Blueface Baby Hernia Reddit Photo: Controversy Surrounding The Tweet

blueface baby hernia photo reddit

The Blueface baby hernia photo Reddit controversy has sparked outrage online, with many people demanding action against the rapper. 

The pictures show the child’s intimate part, and the rapper claims it is due to an inguinal hernia that his baby is suffering from that needs surgery. 

However, the photograph created widespread horror online, with many people calling the musician out for exploiting his son’s vulnerability. 

Furthermore, the contentious image has fueled outrage on social media, with many questioning the rapper’s actions and character. 

Let’s look into the details of this controversy and its repercussions.

What picture did Blueface post on Twitter? 

Blueface, who has more than seven million followers on Instagram.

He posted a distressing photograph of his infant son’s private parts on Twitter, accompanied by the caption, 

“This what my son d*ck look like an she worried about me an lil baby c*** like bih get our son c*** right then do what you want.” 

Blue has stated that his son suffers from an inguinal hernia, a common issue in infants caused by weakness in the abdominal wall.

Yet, his explicit depiction and coarse language concerning his son’s health have drawn criticism, as many believe he has overstepped boundaries and endangered his child.

Blueface Baby Hernia video

Blueface has come under fire for sharing a video of his son’s hernia repair surgery, causing distress among his online audience. 

The incident has raised serious concerns about the child’s privacy and well-being. Many individuals are alarmed by the explicit content involving a minor and are demanding action against the artist..

The public outcry underscores the need for respecting children’s privacy. 

The controversial video has violated the child’s privacy and potentially jeopardised his future mental and emotional health. 

Blueface Baby Hernia Reddit Photo

Rapper Blueface recently faced public scrutiny on reddit when he posted a photo of his infant son, revealing the baby’s inguinal hernia and g*nitals.

Although the original tweet has since been deleted, the image continues circulating on various platforms, including Reddit, where several threads have discussed the incident.

The photo has sparked significant controversy, with many criticising Blueface for crossing boundaries of privacy and potentially endangering his child by sharing such explicit content. 

Netizens Stunned by Blueface’s Tweet

After the controversial video shared by rapper Blueface went viral, it elicited a wave of disbelief and disgust from internet users globally. 

Many netizens used social media platforms to express their outrage, criticising Blueface’s blatant disregard for his child’s welfare. 

They accused him of exploiting the situation for public attention, arguing that such personal and sensitive content should never have been made public. 

They further emphasised the potential psychological trauma the child might experience due to this public exposure.

In addition to the concerns about the child’s well-being, many condemned the photograph’s dissemination.

Claiming it was a blatant breach of the infant’s privacy and safety rights.

They argued that Blueface, by disseminating the video, had crossed lines and neglected his parental responsibility to safeguard his child’s privacy.

Blueface Twitter baby picture

Blueface’s Twitter account got suspended after posting something controversial, which has since been deleted.

While the rapper claims that his son is suffering from an inguinal hernia, how he presented this information was widely condemned. 

Furthermore, leaking footage from the child’s surgery has sparked concerns about the rapper’s judgement and parenting abilities.

What Did Chrisean Rock Say?

The public knows Chrisean Rock as the intermittent partner of the famous rapper.

She has fervently refuted accusations suggesting that she has been negligent in providing medical care for their child. 

Allegations of neglect emerged when rapper Blueface claimed she consistently missed their son’s important surgery appointments.

In response, Chrisean Rock clarified that doctors had instructed Blueface to return their son to the hospital after two days.

She stressed that it wasn’t about missed appointments but rather a waiting period prescribed by healthcare providers themselves.

Moreover, Chrisean Rock expressed deep concerns over her child’s exposure to various online platforms, which she finds disconcerting. 

She made it clear that her primary focus and utmost priority is the welfare and well-being of her son. 

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