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Client Connection Group Reviewed What You Can Expect

Theo Nguyen and Bradley Rand Martin founded Client Connection Group with a clear objective: to make honest and transparent sales looking for long-term partnerships for mutual growth.

Bradley Rand Martin and Theo Nguyen met while working at the same company in Pennsylvania in 2017 and 2018.

Theo was working to become a proficient salesman after having just changed his professional trajectory away from the construction space, and Bradley already had a certain restlessness for entrepreneurship that they started sharing.

They were craving to build “something” that could materialize their vision of doing business ethically, bringing value to the community and support their families.

After months of planning, they put all their savings together and created Client Connection Group.

Quality Appointments for Dental

Theo and Bradley looked at their community and noticed that dental practices often don’t have the know-how to market themselves and attract patients, particularly when offering specialized services like dental implants.

This kind of service is expensive and frequently requires financing.

Opposite to conventional lead gen strategies, a service like dental implants requires customers in a position to make a considerable investment for their health.

What to Expect from Client Connection Group

So, what can you expect if you’re a dental practice looking to work with Client Connection Group and their unique lead generation methodology?

Outstanding Work Ethics

Bradley and Theo have experienced firsthand what shady business practices look like and how discouraging and energy-draining they can be. For this reason, they founded Client Connection Group on solid principles, such as transparency.

“There is no shiny bullet. We simply sell for retention, for long-term partnerships, by being completely transparent to our clients.”

“We actually don’t want clients to buy from us until we have told them exactly what their expectations should be, what they need to do to succeed with the strategy on their end, and until they have committed to going through the entire process,” says Theo.

No Aggressive Advertising Strategies

Theo and Bradley have discovered that strategies based on aggressive discounts or spur-of-the-moment tactics only work for little time and do not generate the quality lead a dental implant practice needs.

“The average retention time of regular agencies is one or two months,” Theo states. This quick loss of effectiveness makes many practices lose trust in the power of marketing itself.

Instead of bombarding the community with spammy and annoying ads, the process starts with a studied design of advertising tailored to the type of candidate dental practices are looking for.

The first ads are designed to leave a positive impression of the practice, not force someone to decide based on external urgency. At the same time, if a potential patient is ready to invest, the ads can more than lead them into action. 

Client Connection Group tests a combination of platforms (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Google, etc). Then, they narrow it down based on the client’s budget and what works best for them. After this, the ads on every platform are constantly analyzed and improved based on the data they get.

Smart Follow Up

As we said, the expense of a dental implant is usually a decision taken gradually, and retargeting is extremely important. However, the follow-up doesn’t consist of harassing calls and emails every day of the week.

Theo and Bradley have designed their strategy to gently remind potential patients about their interest in dental implant treatment and nudge them into signing up.

Having a follow-up process in place is one of the main things that sets Client Connection Group apart from other agencies.

“Frankly, we wouldn’t have as good a client success rate without that because we do the follow-up part for the doctors. The value we can provide just by doing this is tremendous,” states Bradley.

Pre-Qualified Appointments

The core of Client Connection Group’s unique strategy is its system to curate quality leads and set proper expectations with every patient that schedules an appointment.

When a patient signs up, they go through an automated survey to find their credit score and financial situation to have sufficient elements to determine if it is a potential patient. The evaluation is done step by step, so filling out isn’t difficult.

However, since a dental implant treatment requires the patient to make a long-term commitment, the assessment also discourages passers-by or people who are not serious enough about acquiring the service.

Expert Consultancy

Bradley and Theo’s long-term strategy requires some practices to adjust aspects of their operation to boost conversion even more. That is why their service incorporates consultancy on several topics to help improve practices’ quality of service, business brand and identity, customer experience, and mindset.

“We go above and beyond to make practices aware of the many resources and tactics they have to increase their growth. We do so because it is essential for success that they believe in the strategy we are implementing together,” says Theo.

A Solid Foundation for Growth

The rounded-up methodology that Client Connection Group has created comes from Bradley and Theo’s enthusiasm for helping their clients create a foundation for long-term growth.

“We are not so much an agency as a growth partner. We strive to help our clients grow in the direction they want and achieve more personal fulfillment through their business,” says Theo. Are you interested in knowing more about Client Connection Group and its founders, Theo Nguyen and Bradley Rand Martin? We invite you to contact them via their website.