Trailer For How I Met Your Father Released: Read About The Full Cast Here

Trailer For How I Met Your Father Released

How I Met Your Mother is largely considered one of the best sitcoms of the early 2000s. 

Running from 2004 to 2015, the show follows the character of Ted Mosby and his group of friends as they navigate various romantic and social relationships.

How I Met Your Father

The show gets its title from the fact that the story is told in flashback, with each episode beginning with the older Ted Mosby recalling his life to his two children.

Part of the show’s appeal was to see how he ended up meeting their mother and why it took nearly a decade to do so.

Last year, it was announced that Hulu had picked up the spin-off series titled How I Met Your Father.

Hulu released the trailer for the Hilary Duff-led spinoff series on December 18. It will be released on January 18, 2022.

The Premise

Sex and the City vet Kim Cattrall plays the older version of Duff’s character, Sophie. Like the original series, she relays the story of how she met her son’s father through flashbacks.

Hulu describes the ten-episode series as a story that catapults the audience to the year 2022, as Sophie and her friend group are stuck wondering who they are and where they belong in this world. The series also focuses on how to find love in the age of apps and limitless options to find the perfect match. 

It took a number of years for the show to get off the ground, and the project was briefly scrapped a couple of years ago.

The creators of the original series wrote a pilot script for the spinoff way back in 2014, before How I Met Your Mother had even aired its final season.

Creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays teamed up with Emily Spivey to work on a pilot for the original’s network, but CBS did not pick up the show. 

They created a new script almost three years later, but the appointed pair left the project to be the showrunners of NBC’s This Is Us. The project was left on the cutting room floor for the second time. 

Studio 20th Television made one more attempt in 2017, but It was not until streaming giant Hulu backed the writing team that the show became a reality.

Hilary Duff Leads The Way

Leading the cast is none other than Disney darling Hilary Duff.

Duff, who rose to fame playing the titular character Lizzie McGuire, was one of the most popular actresses across the early 2000s.

After playing Lizzie in a film, she starred in A Cinderella Story and became a rom-com darling.

Her most recent appearance was in the drama series Younger, where she played a major supporting role.

In How I Met Your Father, Duff stars as the younger Sophie. She is also a producer on the series.

Of her role as the show’s lead, Duff told Deadline

“I’ve been incredibly lucky in my career to play some wonderful characters and I’m looking forward to taking on the role of Sophie. As a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother, I’m honored and even a little nervous that Carter and Craig would trust me with the sequel of their baby. Isaac and Elizabeth are brilliant, and I can’t wait to work alongside them and all of their genius. Just fangirling over here getting to join the Hulu Originals and 20th families. I realize these are big shoes to fill and I’m excited to slip my 6 ½’s in there.”

Fans of the original series were excited to see Duff playing the lead role, especially after production for the Lizzie McGuire reboot on Disney+ was shut down after filming had begun.

Who Else Is In The Cast?

Duff and Cattrall will be joined by a number of promising actors, all of whom have made a name for themselves on other shows.

The other leads are made up of Chris Lowell (G.L.O.W), Francia Raisa (Grown-ish), Tom Ainsley (Versailles), Tien Tran (Space Force), and Suraj Sharma (God Friended Me). 

Each actor has a specific role in the series, and all are part of Sophie’s New York-based friend group.

Raisa stars as Valentine, Sophie’s roommate, and close friend. An Aspiring stylist, she is impulsive and adventurous, and Sophie relies on her to make her day a little bit brighter. At the beginning of the series, Valentina has just returned to New York from London Fashion Week, with her new British boyfriend in tow.

Tom Ainsley plays Charlie, Valentina’s boyfriend, who works as a model. As the son of conservative British aristocrats, Charlie doesn’t quite fit in with the New York crowd but is too in love with Valentina to care. The show will explore how Charlie has to navigate being out of his family’s bubble for the first time in his life. 

Lowell was the first actor to be cast alongside Duff, playing one of Sophie’s friends, Jesse. An aspiring musician, he is smart and always cynical about love, and he works as an uber driver to make ends meet.  

Sharma plays Sid, Jesse’s roommate, who has just become a bar owner. As his best friend, his optimism often contrasted with Jesse’s cynicism.

Ellen is played by Tran and is a New York transplant who has left a small farming community after splitting from her wife. She is also Jesse’s adopted sister and is highly uncomfortable with the bustle of New York City life.

What Are Fans Hoping For?

After the finale of How I Met Your Mother was poorly received, it makes sense that fans of the original are skeptical about this spinoff. 

While many Twitter users complained about the trailer hinting at forced humor, others were quick to point out that the success of the show will be determined by people’s opinions of the original series.

Some were worried about the potential for the show to be extremely cringy, worrying that the wit of the original would be lost this time around. 

Still, people are excited to see how the show goes, especially since it took almost six years to come to fruition.

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