Chris Moyer Murderer: Why Did He Kill His Family?

Chris Moyer Murderer

Chris Moyer’s family murder was a tragic event that occurred in 2011.  Christopher Moyer of Warrington, Pennsylvania, killed his family and then killed himself by letting a train run through him.

After telling the police about murdering his family, he left the house and committed suicide.

By the time the cops showed up, Christopher Moyer had already left the residence. 

His body was discovered beside the SEPTA tracks in Hatboro about three hours later. He had been waiting for the train that would kill him by resting his head on a rail.

Even today, the family and friends are still troubled by the mystery of why the person did these atrocities.

How did he kill his family?

Before killing himself, Christopher Moyer killed his wife, Irina Geller Moyer, and their son, Dillon.

While they were sleeping, he killed them both by hitting them with a baseball bat.

The 7-year-old child was found in another bedroom, and the 39-year-old wife’s body was found in the bathroom next to the main bedroom during the inquiry.

The police investigation

Chris Moyer informed the police about the death of his wife and son, and the investigation began shortly.

Police from Warrick, Warminster, and Warrington encircled the man’s residence in the 100 block of Redstone Drive. 

Police held off on going into the residence because they weren’t sure if the caller was still there. When they arrived, they found the suspected murderer and the two dead victims inside.

The blooded bat was next to the child, and there was no indication of resistance, so the officers concluded they were both asleep when Christopher killed them.

Shortly after, Moyer’s body was found on the railway track, along with other goods and around $1300 in his pocket.

Police say a 44-year-old Warrington man killed his wife and son with a baseball bat before turning himself in on Friday night. 

He reportedly laid in front of a train to commit suicide, according to the officials. According to the police, the man reported the crime to 911 around 9:40 p.m. 

He informed the 911 operator that he discovered his wife and son died from blunt trauma, and Chris said yes when the operator inquired if he did it.

The operator noted the caller’s kind tone and the fact that he said thank you during the conversation.

At 1.00 in the morning, Montgomery County police were called to a report of a dead on train tracks in Hatboro. The vehicle of the 911 caller was found close by. 

The individual appears to have placed his head on the train track while waiting for it to arrive, according to the police.

A typed note containing relatives’ names and contact information was found inside the family home. 

Investigators found indications that the family was having money problems.

The Moyers’ financial difficulties are the only cause that investigators have been able to pinpoint. 

As there is no one to prosecute, the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office stated that there would be no additional investigation into the double murder-suicide that occurred on Redstone Drive in Warrington on Friday night.

  • There are a couple discrepancies in this article.
    1.) It states that, ‘the suspected murderer’, and both victims were found deceased IN the home. That is incorrect because the murderers, (husband/father) body was found around 3 hours later beside the railroad tracks.
    2.)The other issue was, the article said he turned himself in, which he didn’t! He called 911 and confessed: and hung up once they said they were sending emergency crews out. That’s when he left the residence, to successfully commit suicide by train.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Police found the suspected murderer at his home then found his dead body 3 hours later on train tracks. He killed his wife and son while they were sleeping, his wife was found in the bathroom and his son in another bedroom.

  • Why did the caller make the call @ 9:40 pm and it says the police didnt show up until 1 a.m.? Is that accurate? Do you guys really wait over 2 hours to show up for a double murder that a murder says he’s still on site? And why did operator get off the phone with him in the 1st with him, that gave him ample time to A: murder more people if he felt the need to or B: do what he did and kill himself and not take responsibility for the murders he did commit. Just asking. Just seems weird to me. Sorry.

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