Who Is American Reality Star Casey Nezhoda?

Casey Nezhoda

Casey Nezhoda along with her husband is best known as an American TV reality star. They both are renowned for their attitude and are famous from their show. In this article we take a look behind who Casey Nezhoda is.

Casey Nezhoda

Followers of American reality television programming may know the names Rene Nezhoda and Casey Nezhoda. 

They both are married and are popular for their appearance in A&E’s Storage Wars. Casey Nezhoda from the show is an entrepreneur along with her TV role.

The show, Storage Wars also highlighted the popular contestants such as Mary Padian and Brandi Passante.

Not much is known about the family and their backgrounds, since they both have decided to keep their personal lives private. 

The couple owns and runs a 700-foot discounted store aka a thrift store in San Diego.

Details Regarding Casey Nezhoda’s Family

Since Casey likes to keep things private, information regarding her parents have been omitted from the media at large. The only thing that is known about her family is that she is the only girl born in the family. 

Other than that, when in high school, Casey Nezhoda was known as a skilful cheerleader in her high school. Before she got married, she also used to do side jobs such as baby sitting for her acquaintances and close friends etc. 

More About Casey Nezhoda

More details regarding the reality star is summed up below.


Casey Nezhoda’s birthdate is 6th September 1974. She was born in San Diego, California, United States. This makes her 47 years old till date of the writing of this article.

Height And Weight

Casey has a figure which rarely any who sees her must not notice. The star of the reality television show is 5 feet and 6 inches tall and weighs around 67 kg. 

She has a busty figure as her waist is 26 inches and her bust 40 inches. Her hips are 37 inches.

Her figure is what she is known for and she takes pride in herself and drives confidence from her remarkable figure.


Casey Nezhoda has made it clear and public that she is a faithful believer of Christian faith. She thanks God for everything that has been bestowed upon her in life. 

She can also be termed as an active Christian as she not only believes in her faith but also practices it.

Nezhoda goes to church, and she also talks openly about her belief in social media. Not only that, but she has also told her followers that she along with her husband Rene are teaching her daughter, whose name is Tatiana, values of Christianity from a very early age. 


Exact date of Casey Nezhoda’s marriage is unknown, but she has been married for more than 20 years to her husband Rene Nezhoda. 

Their marriage has resulted in a single child named Tatiana. No other information is available besides this and some other minor details.

Bargain Hunters

Both Casey Nezhoda and Rene Nezhoda began to star in the show Bargain Hunters from season 4 and as soon as season 5, they became regulars in the show. 

Their regular buying streak continued and by the ninth season, Case Nezhoda was already a semi-regular cast member of the show.

A&E’s Storage Wars has witnessed many types of auctioneers coming into the show and selling off their items to retail bidders and storage units. 

In the year 2022, the show transitioned onto its 14th season, and this has brought old and familiar faces onto the fray;

8th March saw season 14 start and in this season, Rene Nazhoda returned with his wife Casey Nezhoda to the show along other familiar faces such as Brandi Passante. 

Rene and Casey have also brought their daughter, Tatiana along with her to the show so that she could also learn from an early age about her parents and what they work with.

YouTube Channel

Rene Nezhoda used to appear at the auctions without Casey. The couple, besides their appearances in the show, have also launched their personal YouTube channel which is titled BargainHuntersthrift. 

The channel has more than 60 thousand followers. The couple feature many videos in their channel such as questions and answers on Sundays, live unboxing videos of products, ebay features along with many others. 

Rene Nezhoda

Casey Nezhoda’s husband Rene was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany. He moved to the United States in 1990 and attended LA Vegas High School. 

It is said that from a very early age, Rene liked to collect, purchase and also sell different antiques. 

Rene is known for his thick German accent, which he has due to his heritage. He was also previously featured on Auction Hunters. 

Storage Wars offered Rene a role in the first season, but due to some reasons the couple declined, probably due to the birth of their daughter at the time. 

Net Worth of Casey Nezhoda

Casey Nezhoda is rumored to earn a hefty amount from her career along with her husband. It is said that their estimated earnings from appearances in the show is in the millions. 

Casey Nezhoda’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. This is excluding her husband’s net worth. That is why they both are living a comfortable life along with their daughter and family.

Activity in Social Media 

Casey Nezhoda is seen to be very active when it comes to her social media accounts. Twitter is her primary domain. 

As stated earlier, she also has a YouTube channel with her husband which showcases product uncoverings etc along with many other activities. 

Her Twitter ID is @Cbargainhunters which has more than 32 thousand followers. Her YouTube channel has over 8 million views and 60 plus thousand subscribers.

Closing Off

Casey Nezhoda along with her husband is on her way for a bright looking entrepreneur career along with their appearance in the show. 

Their daughter, Tatiana, is also looking to follow their footsteps on their show Storage Wars. Her following of her faith and balancing work with life is surely commendable.

Along with her positive attitude and personality, she and her husband are proving they can go further than they already are.

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