Carlisha And Son Video: Tragic Case Of A Fatal Shooting

carlisha and son video

The Carlisha and son video is a tragic reminder of the consequences that arise when firearms are used irresponsibly.

On Sunday, June 18, Carlisha Hood, a Chicago woman, was charged with murder after she allegedly ordered her 14-year-old son to fatally gun down a witness in the wake of a fatal shooting. 

Cops unveiled a surveillance video in the aftermath of the incident to demonstrate what transpired.

What did Carlisha Hood do?

The footage shows that the incident occurred while Hood was attempting to get food from Maxwell Street Express. 

Subsequently, she began a verbal confrontation with 32-year-old victim Jeremy Brown. 

As their argument intensified, Brown could be seen hitting Hood, and that is when Hood asked her son to shoot the man.

Hood was accused of ordering her son to eliminate a witness present during the murder. However, the witness was left unharmed. 

Both Hood and her son had no prior criminal records.

Also, in separate footage, Jeremy Brown can be seen punching Carlisha before shots are fired.

The surveillance footage of Carlisha and son video

The Carlisha and son video displayed by the cops showed Carlisha Hood’s son wearing shorts and a white hoodie. 

The father of Jeremy Brown saw his son being shot outside of his apartment complex.

He identified the shooter as a 14-year-old boy and notified the police of his sighting.

Initially, Hood claimed that she got into an argument with the victim at Maxwell Street Express.

She further claimed that Brown began punching her in the head. 

Court documents, however, revealed a witness at the scene was laughing at the situation and verbally encouraging the violence. 

During this altercation, Hood’s son entered the restaurant and supposedly witnessed the alleged assault on his mother.

The shooting timeline of the allegations against Carlisha Hood

The shooting took place just after 11 pm on the 11600 block of South Halsted Street.

Hood’s son reportedly displayed the gun and shot at the victim, causing Brown to flee the area.

Moreover, Hood’s son is accused of following Brown and is believed to have fired another shot, causing the 32-year-old victim to sustain two deadly gunshot wounds. 

Brown was declared dead at the crime scene.

After the initial shooting, Carlisha Hood tried taking the gun from her son’s hand, but he is said to have pushed her off and kept a hold of the weapon.

Cook County Judge Barbara Dawkins noted that while Brown had assaulted Hood, there was no need for her son to shoot the 32-year-old as he fled.

“The threat at that point was over. Things may bear themselves out differently at trial, but that at the point was not defense of others. That was first-degree murder,” said Dawkins.

Carlisha and her son: Turning themselves in

On Wednesday, June 21, Carlisha and her son turned themselves into the local authorities.

The mother was charged with one felony count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. 

Her son, who remained unidentified due to age, is scheduled to appear in a juvenile court.

  • The narrative was sold before the facts even came out. Mobster mom orders a hit on a man sitting in a restaurant. We were sold that story all weekend. Now it turns out that the story is not true.
    The man, if you want to call him that, is on tape beating the woman in the head. The customers were laughing and egging him on. All this woman had to come to her defense was a 14-year-old boy who was already at the scene, in the car. Even Black women are entitled to some protection. Grown people in the restaurant did NOTHING.
    Mobster mom has no criminal record. If she were White, she would not even be in jail.

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