Discover the Best Vacuum Cleaner to Make Your Home Neat & Clean

Best Vacuum Cleaner to buy in 2021

Cleaning is one of the utmost important parts of household chores, from the kitchen to bedroom to living room. Each area of your house demands to be cleaned whether it’s occasionally or regularly there’s a continued interest in keeping your house free of outside germs and particles. Especially when you are stuck at home during these COVID-19 times, the best vacuum cleaner can help keep your home clean and will be an asset throughout.

Our top picks for you for best vacuum cleaner

  1. Miele Complete C3 Kona Canister Vacuum-Corded
  2. Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum
  3. Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  4. Nilfisk GM-80 Light
  5. iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum

Qualities of the best vacuum cleaner

The best vacuum cleaner has a lot to offer you like powerful suction, large dust bins, and even some offer you long-lasting batteries, to ensure you get clean surfaces as efficiently as possible.

Moreover, the best vacuum cleaner should also have all the features you’ll use most often, including attachments that have a real impact on your cleaning routine but also like an upholstery tool to eliminate pet hair and a motorized floor brush for deep pile carpet.

To help you find the best vacuum cleaner that includes all the features that might upgrade your cleaning routine to the next level of ease, we have gathered the best vacuum cleaners from cordless sticks to long-lasting canisters to upright vacuum cleaner to the cheap handhelds vacuum cleaner, and even robots for your cleaning needs and all types of homes. Have a look and pick your favorite!

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Best Vacuum Cleaner by Miele store


Miele Complete C3 Kona Canister Vacuum-Corded Price: $1,598.00

If you are looking for a long lasting powerful vacuum then this Miele C3 is our top pick for you. This powerful vacuum is heavily equipped with telescoping wand, dusting brush, upholstery tool, and a crevice tool to undertake any type of flooring.

This is a bagged canister vacuum that comes with an electro brush for low-medium pile carpet. The electro brush of this vacuum features LED headlight and automatic suction setting, which automatically adjusts the airflow to the surface while cleaning.

Its feature set includes two additional floor heads, one floored is a Pure Suction Combination Floor head that works on hard floor and low-pile carpet, and the other floored is a Parquet Twister XL that allows for delicate cleaning of hard floors. Moreover, its feature set also has a dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool, HEPA air clean filter along with Miele original air clean filter bag.

Best Vacuum Cleaner by Bissell store


Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum Price: $29.99

This lightweight, convenient yet powerful vacuum can be your best investment. It features powerful suction making it the perfect choice for quick pickups with multipurpose versatility. It can be used on both carpet and hardwood, and it will pick up anything, even liquids.

The best feature about this lightweight yet powerful vacuum is its versatility. It can be used it as an upright stick vacuum on carpet and hard floors, hand vacuum on above floor spots like couches, and can be used as a stair vacuum to make vacuuming stairs easier.

Moreover, it comes with a crevice tool for furniture and a floor nozzle for stairs. It weighs less than four pounds, but don’t let that fool you because it provides powerful suction in all of its three modes.

Best Vacuum Cleaner by dyson store


Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Price: $684.99

If you are looking for the best cordless vacuum cleaner then you are just one click away. It comes with high torque cleaner head that automatically adapts suction and power to deep clean different kinds floor types without changing cleaner heads.

It is engineered to deep clean on any kind of surface including floors and carpets as it intelligently optimizes suction and run time for more than an hour of fade-free power.

Its features set includes LCD screen that shows run time countdown and performance along with an integrated digital motor spins the brush bar up to 60 times a second.

Best Vacuum Cleaner by Nilfisk store


Nilfisk GM-80 Light Price: $1,377.95

This powerful, compact size vacuum delivers high-performance along with 13-pound canister making it an ideal choice for cleaning up everything from industrial to heavy-duty residential messes. It comes with robust four-stage HEPA filtration system making sure that exhausted air remains clean. Its multi-stage filtration system includes a downstream HEPA filter plus pre-motor filters.

Its feature set also include heavy-duty parts, cleaning attachments, a portable large handle, and trolley that make it a reliable choice for dust cleanup and contamination control even in factories, manufacturing plants, and other industrial areas but also in homes.

Best Vacuum Cleaner by iRobot store


iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum

Earlier Price: $249.99
Save: $25.99 (10%)
Deal Price: $224.00 & FREE Returns

If you are looking for a robotic vacuum cleaner to do the work for you then consider this iRobot Roomba is a small, disc-shaped vacuum equipped with advanced intelligent programming a vacuum floor cleaning system. It features the dual-multi surface brushes which grab dirt from the floor, carpet and wooden floors.

You can forget about carrying a bulky vacuum around your house – sit it one place and let this robot vacuum do its work as it has a remote control that lets you have the access to automatic and manual operations.

The vacuum has the ability to learn and adapt your cleaning habits and different ways. It features 3 different stages of cleaning; Lifting, Loosen and suction, to make your home stays dust-free.


With the current pandemic situation, it’s essential to keep your home clean. A Vacuum cleaner is especially designed to keep your house clean, tidy and dust-free. It eliminates the chances of health risk and deadly disease.

If you want to make the boring ritual of cleaning a little fun then the above mentioned best vacuum cleaner recommendations are suitable. The best vacuum cleaners are here to save your time and keep your house dust-free.