Ana Wilson, Virtualbird

Ana Wilson, Owner of Virtualbird

We welcome Ana Wilson for having an interview with us. She is a versatile entrepreneur and running successful company “Virtual Bird” which is dedicated…

inspiration leaders

15 mistakes that could hinder your leadership

Simon Senek said ‘Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation,’ but it’s in your hands to influence the next…

Global Entrepreneurs around the world

World Top 10 Global Entrepreneurs

It is as tough as old boots to count entrepreneurs of the world on fingertips. Millions, indeed, apparently even billions. These are the gentlemen…

Hitesh Ramchandani, Motivational Speaker On A Mission To Inspire!

Hitesh Ramchandani, Motivational Speaker On A Mission To Inspire!

Exclusive interview with Hitesh Ramchandani, He is a global motivational speaker on a mission to inspire 50,000,000 people By 2050! Tell us your…

Sha-En Yeo, Founder of Positive Education

Sha-En Yeo, Founder of Positive Education

Exclusive interview with Sha-En Yeo, Founder of Positive Education. She provides positive psychology training & consulting services to schools, supporting teachers and parents…

Misunderstood Facts About Technology

13 Most Misunderstood Facts About Technology

In the era of technological revolution. Technology is considered to be the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This revolution is changing the shapes of our lifestyle,…

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