Corinna Kopf Net Worth: How She Earned $10 Million

Social media star Corinna Kopf earned her $10 million net worth through platforms like OnlyFans, YouTube, and more.

corinna kopf net worth

Corinna Kopf, a renowned American social media personality, has become a household name in the world of social media, with a net worth of $10 million. 

Born in Palatine, Illinois in December 1995, Corinna has her roots in the Midwest, with most of her family located in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri. Her German heritage is something she’s immensely proud of, and she is a fluent German speaker. 

Her social media moniker is Pouty Girl, and she’s known for her popularity on various platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and OnlyFans.

Corinna’s social media journey began in 2011 when she joined Twitter, and the following year, she created her Instagram account while still in school. She has since garnered over 6.5 million followers on Instagram and over 2.6 million followers on Twitter. 

Her popularity skyrocketed following her appearances on David Dobrik’s vlogs in 2015, where she became a part of the famous Vlog Squad.

As her fan base grew, she started a poll on Twitter to ask her fans if she should join YouTube. 

Following the poll, multiple fans urged her to create her own YouTube account, and she finally joined the platform and registered her self-titled channel in 2017. 

Her status as a Vlog Squad member has allowed her to collaborate with other social media celebrities such as Liza Koshy, Alex Ernst, and Toddy Smith, among others.

Apart from her YouTube channel, Corinna is also a Fortnite gamer with a streaming deal with Facebook Gaming, after initially streaming on Twitch.

Her personal life has also garnered significant attention, with her relationships with Turner Tenney and Toddy Smith being of particular interest to fans.

In August 2021, Corinna made headlines when she revealed that she earned roughly $4 million from OnlyFans in one month.

Although the report is unverified, if it’s even partially true, it would make her one of the highest-earning personalities on the platform.

In a later interview on Logan Paul‘s Impaulsive podcast, Corinna disclosed that she was still earning over $1 million every month from the adult platform, even months after joining.

From a young age, Corinna Kopf was an avid gamer and self-proclaimed fan of gaming. Her love for video games has been with her since childhood, and she started her live-streaming career on Twitch, where she would often stream Fortnite and other games. 

She quickly gained a sizable following and viewership on the platform. However, she was subsequently banned from Twitch and signed an exclusive streaming contract with Facebook Gaming in 2019.

Corinna has also been in several high-profile relationships with fellow social media stars. She dated Toddy Smith, a popular Viner, in 2017, but they broke up in early 2018. Jack Dail is another social media personality who has been rumored to have dated Corinna. 

In January 2023, rumors circulated that she was dating Sammy Wilk, with whom she was seen kissing and hugging on a boat, in several social media posts.

Corinna’s income streams are varied and lucrative.

She makes most of her $10 million valuation from her successful OnlyFans account, AdSense revenue from her YouTube account, brand endorsements, exclusive contracts, and sponsored content on her social media platforms. 

In addition, she also earns a decent amount from tips and donations from her viewers while live streaming.

According to Social Blade, Corinna earns an average of anywhere between $23 to $373 per month and $280 to $4.5K on an annual basis through AdSense revenue.

Her impressive net worth and multiple income streams are a testament to her hard work, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. 

Corinna Kopf’s story is an inspiration to many aspiring social media personalities, proving that with talent and perseverance, one can turn their passion into a lucrative career.

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