Who Are Bryan Kohberger’s Parents? They Have Finally Spoken Out 

Bryan Kohberger's Parents

Bryan Kohberger‘s parents, Michael Kohberger Jr. and Maryann Kohberger are both in their sixties and have lived in the private Indian Mountain Lake community in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania for the last decade. 

They raised Bryan along with his two older sisters, Amanda and Melissa. Records suggest that Maryann was a “warm-hearted” mother who provided her children with a supportive upbringing and a loving environment.

Michael is a long-time resident of the area who has deep connections to the local community. He is retired from his job as an electrician but still enjoys playing golf and tennis, as well as spending time outdoors fishing and hunting with his son Bryan. 

Bryan Kohberger’s early life

Growing up, Bryan enjoyed the outdoors and the closeness of family life—both his immediate family and extended relatives visited often on holidays or special occasions, such as birthdays.

The Kohbergers were active members at St John’s Lutheran Church in Effort, Pennsylvania where they attended services each week. It was there that Bryan developed strong ties to his religious faith which he maintained even after leaving home for college in Idaho at age 18. 

His parents encouraged him to pursue his educational goals while keeping connected to them via regular phone calls or emails at home despite the distance between them. The recent tragedy involving their son has been extremely difficult for them to process.

Michael and Maryann have released a statement expressing their sorrow over their son’s alleged involvement in such a heinous crime as well as their sympathy for the victims’ families; however, they also maintain that Bryan is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt per due process of law. 

As of this writing, Michael and Maryann remain hopeful that justice will be served through an impartial court system unburdened by politics or outside forces which could potentially impact its outcome either way—positively or negatively—for their son or any party involved in this tragic case involving Bryan Kohberger.

Family’s statement in response to the Idaho murder

In response to the extensive media coverage of the case, on Jan. 1, Jason A. LaBar, Kohberger’s public defender, issued a statement on behalf of the family expressing their sympathy for victims and affirming their commitment to upholding Bryan’s presumption of innocence until all facts are explored. 

While there have been conflicting reports in regards to Bryan’s upbringing, he is understood to have grown up in a supportive environment as both his parents worked for the local school district – Michael Jr. was a maintenance worker from 2006 to June 2019 and Maryann was a paraprofessional assisting special needs students until around 2020.

Michael Kohberger’s trip to Spokane, Washington was borne out of tragedy after the Idaho killings. 

He traveled alongside his son, a doctoral student in criminal justice at Pullman, on the long 2,500-mile drive back home to Pennsylvania, with the white Hyundai Elantra that has since been linked to the Moscow crime scene. 

The journey was not without incident as they were pulled over for speeding and tailgating twice during their travels. Kohberger’s relationship with his mother remains unclear; although Deja Mann recalled her as “the most warm-hearted, kind individual.”

Bryan Kohberger’s mother

Being a special-needs teacher can be a very challenging role, yet Bryan’s mother always rose to the task. She had a profound impact on her students, and this was certainly the case for Mann. 

While he may not have realized it at the time, she provided him with more than just educational support; she provided emotional guidance as well. 

Even during times of difficulty, Mann could rely on his former teacher to be there with words of encouragement and positivity. It is clear that her support played an integral part in his growth and development into who he is today.

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