Bryan Pata Murder – Who Killed Him? Where Is His Killer Now?

Bryan Pata Murder

Nearly 15 years after former University of Miami football player Bryan Pata was tragically gunned down outside an apartment building in South Florida, Police have now arrested his one-time teammate Rashaun Travon Jones on suspicion of first-degree murder.

Jones has reportedly had several issues with Pata and is alleged to have previously physically assaulted him as well. Pata also revealed to his brother two months prior to the shooting that Jones had threatened him with a gun.

The warrant for Jones’ arrest states that he accosted Pata when he pulled into the parking lot of his apartment building and then shot him in the head. He succumbed to his injuries on the spot. According to authorities, Jones often used a small caliber handgun against others.

Bryan Pata Murderer, Roshan Jones

35-year-old Rashaun Travon Jones faced second-degree murder charges at the Arthur Hearing, where a judge granted his release. Despite arguments from the prosecution that he should be held without bond until his trial due to evidence linked to the case, Jones was granted access to post the bond.

The charge is related to the 2006 homicide of former University of Miami football player Beyan Pas – 15 years after Pata’s death. A witness was believed to have recalled selecting Jones from a police lineup shortly after hearing a gunshot. Additionally, investigators connected Jones to the caliber of the murder weapon used in the crime.

Police described the 22-year-old Pata

Bryan Pata was a former University of Miami football player with his sights set on being an early pick in the 2007 NFL draft. On the night of November 7, 2006, tragedy struck as he was shot multiple times outside his Kendall apartment and ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

There had been underlying tensions between the 6-foot-4, 280-pound defensive lineman and ex-teammate Rashaun Travon Jones prior to the shooting – with evidence revealing that Pata had won a physical altercation against Jones not long before.

Pata’s brother even told authorities about a threatening statement made by Jones two months prior, but unfortunately, Pata never revealed this information himself.

In two separate interviews with police, Jones claimed he had never left his own home on the night of the murder however records showed that his cell phone had in fact connected to different mobile towers during the time of the incident.

Eventually 15 years later, after a lengthy investigation into the case, Jones has now been arrested and is facing second-degree murder charges.

Jones has pleaded not guilty to the accusation

On the night of Pata’s passing, Jones failed to attend an emergency meeting mandated by the University of Miami for all football players, coaches, and staff. When contacted afterward by a fellow student at the gathering, Jones reportedly requested money without explaining why he wasn’t there or what he needed it for.

In two police interviews, Jones maintained that he had stayed at home during the time of the killing. However, his cellphone data told a different story, showing that it had been connected to various cellular towers close to where Pata was murdered. Adding to this was an eyewitness who claimed to have identified him in a photo lineup from the crime scene.

Though Jones had denied any involvement with Pata’s death in two ESPN interviews in 2019, sources began investigating several leads associated with this cold case in November 2020 which eventually led to his arrest.

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