Controversial Murgud Doctor Video Goes Viral

Controversial Murgud doctor video goes viral for all the wrong reasons. 

Murgud Doctor Viral Video

A recently popular online video titled “Murgud Doctor” has become an internet sensation. It is common for videos to go viral online, and a new video is leaked every day.

This particular video has sparked a fresh debate on all social media sites. It features a fake doctor who has captured the attention of online users, who are curious about the reasons for its popularity.

The video depicts a fake doctor who has been exposed in Murgud, Kolhapur City, Maharashtra. The doctor opened a private practice in Murgud but lacked a college degree.

The leaked video shows the doctor chatting with a lady while promoting his clinic. Many patients attended his clinic for checkups after seeing social media advertisements.

The doctor’s degree was later revealed to be a forgery, and he had harassed female patients. He was involved in s*xual assault and once used a stick to record footage of his female patient.

He stored all the photos and videos on his laptop, which he sent in for repair after it became damaged. However, all of the videos on it began to circulate online as soon as he sent it in.

He had recorded this dishonest trick in almost 80 videos that he has preserved.

After the footage began to circulate, many women wrote to the Kohlapur police, claiming that the doctor had engaged in dishonest and deplorable behavior while operating a fictitious facility.

He has hurt many people. Women have penned a petition demanding that the fake doctor be imprisoned and that justice be served to all the women.

The video has exposed the truth about the fake doctor and the value of a positive doctor-patient connection when a patient has faith in their practitioner, which proves it.

However, this fake doctor had betrayed the trust of his patients, and now no one trusts him. The video has sparked a fresh debate on all social media sites, and online users are interested in learning more about this entire event.

The “Murgud Doctor” video has become an internet sensation due to its exposure of a fake doctor who has betrayed the trust of his patients.

The video has demonstrated the value of a positive doctor-patient connection and the importance of trusting one’s healthcare practitioner.

However, in this case, the fake doctor had violated the trust of his patients and caused harm to many women.

The video has shown the importance of ensuring that healthcare practitioners are qualified and trustworthy, and that justice is served to those who have been harmed.

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