Cheryl Coker Missing: A Four-Year Quest For Answers & Justice

cheryl coker missing

Cheryl Coker’s missing case shook the Riverside community on October 2, 2018, when Cheryl Coker mysteriously vanished without a trace. 

For more than four years, investigators tirelessly pursued leads and followed every clue in their relentless quest to find the truth behind her disappearance.

Finally, a ray of hope emerged when Cheryl’s long-awaited breakthrough came in discovering her remains in a secluded wooded area along Waynesville Jamestown Road in Caesars Creek Township, Greene County.

Cheryl Coker’s missing case 

In October 2018, Cheryl Coker dropped off her daughter at Stebbins High School in Riverside, Ohio, and vanished without a trace.

Riverside police identified her husband, William Coker, as the only and main suspect in her disappearance.

However, no charges were ever filed against him. Her family and the neighbourhood were in dire need of explanations due to the lack of progress in the case.

After more than two years of searching, a discovery was finally made. In April 2021, a person hunting mushrooms stumbled upon human remains in a wooded area along Waynesville Jamestown Road.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office identified the remains as Cheryl Coker. The condition of her remains, fully skeletonized, aligned with the timeline of her disappearance.

Riverside police’s pursuit of justice

Riverside Police Chief Frank Robinson wanted everyone to know they never lost hope or stopped working on Cheryl Coker’s missing case.

Despite the perceived need for more rapid progress, the police department maintained its focus and determination to investigate every possible lead and gather any evidence that could aid in solving the mystery.

They maintained a strong determination to locate Cheryl and provide closure to her family and community.

Over the years, they conducted numerous search efforts involving both the police and large groups of dedicated volunteers who selflessly contributed their time and energy to assist in the search.

Additionally, they received support from a national search organization called Texas Equusearch, known for their expertise in finding missing persons.

Together, these combined efforts aimed to locate any signs or clues that could lead them to Cheryl’s remains and provide answers to the questions that had haunted everyone for so long.

Cheryl Coke’s autopsy report  and ongoing investigation

In April 2020, an autopsy report shed light on Cheryl Coker’s demise, revealing signs of homicidal violence.

The medical examiner was unable to pinpoint the precise cause of her death, despite the report including crucial information about how she died.

However,  the case continues to be an open and active investigation, with the Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) taking the lead.

By pooling their resources and expertise, Riverside police and BCI are investigating the circumstances surrounding her premature death.

Their primary objectives are to discover the truth and ensure that those responsible for Cheryl Coker’s demise are brought to justice and held accountable for their actions.

By meticulously examining the available evidence and following every lead, law enforcement authorities strive to bring justice to Cheryl Coker and provide closure to her grieving loved ones.

Community support and family’s grief

The Riverside community rallied together to support Cheryl’s family throughout the investigation.

Chief Robinson emphasized the community’s commitment to remembering Cheryl and honouring her memory.

He said that the second anniversary of Cheryl’s disappearance coincided with her recent birthday, a poignant reminder of the time that had passed.

Cheryl Coker’s sister, Margie Kennan, spoke on behalf of the family, expressing their deep longing for justice and the void Cheryl’s absence left in their lives.

Cheryl’s family, the Riverside Police Department, and BCI remain resolute in their determination to find the truth behind Cheryl Coker’s missing case.

The hope for closure remains strong, as investigators urge.

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