Meet Christy Turlington Kids, Grace & Finn: Where Are They Now?

Christy Turlington Kids

Christy Turlington kids, Grace and Finn, have become increasingly prominent in both the fashion world and their mother’s heartwarming social media posts.

Christy Turlington is a renowned supermodel known for her runway presence and her beautiful family. 

Let’s delve into the life of Christy Turlington, her husband, and their two kids, Grace and Finn. You’ll also get insights into how their children are making their mark in the fashion world.

Who is Christy Turlington?

Christy Turlington Burns, born on January 2, 1969, is an American model and humanitarian. 

She gained prominence as a model representing Calvin Klein’s Eternity fragrance campaign. 

Christy Turlington, a supermodel with an illustrious career, has also ventured into philanthropy. 

She is the founder of a nonprofit organization, which adds a significant dimension to her public image.

Apart from her successful modelling career, Christy has also dedicated herself to philanthropic work, particularly in the realm of maternal health. 

She founded the organization Every Mother Counts to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for mothers worldwide. 

Christy Turlington is a well-respected figure in the fashion industry and continues to inspire others with her advocacy efforts.

However, she’s a loving mother and wife at the core of her life.

Who is Christy Turlington Married Too?

Christy Turlington is married to the talented actor and filmmaker Edward Burns. Edward, known for his roles in various films and TV shows, including “The Brothers McMullen” and “Will & Grace,” has a successful career of his own.

Their love story began when Edward, working as a production assistant, interviewed Christy for Entertainment Tonight. 

Though she might not remember that initial meeting, it laid the foundation for their enduring connection. 

They got engaged in 2000 and eventually tied the knot in 2003, surrounded by a gathering of notable personalities, including Vin Diesel.

Christy Turlington’s husband

Christy Turlington’s husband is Edward Burns. Edward Burns is a well-known actor and filmmaker in the entertainment industry. 

He has appeared in numerous films and TV shows throughout his career. The couple got engaged in 2000 and married in 2003.

Their love story began when Edward, working as a production assistant, interviewed Christy for Entertainment Tonight. 

Despite his humble beginnings in the industry, Edward Burns has gone on to have a successful career in Hollywood.

Who are Christy Turlington Kids?

Christy Turlington and Edward Burns are proud parents to two wonderful children.

Grace Burns, 19, their eldest child, was born on October 23, 2003. Despite facing complications during her birth, she emerged healthy and has grown into a remarkable young woman. 

Grace graduated from Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School in 2022 and has now embarked on her college journey.

Grace is following in her mother’s footsteps and has begun her career in modeling. 

She made her runway debut at Milan Fashion Week and has appeared on various magazine covers. 

While her mother achieved modeling success at a young age, Grace had to wait until she turned 18, a decision that reflects the values instilled by her mother.

Additionally, Grace has been featured in campaigns for renowned brands like Carolina Herrera and has graced the covers of magazines such as Pop Magazine and Perfect Magazine.

Her fashion journey is just beginning, and she’s already making waves.

Finn Burns, 17, the younger of the two siblings, was born on February 11, 2006. 

He leads a more private life than his sister and is rarely seen on his mother’s Instagram. 

However, a few glimpses of his life have been captured in photographs, including family vacations and special moments.

His mother describes Finn as “pure sunshine, ” bringing her immense joy. 

Christy Turlington has shared heartfelt messages on social media to celebrate his birthdays, emphasizing their deep bond.

Christy Turlington Daughter makes her Debut in a Fashion Week

Christy Turlington’s daughter, Grace Burns, recently made her debut at Milan Fashion Week, walking for the spring 2024 collection of Alberta Ferretti. 

She stunned in a sheer, one-shouldered floral-print dress, demonstrating that fashion runs in the family.

Grace had previously graced the runway at Florence’s British Vogue X LuisaViaRoma show. 

In this show, she wore a striking white gown designed by Victoria Beckham, a name synonymous with high fashion. 

The gown was based on another dress designed by Beckham for Bella Hadid, showcasing Grace’s potential in the fashion industry.