Chris Paul Parents: The Star Player’s Safety Net & Support System


Chris Paul parents are Robin Paul and Charles Paul. They supported him in every aspect of his life and played a significant role in his successful career. 

Together, the couple welcomed Paul into the world on May 6, 1985, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States. 

The pair tied the knot in 1982 and have been together since then. Reportedly, they share a deep passion for philosophy. 

As of 2023, Chris Paul parents have retired from their jobs and are actively involved in the Chris Paul Family Foundation. 

They are the co-founders of the Chris Paul Family Foundation, which was established in 2005. 

This foundation aims to positively impact individuals and families by promoting fairness and equality in education, sports, and life.

An insight into Chris Paul’s Career

Chris is also known by his nickname CP3. He is one of the most significant point guards in the history of basketball.

Throughout his career, Chris received considerable support from his parents, and he frequently discussed their struggles in his numerous interviews. 

Despite this, Chris’ father always showed considerable interest in sports and played football at East Forsyth High School. 

He continued participating in various sports afterward. His love for sports also inspired his children to develop a passion for sports. 

When Chris Paul was pursuing his earlier education, his father organized a small cement basketball ground where his son, Chris, and his brother would practice together. 

The relationship between Charles & Robin Paul 

Chris Paul parents, Robin Paul, and Charles Paul, have an exciting and unique love story. 

As per sources, they attended the same university and were raised together in the Dreamland Park Baptist Church. 

They also met for the first time at the very same church. 

As per sources, when they met for the first time, they initially didn’t have a favorable impression of eachother, and they instantly disliked eachother.

At that time, Chris’ mother, Robin Paul, used to babysit Charles’ siblings, leading to their frequent interactions. Over time, they developed a friendship that lasted for many years.

Charles and Robin dated others during this period while maintaining friendship and church association.

Eventually, their relationship evolved into romantic involvement, and they got married after some time. 

They welcomed their first child, Charles Edward Paul Jr., in February 1983.

After their firstborn, the couple gave birth to Chris Paul, now a famous basketball player, on May 6, 1985. 

Since the time of their marriage, Chris Paul parents have remained devoted to eachother. 

Who is Chris Paul’s father? 

Chris Paul’s father, Charles Paul, previously served his duty in security at Aijis Mechtronics. 

The company provides surveillance equipment to various businesses. Besides his professional career, Chris Paul’s father also took on coaching roles. 

First, he started to coach his son, and later he started coaching different teams. 

In the past, Charles worked as an assistant coach at West Forsyth during Chris’ junior and senior years. Since fifth grade, he has coached Chris’ school’s YMCA and AAU teams.

As of now, Charles doesn’t have any coaching roles, but he attends all games of his son Chris and is frequently spotted supporting him. 

Chris highly values the support of his parents and holds them in high regard. 

In December 2021, Ja Morant presented his jersey to Chris after hitting the game-winning shot against the Suns.

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