Why Did Casey Coates Part Ways With Det Danson?

casey coates

Casey Coates is an environmental designer and an environmentalist in the United States who is widely known by his ex-husband –Det  Danson, an American actor, producer, and TV personality.

Ted is famous for his notable roles in blockbuster movies such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Neil Bremer in Mr. Mayor, and Dr. Ray Petit in American Dad!.

Did Det Danson Cheat On Casey Coates?

Casey Coates and Ted Danson met in 1976 and got married on 24 December 1977. 

They were blessed with a daughter in 1979.  After some years, the couple faced many troubles in their relationship, which got worse due to cheating.

Ted Danson cheated on Casey Coates with fellow actress Whoopi Goldberg.

It was unbearable for his wife, and she filed for a divorce.

However, previously, the couple started dating after the divorce of Ted from his first wife, Randy Danson in 1975. 

While talking in an interview with Closer Weekly, Ted mentioned that it was one-sided love. 

Where Was Casey Coates Raised & Which Degree did she receive? 

Casey Coates was born on 31st January 1937 in New York and raised in New York. She belongs to the American nationality, has Caucasian ethnicity, and has French ancestry.

However, the information about her parents is missing, and there is no data found on the internet regarding her family members.

Casey Coates went to Great Neck High School for her primary studies, and then she moved to Boston and attended Lasell College, known as Lasell Junior College.

After completing her secondary education, Coated went to the United Kingdom and stayed in the European city for about one year and then came back to the native city of New York. She studied environmental conservation during her stay in London.

Coated had a keen interest in nature and the environment, and to pursue her interests, she was persuaded to attain a Bachelor’s degree in her field.

Therefore, she joined the BFA in Environmental Design program at the Parsons School, and in 1975, she graduated with honors.

What Was Casey Coates’ Career?

As mentioned above that, Casey graduated in the environment field, so she pursued a career in the same field as well.

After graduation, she swiftly embarked on her career and joined the Ben Thomson firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Adding further, Coated availed the space of being a good member of an art school. She gave her services as a board of member at Parsons School of Design, which is located at the Southern California Institute of Architecture and Environmental media association.

Moreover, she has also played some part for political persons and served as an advisor for Jimmy Carter’s Work project in Los Angeles. 

However, after complete research and development, she co-founded an American Oceans Campaign with an actor Det; the campaign was her first sustainable initiative.

The environmental activist also started her initiative called Global Possibilities in 1996, which was a non-profit organization focused on educating on renewable energy sources. 

additionally, Casey Coates has produced a one-hour documentary film as well, “Who’s Got The Power.”

The documentary focused on the effects of global warming and the advantage of creating and using renewable energy; however, she has also worked briefly as an administrative assistant on Wall Street.

Casey Coates Age, Height, Weight & Appearance

Casey Coated is 84 years active woman who spent her young age promoting a friendly environment in her campaigns to achieve the goal; she created many campaigns.

She has a  height of 5.8 inches, while her weight is 57 kg. Coates is not much active on social media. In a recent report, she has only 433 followers on Twitter @caseydanson.

Casey Coates & Children

After marrying, Ted and Casey welcomed their first daughter, Kate Danson, on December 24th, 1979.

Kate Danson pursued her career in acting and has appeared in various movies, including Cousins, Keepin’ It Real Estate, and Kemper: The CoEd Killer.

After that, the couple decided to adopt a child. In 1985, they welcomed another daughter, Alexis Danson, who was born in 1985.

However, Alex remains out of public and has not pursued her career like her older sister.

However, when their daughter weres young, Casey Coated parted ways with Ted Danson; they raised their daughters together and supported them in their fields, and never let them feel estranged.

Alex Danson and Kate Danson have good and amicable relations with their father. 

Where Is Casey Coates Now? 

Currently, Casey Coates lives in a solar powerhouse that was designed all by herself from the ground up.

She constantly strives hard for the sustainability of the earth.

Moreover, she also owns an organization named Global Possibilities which she founded in 1996. 

Coates’ organization “Global Possibilities” advocates solar as renewable energy and a natural successor to non-renewable fossil fuels.

What Is Casey Coates’ Net Worth? 

It is estimated that Casey Coates has an estimated net worth of around USD 20 million, which she acquired from environmental activism and also from sustainable projects.

However, this information is not official.

On the other hand, Ted Danson has an estimated net worth of around USD 80 million, and his income per episode is USD 250 thousand.

However, after their divorce, Danson gave USD 30 million to Casey Coates.