Brian Condenanza EntrepreneurCTO of Bidao

Brian Condenanza: Young Entrepreneur & CTO of Bidao

Brian Condenanza is an Argentine entrepreneur, currently working as CTO of Bidao, a startup in decentralized finance. He has worked in numerous successful blockchain enterprises, helping them expand by using this technology and adopting new methods into their startups.

He is also a TEDx speaker, and in 2018, delivered one of the most watched TEDx talks about blockchain technology and the implications for the future. In his talk, Brian Condenanza delivered a speech speaking about the virtues of transparency in our society, and how blockchain technology could be implemented into our current systems and governments, to create a more transparent and ethical world.

What advice would you have for other new entrepreneurs?

A friend of mine called this age the age of the entrepreneur. I agree, I think for good and bad it is an excellent time to start a business. I think it is also important that you have a purpose on why you do it. It may be as simple as because of you just like that world, for example, you may start a watch company because you love watches, but I think you need to know the why otherwise many entrepreneurs fail into just doing it for vanity. This in fact may work out well for many, but I am a believer that overall it is better to be passionated about things rather than just yourself.

I don’t like advising on entrepreneurship. I like to see myself as just getting started. I have achieved nothing in comparison to so many other individuals. What I appreciate in other entrepreneurs though, is the way to create a whole world of things that aren’t there yet before them. The ones that you can’t simply ignore and built a culture, like Ralph Lauren, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel. That’s my kind of entrepreneurs.

How much potential market share can you achieve in the next 3 years? 

That depends on different factors, the team effectiveness and the overall crypto market as a whole. I have good expectations in terms of the crypto market, I consider that it will just keep growing with time. We, as a small piece in a big chess game, can do our best to influence and grow by our own, but it would be insensate to don’t think that Bitcoin has overall influence into every asset, as it is the biggest and most important asset at the moment in terms of market cap, the most decentralized, and I doubt that will ever change. It is about creating a world that doesn’t yet exist, and even when we can try our best, it isn’t something we have control over as the core of finance and its elements still live on. 

Brian Condenanza Vizaca Magazine

That is important to me in terms of potential market share, as even a small piece of a huge total market cap would be considered big for today’s standards. But time will tell if I am right or wrong.

What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made? 

I would say that some of the worst purchases I made were some of the clothing items that I never wear. There are many things that I got at some point and really never wore and probably never will. And college textbooks. Extremely overpriced. For the price of one huge, boring textbook, you could buy about 5 to 7 books from New York Times best seller authors, with stories that will make you dream and think about for years.

Some of the best purchases were books and movies. I do like to read and watch movies about pretty much anything, I like to be amazed by stories and characters. To me, it is so easy to find inspiration anywhere, so a good movie or book makes things so much better for me. Many people ask me where to get inspiration, like if you could buy it. You certainly can’t, but if you watch a Scorcese movie and you don’t get any kind of thrill, of sadness or excitement, you simply have no blood in your veins. 

What are your future plans? 

I love the creative process of building things and making deals. I do it honestly of just pure enjoyment. I work hard to be able to create better things every time. So, naturally, I hope to have good health and be able to keep doing deals, keep expanding into new ventures, and be able to enjoy it as well. It is always a challenge and there are always rocks in the road, but I will keep working in ventures as long as I don’t get tired of it.

I like to think about the future, and you can certainly make decisions to influence it, but you just can’t simply paint it. Anything can happen.

I am the biggest Andy Warhol fan I know, and he once said that Art is the best business. I agree.

What is the best way people can connect with you?

I would encourage people to connect me on Instagram for a quick chat.


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