7 Best Video Editing Application for Mobile Phones

Seven Best Video Editing Apps You Can Count On In 2019

In an era of social media’s fame, people are hijacked by technology. At the present time, people are so obsessed with their phones that they actually enjoy making videos, V-logs and short clips with their smartphones. Every other person is willing to create the identity and to get fame on social media; everyone is trying to portray their ingenious and mind-blowing creativity through videos, these days.

But, the smartphones come with the facility to record videos in 1080p only. Nevertheless, most of the times when a person makes a video, an individual might need to edit the content of the video as the editing is a significant part of the video and enhancing your creativity more, for which the best video editor app can lend a hand to grant an amusing and eye catchy touch to your videos.

Selecting the perfect and an appropriate app for the editing is also an art. There are enormous numbers of editor apps for Android smartphones available in the Google Play Store. With the assistance of the best and suitable android video editors, you can assemble the clips. furthermore, you can also upload these videos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

Let’s have a count on a few of the awesome apps for video editing in 2019.

Adobe Premiere Clip:

Adobe Premiere Clip is a free video editor that crafts it speedy and entertaining to create eminence videos that can be effortlessly allocated or easily opened in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This app associate into Adobe’s recognized Premiere Pro product but exertions uniformly well as an impartial app.

Best video editing app called adobe premiere clip

The app offers two editing methods: Freeform and Automatic. Freeform lets you to keep hold of the mainly organize over your edit, and Automatic permits Adobe trim your clips and add transitions to pace up the editing procedure.

In Adobe Premiere Clip you can incise video clips, create transitions, add background sound effects to your video, also you can apply image filters and can do color grading. Adobe Premiere Clip is an incredible video editing app that allows you to twist your photos and videos into indisputable movies.


FilmoraGo is probably one of those video editing apps that you will find the most beneficial and useful for yourself. It is one of the popular video editing apps accessible in both free and paid versions. Doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a newbie, In FilmoraGo you will discover every single attribute and functionality that you are in search for.

You can carry out all the fundamental video editing purposes in the Easy Mode, the high-end features are placed in the Full Featured mode. Transitions, reverse plays, 16:9 videos and slow motion, all you need to do is to wish for it, and the app has it. Nearly every feature is free, but you can go for the special features for more advanced editing through the in-app purchase also.

Power Director:

PowerDirector is a complete commanded video editing tool that ought to be a leading choice for specialized and laypersons comparable. You have admittance to the trouble-free, yet fully- featured timeline feature paired with a crowd of directs and customizations. Conversely, the powers may take some time to get acclimatize to.

The key feature that provokes us to add the video editing app to our list is an outstanding 4K video editing compatibility that it moves towards with. Up till now an additional feature that it recommends you is the green screen recording and editing you will be facilitated with the PowerDirector editing app.

Are you in search for multiple effects?

Then, this video editing app will not dissatisfy your expectations. It includes a collage maker and slow-motion support as well. Another excellent feature that makes it a huge preference is the video tutorials that it presents you for each of the purposes that the tool draws closers with. This can assist you to accomplish the best results while making use of most of the possibility of your smartphones.


So you are a newbie and do not have any preceding knowledge of video editing and its linked features?

The Magisto Video Editor is the paramount bet to meet your needs. It can unite images, videos, audio clips and what not to produce your video magnum opuses without any obscurity or proficiency.

Magisto is powerful video editing app for 2019

The Magisto app works with mock Intelligence and analyses the videos and other constituents for a qualified rank familiarity. The app perceives each of the sections and prefers the right variety of alternatives and filters to use to disembark at the best doable video formation. In reality, what crafts it even more attractive is the truth that it is almost at no cost with just a few in-app purchases. You can also go with the finest plan for the supplementary features.


LapseIt is an easy yet brilliant video editing app. Time-lapse videos can execute really fine on social media; it grabs your eye quickly and is effective at screening something amazing that acquires room over a widened phase of time. The LapseIt allows you to shoot a new video all the way through the app or you can also choose an existing video from your phone’s gallery.

Best Video Editing App for Personal and Business Purpose

It has a number of amazing editing selections, including an especially intelligible clip trimming system. You can also adjoin music and filter effects. The basic LapseIt app is free for both iOS and Android.

Video Show:

VideoShow has been given plentiful awards and is unquestionably one of the best video editing apps for Android obtainable in the Play Store for free. With a comprehensible boundary, Video Show is steadfast and simple to bring into play. Spaced out from the indispensable functions, you can also smarten your video by toting up text, effects, FX effects, GIFs, stickers, multi-music, photo filters, and sound effects or can make live dubbing too.

Video Show App for Personal Use in 2019
ViideoShow offer over 50 multiple themes, which includes reducing the size of your video by squeezing it without dropping down the quality of the video and unlimited duration of videos.

Discover the next level of video editing with miraculous video transitions and astonishing slideshow effects to turn your imaginations into reality and create a tremendous piece of creativity with a single flip.


Collectively with the stylish edge along with influential attributes, KineMaster marked as a suitable video editing implement for Android users. It facilitates drag-n-drop performance to bring in different media files without difficulty. KineMaster tenders notable points of power over the editing procedure to make skilled videos rapidly. You can insert different kinds of transition in flanked by video sections, or can also place in chunks of texts or subtitles, On top of this you can also play with an accurate cutting and trimming, multi-track audio, specific volume envelope control, color LUT filters, 3D transitions, and much more.

KineMaster Video Editing App for Best Quality

Though the elimination of the watermark and full right to use to quality advantages can only be accessed if you buy the professional edition of the app, but mostly the rest of the functions come in the free version.

Video editing apps are so wonderful and opportune in this digital world. We all be acquainted with that the Google Play Store is crammed with the vast number of apps. So we have selected out 7 Best Video Editing apps for Android users. They are absolutely free and you can download them with ZERO cost from Playstore. So, get your hands on the best video editing apps now give your creativity more glance of wow factor.


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