Bronny James Age: From Childhood To Freshman Year

bronny james age

Bronny James age has been a topic of interest for many, as he has grown up in the public eye due to his father’s fame and success in the NBA. 

From his early days playing youth basketball to his current year as a college freshman, Bronny has shown talent and potential both on and off the court.

Bronny James, born on October 6, 2004, is the son of NBA superstar LeBron James. 

Both his parents raised Bronny, and he has grown up playing various sports, including basketball and soccer. 

However, his father prevented him from playing football or ice hockey due to safety concerns. Bronny began drawing national attention as a young athlete by the time he was ten years old. 

His highlights in youth basketball games were impressive enough to catch the eyes of many. 

Bronny played for the Miami City Ballers and later the Houston-based Gulf Coast Blue Chips during his childhood.

During middle school, Bronny joined the North Coast Blue Chips team, along with fellow standout athlete Mikey Williams. 

Bronny also played for Old Trail School in Bath Township, Summit County, Ohio, where he led his team to an Independent School League tournament win.

Bronny’s godfather is NBA All-Star Chris Paul, a close friend of his father. 

In 2020, Bronny signed with esports organization FaZe Clan and is expected to stream Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone under the handle “FaZe Bronny.”

Since high school, Bronny has established a large social media following, with over seven million followers on Instagram. 

Analysts have projected him to have one of the highest-earning potentials among college athletes from his name, image, and likeness (NIL). Bronny signed NIL deals with Nike and Beats by Dre in high school.

Bronny James’ Freshman Year at USC

Bronny James is currently in his freshman year at the University of Southern California (USC) and is ranked 20th in the 2023 ESPN 100 rankings. 

He is also the sixth-rated point guard in the Class of 2023.

Despite committing to USC after the top-ranked point guard Isaiah Collier, some experts believe that Bronny will come off the bench during his freshman season. 

However, he is still expected to play important minutes due to his solid three-point shooting and good defense. Bronny could be a first-round pick in the NBA Draft if he performs well.

Bronny James’ Cardiac Arrest

Bronny James experienced a medical emergency in the form of cardiac arrest during practice on Monday. 

Bronny James’ age is just 18.

The exact causes of his condition are unknown, and the James family has requested privacy during this time. 

However, it has been confirmed that Bronny was promptly treated by medical staff and taken to the hospital. 

Thankfully, he is now said to be in stable condition and is no longer receiving intensive care.

The news of Bronny’s cardiac arrest has understandably caused concern and worry among his fans and the wider basketball community. 

There has been an outpouring of support and well-wishes for his speedy recovery on social media and other platforms. 

Many are left wondering how such a young athlete could be affected by such a severe medical episode.

The family has expressed gratitude to the medical and athletic staff at USC, where Bronny is a student, for their dedicated work assisting him during this difficult time. 

The Jameses have also requested that the public respect their privacy and await further updates on his condition.

The promising news that Bronny is out of the ICU and in stable condition is a positive development, and many continue to hope and pray for his full and speedy recovery.

With his future in the NBA on the horizon, fans and analysts alike will be keeping a close eye on Bronny’s development as a player. 

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