Bruce McArthur Toronto Murder Story Featured In New Documentary Series, Santa Claus

Bruce McArthur Toronto

Bruce McArthur Toronto was a highly searched topic on the internet after the six-part documentary series “Santa Clause: The Serial Killer explores the case of Bruce McArthur.”

In the series, the life of serial killer Bruce McArthur was shown, who brutally murdered eight people in seven years involving intercourse, drugs, and manipulation. 

Bruce was a Canadian landscape gardener who worked as a Santa Claus in a shopping mall. 

The documentary proceeds by showing that the Santa Claus killer was encountered by police officers several times but was given a conditional sentence for his violent attacks as he murdered eight men from 2010-2017. 

From 2010, the Toronto police could not catch serial killer Burce McArther. The new BBC Documentary series outlines the entire story of Bruce McArthur, who was held responsible for killing eight homo-men. 

The brutal killing of eight homo men led to insecurity in Toronto’s homo-culture village. Arthur was never caught in the eyes of the police, but he became the suspect of the missing homo-man Andrew Kinsmen in 2017. 

The police began their investigation for the remaining seven missing men and found some similarities with Andrews’s missing case. This causes all the evidence to go against MrArthur, resulting in his arrest. 

His case was taken to court, where all evidence proved that Bruce was responsible for the murder of eight homo-men. The court sentenced him to life in prison with 25 years of parole. 

McArthur murders were circulating in Toronto, which caused Journalist Mobeen Azhar to learn about Bruce’s murder history. 

He read everything about the serial killer who was not caught by police for seven years as he manipulated to be a Santa Claus in a shopping mall. Azhar grasped every detail about the eighth and final victim of the killer.  

In an episode of the documentary, Mobeen encounters a cop involved in investigating three missing men. He tries to seek any links between Bruce’s murders and the missing three men. 

Later he talks to a man who claims to have evidence against Santa Claus, Bruce. He says that he has video evidence to prove his eight murders. This led Mobeen to dig deeper to know Bruce’s abilities to manipulate the police. 

Who Were Bruce McArthur’s Toronto Victims?

The 67-year-old serial killer pleaded guilty to murdering eight homo-men. Since the trial was proceeding in court, the missing person’s names weren’t shared with the public. 

However, after the court found him guilty and sentenced him to life in prison with 25 years of parole, the names of the missing homo-men were shared. 

The names of the eight murdered homo-men were:

  • Selim Esen
  • Andrew Kinsman
  • Majeed Kayhan
  • Dean Lisowick
  • Kirushna Kumar Kanagaratnam
  • Abdulbasir Faizi
  • Skandaraj Navaratnam
  • Soroush Mahmudi

How Was Bruce McArthur Toronto Arrested?

The Toronto police reported that Bruce was trying to strangle a man inside his van. At that time, the police arrested him, but Bruce said that it was a misunderstanding. The police believed his statement to be “credible” and were later released. 

In April 2017, Andrew Kinsmen went missing. While the police were investigating his house, they found Bruce’s name on the calendar. They also found a van from the surveillance camera in Andrew’s building. 

In the footage, a van was seen driving into the parking lot the day Andrew went missing. The police found that the van belonged to Bruce McArthur, and there were blood traces inside. 

But, the police believed that this evidence might not be enough to arrest Bruce, so they paid close surveillance on him. One day, the police secretly searched his house, where they found dead victims’ photos in degrading ways. 

This evidence was enough to prove him guilty in court, so on January 8, 2018, he was arrested. Later, the court passed its judgment.

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