Chris Regan Murder: The Investigation & Subsequent Revelations 

chris regan murder

Chris Regan murder occurred in 2014 after he went missing. 

At the time of his disappearance, he didn’t let anyone know where he was heading. His ex-partner Terri O’Donnel reported him missing ten days later. 

When the police arrived, they found his car abandoned with a message inside. They were directed to Kelly Cochran and Jason’s house by this note. Chris was thought to be dating Kelly.

Sadly, there wasn’t enough evidence to solve the case, therefore it never was. Two years later, in 2016, Jason overdosed on heroin and died. 

This event sparked the reopening of the investigation. The police began looking into Kelly as a suspect. During the investigation, shocking details emerged.

This case garnered significant attention and will be featured in an upcoming episode of the ” Snapped ” episode titled “Kelly Cochran.” The episode will also air on the Oxygen network 

Inside the Chris Regan murder case 

After a missing person report was filed for Regan who had reportedly disappeared on October 14, 2014, authorities launched an investigation. 

During their search, they found Regan’s abandoned car.

Inside the vehicle, they discovered a note containing the home address of Kelly and Jason Cochran. 

Police promptly arrived at the Cochrans’ residence to question them about Christopher Regan’s disappearance.

Through their interrogation, authorities learned that Regan had allegedly been having an affair with Kelly Cochran, who was married then. 

The two individuals had met while working together at a naval ship parts factory in Iron River, Michigan. 

Despite their significant 20-year age difference, a romantic relationship had developed between them. 

During this time, Regan was publicly dating Terri O’Donnell.

In March 2015, the FBI looked into the Cochrans’ home. This made the couple worried about their safety, so they decided to leave their town.

As a result, the investigation into Christopher Regan murder case stopped, and the Cochrans moved to Hobart, Indiana. 

Unfortunately, in February 2016, Kelly Cochran supposedly murdered her husband, Jason Cochran.

Jason Cochran’s lifeless body was found when emergency medical technicians (EMTs) reached the couple’s Mississippi Street home.

After Jason Cochran’s death, an autopsy was conducted, and it was first determined that he had overdosed. 

However, once Kelly confessed to the authorities, it was found that she deliberately overdosed her husband on heroin by giving him a deadly quantity. 

She also choked him to ensure his demise.

Kelly Cochran said during her confession that she tricked Christopher Regan into going to their residence, where Jason shot him. 

The pair then dismembered Regan’s body and dumped the fragments in the adjacent woods. 

Kelly also disclosed that they made a pact on the night of their wedding to eliminate everyone connected to their extramarital activities.

Why did Jason murder Chris Regan?

According to reports, in October 2014, Jason accidentally found out about the year-long relationship between Kelly Cochran and Christopher Regan. 

It is said that he saw a message or alert on Kelly’s phone from Regan, which made him confront her about the situation.

Jason insisted that she bring Regan to their house, pretending to have a s*xual encounter with him, to confront and deal with the matter.

During this encounter, Jason hid inside the room and suddenly appeared from the shadows, shooting Regan at close range in the head.

Christopher Regan murder represents a tragic tale of infidelity, violence, and a chilling pact that ultimately led to the loss of multiple lives.

The inquiry and the related admissions revealed important details regarding the entire extent of the crimes committed and the complex relationships between the participants.

Chris Regan killer, Kelly Cochran arrested

Kelly Cochran acknowledged murdering Christopher Regan. 

She assisted the police in finding the victim’s severed head by giving them information.

A shattered revolver and a pair of spectacles they thought belonged to Regan were also found by the authorities. 

There was also a 22-caliber bullet found, which might have come from the murder weapon. 

In order to verify the victim’s identification, dental records were used.

In May 2017, Cochran was found guilty of first-degree murder as well as other offences. For killing Regan, she was given an unconditional life term in prison. 

But she then confessed to killing her husband, and a second 65-year sentence was imposed.

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