Cheryl Strawberry Husband Arrested: Charges And Consequences

Cheryl Strawberry Husband Arrested

Cheryl Strawberry husband arrested unexpectedly, causing a stir in the media and raising questions about his involvement in the incident.

His arrest came after Cheryl Strawberry revealed that he had been scamming her for years, using her name and credit to purchase luxury items without her knowledge or consent.

The revelation left her fans shocked, and many are now curious to know more about the situation. 

Let’s look into her husband’s arrest, the events that led to it, and details about their relationship, net worth, and the animals he owned. So, let’s get started.

Why was Cheryl Strawberry’s husband arrested?

Ernesto Williams has been arrested for scamming his wife, Shirley Strawberry. 

According to Shirley, Ernesto lied to her about his identity and intentions for times, using her name and credit to buy buses, houses, and luxury particulars without her knowledge or concurrence.

He’d also been cheating on her, including with multiple women he’d saturated. Shirley discovered all this after hiring a private investigator to probe her hubby’s condition.

She made a video on Instagram where she revealed the extent of Ernesto’s deception and infidelity and the emotional threat it had taken on her.

She also thanked her associates for their support during this delicate time. Ernesto was reportedly serving 23 months in captivity.

This wasn’t Williams’s first time in trouble with the law. He’d preliminarily been arrested on charges of drug possession in Ohio.

The news of his arrest shocked Cheryl Strawberry’s suckers, who were formerly reeling from the news that Williams had been scamming her.

The relationship of Shirley Strawberry and Ernesto 

Shirley Strawberry and Ernesto Williams got married six years ago. Before that, Shirley was married to her first husband, whom she divorced in 2007.

She has always been a private individual regarding her personal life, including her relationship with Ernesto.

The couple’s story began when Williams worked as a Los Angeles barber. Love blossomed, leading them to exchange vows in an intimate, private ceremony.

Nevertheless, their passionate love story eventually met its end.

Shirley Strawberry’s husband age

Ernesto Williams’ age is not publicly known. He maintains a lower profile in the public eye, and details about his age are not publicly available. 

He gained some attention due to his relationship with Shirley Strawberry and the controversies surrounding him.

Including his arrest for illegal weapon possession in the summer of 2021. 

These incidents garnered media attention and brought the couple’s personal life into the spotlight, adding a layer of complexity to Shirley Strawberry’s public image. 

Despite their challenges, Strawberry remains widely respected in the entertainment world, celebrated for her contributions to radio and engaging presence on the airwaves.

Ernesto Williams net worth

Ernesto Williams’ net worth remains undisclosed in public records. 

Nevertheless, unsettling reports have emerged, indicating a troubling pattern of alleged scams involving his wife, Shirley Strawberry. 

Over the years, it is suggested that he exploited her credit and identity to acquire high-end assets like cars and properties. 

These accusations have obscured their personal and financial matters, prompting inquiries into the level of trust and openness in their relationship.

The complete scope of these actions and how they have affected their personal lives and financial security remains a subject of ongoing investigation.

Ernesto Williams animals

Reports have hinted at Ernesto Williams’ affection for animals, with claims that he had kept a snake and a monkey as pets. 

Regrettably, information on these unusual companions is scarce, leaving us with questions regarding their fate following his arrest. 

The well-being and whereabouts of these animals remain uncertain, leaving a lingering concern about their care and custody.

 While Ernesto Williams’ legal issues have garnered attention, the welfare of his pets remains a lesser-known aspect of his personal life.

Which evokes curiosity and compassion for these creatures and their uncertain circumstances.

Who are Shirley Strawberry’s grandchildren?

Shirley Strawberry, a prominent radio personality, enjoys the role of a doting grandmother with four grandchildren. 

Her two older children have blessed her with these precious additions, creating a close-knit family bond. 

Shirley’s affectionate relationship with her grandchildren is evident in her social media activity, where she frequently shares heartwarming pictures of these cherished youngsters. 

Through her public presence, she offers glimpses into the joy and love permeating her life as a grandmother, emphasising the significance of family and their special moments.