Bobby Rivers Obituary: Film Critic & Food Network Host Dies At 70

bobby rivers obituary

Bobby Rivers obituary is the talk of the town right now. He was a groundbreaking television host, radio personality, and actor.

He passed away at 70, leaving behind a legacy that transcended stereotypes and redefined the industry.

Milwaukee’s WISN 12 news station, where Rivers made history as the city’s first Black film critic on television in 1979, announced his death. 

In addition to his role as a film critic, Rivers contributed segments to the nationally syndicated PM Magazine, playing a vital role in breaking stereotypes associated with Milwaukee.

A proud Marquette University graduate, Bobby Rivers showcased his versatility by hosting Food Network’s Top 5 and VH1’s celebrity talk show, Watch Bobby Rivers.

Bobby Rivers obituary

His diverse career made a significant impact on the entertainment landscape. Let’s get to know the details about Bobby Rivers obituary;

Bobby Rivers obituary

Many people in the TV and movie world are really sad because Bobby Rivers, a well-known person in the industry, has passed away. 

Famous folks like Whoopi Goldberg and Katie Couric are talking about how great he was.

Whoopi Goldberg says he was a pioneer, meaning he did important things in the industry. Katie Couric remembers him as a really nice and funny person.

Mario Cantone, the actor from Sex and the City, shared nice memories of Bobby Rivers, saying he was smart and supportive.

Bobby Rivers obituary

Overall, he’s receiving a lot of compliments and people are feeling sad about his departure.

The industry lost a remarkable individual, as echoed by Cantone’s heartfelt tribute.

Turner Classic Movies joined the chorus of tributes, acknowledging Bobby Rivers’ impact on the world of cinema.

The network praised his enthusiasm and knowledge, expressing the void left by his absence in sharing his love for classic films with the #TCMParty community.

Fox 6 reporter Gino Salomone, a fellow Milwaukee native, remembered Bobby Rivers for his razor-sharp wit and groundbreaking contributions. 

Salomone highlighted Rivers as one of the first African Americans to have his show, underlining the significance of his legacy.

The lasting legacy of Bobby Rivers

His contributions extended beyond his television career. In a recent interview with the Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project, Rivers was acknowledged for his significant contributions, marking 2023 as a year that bid farewell to a true pioneer.

The Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project bid farewell to Rivers, recognizing him as a fearless pioneer who broke all the rules.

Despite the cruelty of 2023, the organization toasted Bobby Rivers for his efforts in promoting visibility for all.

While the entertainment world mourns the loss of Bobby Rivers, a cause of death has not yet been announced, leaving fans and colleagues with unanswered questions about the circumstances surrounding his departure.

Bobby Rivers obituary

Bobby Rivers, a unique and important person in TV and entertainment, has left us. He was the first Black film critic on Milwaukee TV, breaking stereotypes.

He made a big impact from hosting shows on the Food Network to VH1. Famous friends like Whoopi Goldberg and Katie Couric shared their sadness with many others in the industry.

Even though we’re saying goodbye, Bobby Rivers’ legacy will live on. In the face of challenges in 2023, we remember and appreciate everything Bobby did to ensure everyone’s visibility.

As we wonder about the cause of his passing, we reflect on the positive mark he left in entertainment.

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