Bill Ross Murder: A Detailed Analysis Of The Crime Scene Events

Bill Ross Murder

The Bill Ross murder case is one of the most mysterious crimes to have taken place in Shelbyville, Tennessee. 

An entire family’s lives were turned upside down on Valentine’s Day in 2007 when Bill Ross was brutally murdered in his sleep at his residence. 

The investigation, which lasted only a few days, revealed that his murder was meticulously planned by people considered close to him. 

Since then, the shocking details of the case have been featured in several media outlets and were even adapted into an episode of Investigation Discovery’s ‘Does Murder Sleep? To Kiss or Kill’.

Let’s look at the case of Bill Ross’s murder and what happened to the people involved.

Who is Bill Ross?

Bill Ross, a valued Shelbyville, Tennessee, community member, tragically passed away at 40, creating a significant absence in the hearts of those he had impacted.

A legacy of compassion, empathy, and an unwavering commitment to selflessness marked his existence.

Bill, a devoted family man, was a cornerstone of guidance and unwavering support for numerous community members.

Those in his inner circle can affirm his profound generosity, depicting him as a loving husband, a nurturing father, and a mentor who profoundly impacted the lives of countless people.

What genuinely distinguished Bill was his limitless generosity. 

He was a friend known for consistently going the extra mile to help those facing financial challenges, displaying an unwavering commitment to those in need.

His boundless compassion and selflessness left an enduring mark on numerous lives.

Bill wasn’t just a relative but a second father figure in his family. 

His legacy of love, care, and selflessness continues to serve as a source of inspiration for all fortunate enough to have crossed paths with him.

How Did Bill Ross Die?

On Valentine’s Day in 2007, at approximately 1:45 a.m., a tragic and horrifying event unfolded at the Ross residence at 2213 Highway 64 East in Shelbyville, Tennessee. 

Two unidentified assailants forcibly entered the Ross family’s home, forever altering their lives. 

In a shocking act, Bill Ross, who was peacefully asleep, became the target of a brutal attack. 

Tragically, the assailants took his life, leaving the entire community stunned and grief-stricken. 

The loss of Bill Ross sent shockwaves throughout Shelbyville, a close-knit community that would forever remember that fateful night.

Who Killed Bill Ross?

The investigation into Bill Ross’s murder uncovered deeply unsettling details. 

The investigative authorities realized that the dreadful crime was not an impulsive act of aggression but rather a carefully orchestrated operation.

The discovery that the perpetrators had personal affiliations with the victim added an eerie twist to the narrative.

In the wake of the murder, the law enforcement agencies moved swiftly, apprehending three individuals associated with the crime – Kimberly Ross, Justin Young, and Ashley Cook.

The subsequent investigation revealed a chilling fact: Kimberly Ross had a pivotal role in masterminding the murder of her husband.

Ashley Cook and Justin Young were identified as her accomplices in this horrifying incident. 

The case inevitably created shock and disbelief throughout the community and the legal system.

The particulars of Bill Ross’s murder initiated a series of questions regarding the motives and circumstances that led to this heartbreaking incident.

Where are the murderers now?

The trio involved in the heinous crime against Bill Ross, Kimberly Ross, Justin Young, and Ashley Cook were apprehended and faced legal consequences for their actions.

In 2007, Kimberly Ross admitted to her part in the first-degree murder. The court handed her a 60-year prison sentence.

She is serving her time in the West Tennessee State Penitentiary with an expected release year 2059.

Justin Young also admitted his guilt in 2008 but for second-degree murder. The court sentenced him to 30 years of imprisonment.

Now 35, Young is completing his sentence at the Hardeman County Correctional Facility and is slated for release in 2032.

Ashley Cook, another participant in the murder scheme, provided an extensive admission of her involvement to law enforcement.

She received a 40-year sentence for her involvement in the murder and is currently serving her term in prison.

Investigation discovery’s ‘Does Murder Sleep? To kiss or kill.’

The case of Bill Ross murder gained a lot of prominence due to its shocking nature and the revelation that the victim’s family members orchestrated the crime. 

The case has been featured in several media outlets, including on Investigation Discovery’s ‘Does Murder Sleep? To Kiss or Kill’. 

The episode chronicled the details of the case and showed the investigation that led to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators.