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Tom Hanks’s Son Chet Says He Had No ‘Strong Male Role Model’ While Growing Up

Chet Hanks Claimed He Had No One To Turn To As A Celebrity Kid

Chet Hanks, popularly known as Chet Haze, is the son of veteran Hollywood actor Tom Hanks. Chet has often made headlines for his personal life rather than his professional life. 

He is well-known for his multiple relationships and has often been termed a ‘troubled man’ by the media.

Tom Hanks’ son Chet Hanks claimed Tuesday that he had no one to turn to as a celebrity kid despite growing up with an Oscar-winning dad.

I didn’t have a strong male role model to tell me … ‘Bro, f*ck these people. They are just jealous of you,” Chet, 31, said in a video on his YouTube channel of the disrespect he took from his peers for his wealth, fame, and being perceived as “arrogant, entitled and spoiled.

You have all these things that they want, so they are trying to f–king throw their shade at you so you can feel s–tty about yourself because they are jealous.’ I needed to hear that,” he continued. “I didn’t have anyone to tell me that. This is me now telling the younger version of myself what I needed to hear then.”

The “White Boy Summer” rapper said people used to “make up their minds” about him before even getting to know him.

Chet, who regularly posts photos of himself flexing his muscles on Instagram, added that due to his “hard exterior” and ability to intimidate, many of his haters never had the nerve to confront him face to face.

People kinda did f–k with me a lot growing up. It was never to my face,” he recalled. “It was always behind my back in the forms of gossip and s–t-talking.”

Chet clarified that growing up with privilege can result in resentment from those who are not as fortunate.

There’s a lot of advantages, but sometimes it can be pretty weird. I got to do a lot of cool s–t that a lot of people don’t get the opportunity to do,” he acknowledged. “I got to travel the world, stay in nice hotels, fly on private planes, and I’m very blessed for that. I wouldn’t change my situation.

“My experience was even more complicated because, on top of fame already being toxic, I wasn’t even famous,” he added. “I was just the son of somebody famous, so I hadn’t even done anything to deserve any sort of recognition, and that created a lot of contempt.”

Chet Hanks Controversries

Being the son of a well-known actor, Chet started hogging the limelight right from his childhood. When he began making headlines for all the wrong reasons, he became even more popular as controversy’s favorite child. He also became disgraceful for being involved in multiple relationships.

He created uproar when he used the ‘N-word’ in one of his Instagram videos. Chet posted a music video in which he had used the ‘N-word.’ He also made a few racist comments against black rappers, which stirred up many controversies. But he kept defending his actions and said that it was okay to use the ‘N-word.’

Rapper Scrilla King, who had collaborated with Chet on many occasions, accused him of hurting the sentiments of black rappers. However, his statement was brushed aside as a mere publicity stunt for his then-upcoming album.

Chet then tried clearing the air by saying his intention was not to hurt any community. He also posted an apology video on his Instagram page, but it was not convincing enough, as he continued to defend his actions. 

The controversy, which turned out to be the worst in Chet’s career, ended his six-year-long friendship with Scrilla King.

Before this controversy, Chet made headlines about his drug abuse and addiction. He started using cocaine in his early teenage years and was also drug peddling. 

He has been to many rehab centers and has undergone numerous therapies to cure his addiction. After curing himself of his addiction, he took to social media to narrate how he recovered. 

He thanked his mother and brother for helping him overcome his difficulties and problems.

He seemed calm and composed in the video, and after a few days, he spoke about his drug addiction in an interview. He seemed happy and excited about starting a fresh chapter in his life, which would be free of bad habits, selfish behavior, poor choices, draining relationships, self-doubts, and fear.

Chet even spoke about his daughter and credited her for bringing stability to his life. He considered her to be his lucky charm and said he was trying to stay sober because of her. 

However, Chet refrains from talking much about his daughter as he tries to keep her away from the limelight. Though he had initially hesitated to disclose the name of his daughter’s mother, he later confirmed that Tiffany Miles is the mother of his child. He is now no more in a relationship with Tiffany.