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Buffalo Supermarket Shooting Video Leaked – Shared On Reddit

Buffalo supermarket shooting video leaked

Buffalo supermarket shooting video leaked was about a tragic day in May 2022, when a young white man, Payton Gendron, allegedly committed a heinous racist attack in Buffalo, New York, at a local supermarket, killing ten people and injuring three others. 

Almost all of the victims were Black, and the suspect live-streamed the entire attack.

Authorities have claimed that Gendron was the author of a white supremacist manifesto that he posted online, outlining his plan to target the Black community in New York.

The case against Gendron has been progressing, and on Monday, he pleaded guilty to state charges. He was charged with several counts of first-degree and second-degree murder, domestic terrorism, and possession of a weapon.

Gendron pleaded guilty to 15 counts, including the ten counts of first-degree murder, which automatically dismissed the remaining ten second-degree charges.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn called the evidence against Gendron “overwhelming” and praised the justice system for its swift action.

Flynn also stated that Gendron was the first person in the history of New York state to be found guilty of a first-degree domestic terrorism charge. 

The sentencing was originally scheduled for February 15, 2023, but due to Gendron’s guilty plea, he will receive the highest sentence possible: life in prison without parole.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, who was present in the courtroom during the plea hearing, commented on the emotional impact of the case. 

Despite the tragedy and loss, he believes that the community is now stronger and more united than ever, showing that love can always conquer hate.

This is how police say the attack unfolded

According to police, the alleged perpetrator of the shooting traveled over 200 miles from his hometown of Conklin, New York, to conduct reconnaissance on the grocery store in east Buffalo the day before the attack. 

The shooting occurred on a Saturday at 2:30 p.m. ET in the parking lot of Tops Friendly Markets, which is located in a predominantly Black neighborhood about 3 miles from downtown.

Within a minute of the shooting, the first police officers arrived on the scene, as stated by Gramaglia on Sunday.

The gunman, who was wearing tactical gear, stepped out of his car and began shooting with an assault-style rifle, which resulted in four people being shot, three of whom lost their lives.

After entering the store, the perpetrator encountered security guard Aaron Salter, who attempted to stop the shooter by firing his own gun.

However, the perpetrator’s body armor protected him from Salter’s bullet, and he subsequently shot and killed Salter.

The suspect was eventually confronted by police at the front of the store, where he briefly pointed his rifle at his neck before ultimately surrendering and dropping his weapons, according to officials.