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Monetizing The Flames Hidden News Behind The Fire Of The Amazon

Monetizing The Flames: Hidden News Behind The Fire Of The Amazon?

Below can be the reasons to think of an intentional fire. It can be the alliance between business interests and state policies. The Amazon is still…


Brexit Closed The Parliament: A Violent Exit From The European Block

With the approval of Queen Elizabeth II, Boris Johnson closed the parliament. The plot of hard closing for Brexit began cooking last Tuesday when UK…

Business Eye On Meat Lovers Burger King Launches Plant-Made Hamburger

Business Eye On Meat Lovers: Burger King Launches Plant-Made Hamburger

Rather than creating a vegetarian or vegan product, the network’s goal is to launch a sandwich aimed at the general public. The fast-food chain Burger King launched…

Parle-G A Symbol Of The Indian Economic Crisis

Parle-G: A Symbol Of The Indian Economic Crisis

Sales of the famous wafers, at six cents the package, fall due to the tax increase and the slowdown. Snack at the time of the…

Germany Loses Its Breath (Sign Of Economic Recession)

‘Technical Recession’: German Economy Is In Suspense

The ghost of the recession threatens the European power, which considers loosening the belt of orthodoxy against risks such as the commercial war or…

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