaner to keep your floors clean, and dust away not only just dust but also pet hair and other toxic allergens in ways your manual vacuum could never. Grab your favorite vacuum cleaner for pet hair from our recommendations.

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