Cardi B Tattoo- An Insightful Look into the Rapper’s Body Art

Cardi B Tattoo

Cardi B, the multiple award-winning rapper and entertainer, is known for her unapologetic personality and fearless approach to life.

This boldness extends to her extensive tattoo collection that tells the stories of love, identity, and personal connections.

With over 13 unique designs inked on her body, Cardi B tattoos are much more than mere body art; they are powerful symbols of her life journey. In this article, we take an insightful look into the rapper’s tattoos, their meanings, and their significance.

Cardi B Tattoo

The ‘Wave’ Tattoo: A tribute to her son

Cardi B’s most recent tattoo is a face design that reads “Wave” in a red cursive font along her jawline. The tattoo she got in the summer of 2022 is a tribute to her child.

The rap queen highlighted her desire to tattoo her son’s name on her face on Twitter earlier that year, and she eventually entrusted tattoo artist Robinson De Los Santos to bring her vision to life.

The ‘Wave’ tattoo design remains a mystery, as Cardi B often hides it with her hair, adding an air of mystery and significance to its symbolism.

The ‘Kulture’ Tattoo: A symbol of maternal devotion

Cardi B’s daughter’s name, ‘Kulture’ is inked on her inner elbow. The bold black font stands out as a prominent symbol of maternal devotion and love.

It adds a personal touch to her body art, emotionally connecting her with her child.

The ‘Butterfly’ Tattoo: Concealing the Name of an Ex-Partner

Cardi B has also used tattoos to cover up elements of her past. In June 2020, she revealed a butterfly tattoo that achieves the desired cover-up effect.

The tattoo conceals a part of her past by obscuring an ex-partner’s name. Sharing the transformation on social media, she expressed her satisfaction with the cover-up, inviting fans to share their thoughts on the new design.

The ‘Flower and Butterfly’ Tattoo: An Elaborate and Fascinating Design

One of Cardi B’s more elaborate tattoos is the large flower and butterfly design running from the top of her back down to her left thigh.

The artwork was created by artist Jamie Schene and took over 60 hours to complete. The vibrant colors and detailed imagery create an intricate and stunning tattoo that showcases the rapper’s appreciation for complex and elaborate body art.

The ‘Peacock’ Tattoo: An Iconic Design that Refreshes and Reinforces a Journey

Cardi B’s earliest and most recognizable tattoos are the giant peacock on her right leg. Originally inked in 2010, the design underwent a makeover in 2020 to refresh its appearance.

After ten years, Cardi B decided to revitalize the tattoo, adding new elements such as a pink butterfly, feathers, and flowers. The peacock’s majestic presence stands as a statement piece and reinforces her journey as an artist and entertainer.

The ‘Hennessy’ and ‘Loyalty Over Royalty’ Tattoo: Honoring Loved Ones

Cardi B’s tattoos pay homage to her loved ones, and the tattoo on the inside of her left bicep that says “Hennessy” with three roses visually represents her bond with her younger sister, Hennessy Carolina.

Similarly, the phrase “Loyalty Over Royalty” inscribed on her right bicep serves as a reminder of Cardi B’s values.

The ‘I Love You’ Tattoo: A Symbol of Affection

Cardi B’s tattoo collection also includes smaller designs, such as the one behind her right ear, which says “I love you” in sign language, accompanied by a tiny red star. While its significance remains undisclosed, it adds a touch of subtlety to her aesthetic.

The ‘Belkis’ Tattoo and Tattoos on Her Love Life: A Mixture of Hidden and Revealed Stories

Other tattoos in Cardi B’s collection include the name “Belkis” on her right wrist, representing her birth name, Belcalis, and a cheetah outline on her left hip that showcases her fascination with the animal, featured in her music videos.

She also has the name “Offset” tattooed on the back of her left thigh as a tribute to her husband, rapper Offset, and the names “Samuel” and “Tommy G” on her neck and left wrist, hinting at past relationships.

Cardi B’s tattoo collection is an extension of her bold and unapologetic personality. Each design holds a special meaning, from honoring loved ones to concealing parts of her past.

Her tattoos have stood the test of time; some have even undergone elaborate transformations while maintaining their significance.

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