Chris Potoski, Entrepreneur & CEO Of Tracey Jordan Properties

Chris Potoski

Chris Potoski is an entrepreneur who runs a specialized real estate development company and manages digital assets. 

He is the CEO and founder of TJC assets management and Tracey Jordan Properties.

Apart from his business, he is well known for being the spouse of Tracey Lynn Livermore, popularly known as Brandi Love, a p*rnogrpahic actor. 

The pair is happily married and resides with their daughter in North Caroline, the USA. 

Early Life & Family

In 1972, Chris Potoski was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, but there is no information about his exact birthdate. He is an American citizen. 

As of 2021, he is 46 years old and belongs to the caucasian ethnicity. 

There are no specifics on his parents, siblings, or early years.

What Struggles Did He Go Through To Acquire Education?

In his early years, he went to Eagle Village, located in The State Of Michigan, for junior school. In an interview, he stated that he loved that place and the people over there. He talked about how that place made him happy. 

After he attended Eagle Village, he went for an independent living program. The state then gave him an allowance, and he used to pay for his tuition in his high school. 

After receiving his GED, he decided to attend college or join the military.

Chris applied to Ferris State University and kept getting rejection letters. Then he moved to Big Rapids, Michigan, stayed at a motel, and visited the admissions office every day.

Potoski eventually received acceptance at Ferris State, but he changed schools and eventually graduated from Central Michigan University with a 3.8 GPA and a dual degree in psychology and physiology.

He obtained grants and student loans because he was an intelligent and gifted student, which helped him pay for college.

During the summer months, he also worked full-time to help pay for his studies.

A Succesful Entrepenuer

Chris began his profession in 1995 when he joined Curative health services in New York as the business development director. 

Before departing to serve as a vice president of the National Healing Corporation in Florida, he spent five years there.

As vice president, he also started the No Rivals media company. For over four years, he served as CEO.

Later, he established the digital asset management company TJC Assets. He has been employed by that company since 2004.

Chris co-founded the software company Invixis in 2009, and from that time until 2014, he served as its COO.

Potoski worked as the vice president of Regent Medical Solutions from January 2011 to February 2013.

Additionally, Potoski started his own company, Tracey Jordan Properties. The business focuses on providing elegant lodging and a boutique experience to tourists to Michigan’s renowned Inland Waterway in the state’s middle Northwest area.

Due to his commercial success, he has won multiple President Club Awards. He was awarded a role in the 2008 television documentary Penn & Teller in addition to operating a prosperous business.

He and his wife both made appearances in an episode titled “War On P*rn.”

Chris is an ultimately talented person. He is also a tech geek with having keen knowledge of PHP, HTML, Java, and more.

Chris’s Relationship With His Wife

Chris married before graduating after meeting his wife in college. 

The couple traveled on a backpacking trip for over four months. They boarded a Ryder truck in the middle of their graduation and drove to Florida.

The Ryder truck was then unloaded into their Fort Lauderdale residence and traveled to Mexico from Lauderdale. 

On February 10, 1994, Potoski married Brandi Love, a former model who is now a star in adult films, in a small ceremony. 

They have a daughter together who was born in 2000. She is 21 years as of 2021.

Love and her spouse Potoski chose to hide their daughter’s identity due to Love’s career in the adult film industry. 

They didn’t make their daughter’s existence known to the world until their 23rd wedding anniversary.

How Did Chris & His Wife’s Profession Impact The Case Custody Of Their Child?

According to reports, Brandi’s parents and Chris’s in-laws desired custody of their child since they believed Brandi’s area of profession did not provide the youngster with an ideal environment. 

Chris and his wife countered the ruling and managed to keep their daughter.

In March 2004, Chris and his wife began producing adult content at home, which didnt turns out well in favor of their child. 

To save the daughter, the grandparents contacted child protective agencies. 

The police investigated extensively but were unable to find anything suspicious about the child’s immediate surroundings that would have alarmed her.

In the end, Chris and his wife were given permission to keep and rear their child.

The businessman and the adult film actress launched a website to aid those going through a similar scenario in finding support while the custody dispute was in progress.

The website was called Parent In Adult.

Net Worth Of Chris 

As a successful businessman, Chris lives a luxurious and honorable life and earns a good amount of money. 

As of 2022, his net worth was estimated to be around $8 million.

Final verdict

Astute businessman Chris Potoski operates in America’s boutique real estate development and digital asset management industries. 

Since 2004, his enterprises have been successful. He is the CEO and creator of TJC Assets Management and Tracey Jordan Properties. 

He later changed occupations to join his wife in the p*rnographic film industry. With his wife and daughter by his side, he lives a contented and joyful life.