Leona Valeria Vatulia FieldsFlow

Successful Tech Entrepreneur Changes the Business Dynamics

Every now and then, we come across stories of successful, young entrepreneurs who are making our lives significantly easier through their knowledge and efforts….

FaceApp The Risks Of The In-Fashion App

FaceApp: The Risks Of The In-Fashion App

A Russian mobile program that ages faces generate doubts about whether it respects the right to image and privacy. Artificial intelligence has turned the…

Facebook Libra Crypto Currency

How Facebook And It’s Libra’ Will Jeopardize Monetary Sovereignty Of The World?

The cryptocurrency of the social network ignites alarms in central banks around the world. Facebook has long since lost the trust of the world….

NASA travel space

Now Travel To Space Without Moving From Home

Image programs allow virtual tours of the International Space Station and other places in the cosmos. The technologies of the image allow reaching space…

Cyber Security

Getting Started with Cyber Security for Your Business

Cybercrime is on the rise. Whether you’re a small business or an expanding startup, setting up cyber security systems is imperative nowadays. Even if…


SciChart – Bringing Innovation into the Graphics and Visualization Software

As Vizaca correspondents are always in search of inspiring business stories, they travel from cities to cities and countries to countries to reach out…

Integrating Technology and Entrepreneurship

Integrating Technology and Entrepreneurship: Applications and What They Offer

At the turn of the century, when the internet started to dominate the social fabric of the globe and humanity started inevitably depending on…

7 Best Video Editing Application for Mobile Phones

Seven Best Video Editing Apps You Can Count On In 2019

In an era of social media’s fame, people are hijacked by technology. At the present time, people are so obsessed with their phones…

Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Technology

In today’s world, where are priorities matter, our resistance to a smartphone are weak and it is only because our world is now surrounded…

Misunderstood Facts About Technology

13 Most Misunderstood Facts About Technology

In the era of technological revolution. Technology is considered to be the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This revolution is changing the shapes of our lifestyle,…