Billie Eilish Bedroom Photo Sparked Controversy On Instagram 

billie eilish bedroom photo

Billie Eilish bedroom photos took the internet by storm. 

A 21-year-old singer-songwriter Billie Eilish shared a series of s*ductive snaps on her Instagram. 

The photos featured the artist in a black negligee with a revealing neckline and Gucci tights, posing on the floor next to a bed with her legs raised in one shot, revealing her sheer black legwear and towering black patent platform heels.

In one of the photos, Eilish spread her hair over a tartan blanket, while in another, she took a blurry selfie while laughing at the camera. 

Her Instagram caption read, “you’re looking right at me,” and she received mixed reactions from her followers. 

While some praised her look, others commented on the resemblance to Wednesday Addams or compared the photos to early 2000s disposable camera shots.

Avril Lavigne, who left two fire emojis on the post, was a fan of her looks. “Yes, respectfully,” wrote DJ Chantel Jeffries.

One comment, which garnered plenty of likes, read, “Me when I spend the night at grandmas house and get into her medicine cabinet.” 

At the same time, another said, “This is giving early 2000s disposable camera verging on early myspace s—tty digital camera vibes.”

It’s unclear whose home Eilish was in for the photo shoot, but it comes after the news that her family home in Los Angeles was burglarized last week. 

Eilish has also shared other alluring photos, including a corset-style Santa outfit she wore for her 21st birthday celebration.

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