Bill Boals Or William Boals? Margo Martindale’s Husband

bill boals

William Boals, Margo Martindale’s American spouse, is well-known to many thanks to his wife’s high profile. Over the years, William Boals and Margo Martindale have shown tremendous mutual support for one another.

William Boals and Margo Martindale married in 1986. and their union is still strong.

For more than two decades, the union of Williamals and Margo Martindale has stood strong. Their loving bond has blessed them with a remarkable daughter, none other than Margaret Boals.

Margo Martindale’s husband, William Boals, is named “Bill Boals.” 

Who is William Boals?

American performer William Boals. He has established himself as a musician and song producer in the entertainment business. William’s voice and diction are top-notch. He can also sing and play different instruments.

William’s friendship with actress and industry colleague Margo Martindale propelled him to fame. The two of them first met in 1984.

They started going out together and eventually tied the knot. About 36 years have passed since William and Margo tied the knot.

William keeps to himself and maintains a low profile. You wouldn’t hear much. If anything, about him at all. He rarely takes his eyes off his family or his music.

Who is Margo Martindale?

American character actor Margo Martindale born in 1951, has worked in cinema, television, and theatre. For her recurring performance as Mags Bennett on Justified, she was awarded both a Primetime Emmy and a Critics’ Choice Television Award in 2011. 

For her recurring role as Claudia on The Americans, she received four Emmy Award nominations and ultimately won in 2015 and 2016.

Her lead roles in August: are Osage County (2013), Uncle Frank (2020), and Cocaine Bear (2023), she has also appeared in a wide variety of films as a supporting actor or actress. These films include: 

The Rocketeer (1991),   Marvin’s Room (1996),…First Do No Harm (1997), The Hours (2002), Million Dollar Baby (2004), Paris, je t’aime She was nominated for a Tony in 2004 for her performance in Cat in a Hot Tin Roof, for which she ultimately received an award nomination. 

She also provided the voice of a satirical version of herself in the BoJack Horseman adult cartoon series on Netflix.

Martindale was born to William Everett and Margaret (née Pruitt) Martindale in Jacksonville, Texas; she was the youngest of their three children.

Her father was a champion dog handler throughout Texas and the rest of the South, and he also ran a timber business in Jacksonville.

Billy Martindale, her elder brother, is a skilled professional golfer and course architect. Sadly, Bobby Tim, the middle child, departed in 2004.

Margo was a football sweetheart, cheerleader, and drama queen at Jacksonville High School in 1969.

After finishing high school in 1969, she enrolled at Lon Morris College before transferring to U-M Ann Arbour. 

She took summer courses at Harvard while studying at Michigan, where she shared the stage alongside Christopher Reeve and Jonathan Frakes.

How did William Boals & Margo Martindale get married?

William Boals is a musician, and he and his wife have careers in the music industry.

Bill Boals, as William Boals, married Margo Martindale in 1986. The pair tied the knot in front of their friends and loved ones at a beautiful ceremony.

No one knows how this couple met, started dating, married, and committed to spending the rest of their lives together.

They were celebrating almost 36 years of marriage. The couple finally has a child after being married for three years. Margaret was born to them, their daughter.

William Boals  wife is a successful actress

Martindale and Bates became friends while working for four years at the Actors Theatre in Louisville. Kentucky, in the early 1980s.

Martindale was nominated for a Tony Award for her performance as Big Mama in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Her Broadway debut in 2004.

She had previously starred in various off-Broadway theatre productions, including the initial production and first national tour of Steel Magnolias, in which she originated the part of Truvy Jones.

Martindale has been in films including Dead Man Walking and Lorenzo’s Oil alongside Susan Sarandon, in which she played a fellow nun to Sarandon’s character. 

She had the role of Violet Weston’s (Meryl Streep) sister, Mattie Fae Aiken. The shoot occurred in the late autumn and early winter of 2012. The term “character actress” has been used to characterize Martindale.

She made her TV debut in the Western drama Lonesome Dove. After that, they started making cameos and recurring roles in various TV shows. 

Martindale had recurrent roles in the Alan Arkin-led A&E courtroom drama 100 Centre Street and the Fox tv series Dexter, where she played Camilla Figg for the first three seasons.

She co-starred with Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard in The Riches from 2007 to 2008, playing the part of Nina Burns, a neighbor of the Malloy/”Rich” family.

Martindale started filming the second season of Justified in 2011, making her debut that year. She portrayed Mags Bennett, head of the Bennett crime family and a major player in the drug trade in the made-up county of Harlan, Kentucky.

She was recognized as the year’s best supporting actress in a drama series and awarded the Primetime Emmy.

Martindale was cast in the unproduced ABC comedy pilot Counter Culture in February 2012.

Late in January of 2013, Martindale returned to television in the spy drama The Americans on the FX Network. 

She was a regular cast member of the CBS sitcom The Millers. She started playing Peter Florrick’s new campaign manager Ruth Eastman on The Good Wife in 2015. 

In 2018, Martindale reprised her role as Ruth in the second season of The Good Fight the spinoff of The Good Wife. 

On the Netflix original series BoJack Horseman. she voices a character based on herself. 

Her version of the character is short-tempered and vicious; she also works as a bank robber on the side. 

Although most other characters address her as “Beloved,” BoJack always addresses her as “Esteemed Character Actress Margo Martindale.”

In the 2015 pilot, the first season, which premiered on Amazon in January 2017, and the second and third seasons, Martindale played Audrey Bernhardt, the family’s matriarch.

In two episodes of Mike & Molly, she also played Mike’s “Aunt Rosemary.”

Net worth

William is estimated to have a wealth of between $1 million and $5 million.

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