Cooke Maroney Net Worth – How Did He Gain His Wealth?

Cooke Maroney Net Worth

Cooke Maroney is a successful art gallery director and businessman, with an estimated net worth of around $25 million.

He has earned his fortune through his hard work and creativity, primarily through his galleries and brand promotions.

His annual salary is estimated to be around $1 million, and his yearly income is around $5 million.

Maroney is considered one of the best art galleries and a major part of his income comes from his role as the director of Gladstone art gallery, located in NYC.

Maroney has a passion for contemporary artwork and has gained a large fan following through his painting, his father also owns an art gallery and inspired Cooke to follow in his footsteps.

Before working at Gladstone art gallery, Maroney served as a gallerist at Gagosian Gallery and also worked in the entertainment industry.

Cooke’s fame increased after he tied the knot with the famous Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, who is considered one of the most prominent personalities in America. 

He owns many other galleries in America and has numerous businesses in his hometown, gaining a remarkable reputation for himself.

Early life 

Cooke Maroney opened his eyes in Middlebury, United States on July 3, 1984. He was born to James Maroney and Suki Fredericks in a very wealthy family. 

His father was an art director as well, so Cooke took great inspiration from him and learned a lot that helped develop his career. Growing up with an older sister Annabelle alongside him, their childhood was spent together.

Interestingly, from a very young age Cooke had already started becoming passionate about art, something that has followed him until today – he is now the Director of the City’s Gladstone gallery in New York and has therefore become both successful and wealthy due to his love for art.

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