Crypto Lottery Lucky Block Crypto Valuation Topples Past $140 Million

Lucky Block Crypto

With the rising trend in upcoming cryptocurrency offering updated value, the crypto lottery, Lucky Block Crypto garners huge presale demand and demolishes expectations by going past $140 million within just two days of its launch.

Lucky Block is set to deliver its vision for the entire world. 

Tagged as a ‘lottery where everyone’s a winner’, the hotcake digital lottery Lucky Block has outperformed expectations as it swept past $140 million valuations just within a couple of days within its trading debut. 

It is now eyeing Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, for its list in February. Buyers are already sitting at a profit, and not just a modest one at that. 

Just like Seeesaw protocol, we take a look at this news and dive a little deeper to understand what the hot-tipped and hyped lottery is all about.

Core Focus Of Lucky Block Crypto 

On the white paper published on Lucky Block’s website, they have explained the core focus of this lottery as follows:

  • Develop transparency and fairness in gaming
  • Create a global lottery where every player has better win odds
  • Provide a solid investment strategy for token holders
  • Contribute to good causes and the community

There has been a continuous rise in digital gambling, with the rise in acceptance of online and digital payments and people feeling at ease. 

And with people also gaining growing acceptance of digital tokens, Lucky Block aims to shift lotteries to systems outside existing financial constraints, as is the core purpose of digital coins and underlying technologies.

Incorporating blockchain protocols as its underlying technology, Lucky Block is operating on top of the Binance smart chain. 

This not only establishes it outside traditional and conventional financial systems but assures the users and interested parties that it will be unhinged by global inflation, as well.

This gives players and participants better transparency than traditional lotteries.

Surprising Valuation Blows Investor Expectations

Lucky Block was tipped to be a famous endeavor, and it didn’t break expectations at that. But when it crossed the $140 million valuations within a couple of days of its inauguration, people were awestruck while buyers who bought and believed in the platform gained tremendously. 

The core attraction of a lottery based on a blockchain platform is it gives more transparency than conventional lotteries. It also gives players better odds and such claims were not to disappoint as the platform garnered astonishing numbers in its presale round. Not only did it surpass its set targets but it also gave profits.

Outperforming Targets

The presale saw its boundary breached an eye-opening 11 days earlier than its set deadline.

The dubbed ‘People’s Lottery’ raised $5.7 million from investors as it oversubscribed in its presale stage. The prominent CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap valuations on their listings also saw Lucky Block at $140 million within a couple of days of its trading launch. And since, it has grown past $200 million. 

The market is expecting further bullish pressure on the total set supply of Lucky Block’s coins of 100 billion tokens. Buyers who took advantage of the price have seen gains of upto 653%.

The platform is also set to disrupt the traditional lottery industry which is estimated to be around $300 million, globally. 

Outstanding Gains For Early Buyers

PancakeSwap saw the price gaining 854% for investors and early bidders who participated at the set price of $0.00015. The decentralized exchange saw the price raised to $0.001238 in just over 24 hours. 

Not only that, but Lucky Block says investors who took advantage at the second stage of presale price which was set to $0.00019 are also sitting at a gain of around 653%. 

It completed its presale with 8,611 holders and is continuously seeing a rise in holders (now have topped and are closing at 20,000) as Lucky Block eyes other centralized exchanges such as and FTX.

It should also be noted that holders of the Lucky block digital tokens are eligible and qualify for dividend payments whether they have bought the lottery tickets or not. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Of Lucky Block

Lucky Block has also promised to disrupt the conventional actions of a lottery. It will give 10% of its ticket sale revenue to charities, as it also gives numerous advantages to players and participants of the lottery.

It has till date given $5,000 to the British Red Cross as its set commitment as its CSR. This is a first for any digital or cryptocurrency project, and it has surely made its mark if market sentiments can be taken as evidence to acceptance of these claims.

It also is boosting its CSR governance by being environmentally efficient, as it runs in the energy-efficient labeled Binance smart chain. As going green is the motto of current times, people concerned regarding the recently raised concerns of environmental damage via cryptocurrency can be laid somewhat to rest. 

Comments Of CEO And CSO Of Lucky Block

After the successful launch of Lucky Block, its CEO Scott Ryder said that achieving such market capitalization was an achievement as an indicator that they will hit all of their set milestones in time to come. Not only are they set out to compete with other lotteries, but they are challenging the core aspect of lottery and lottery operators that has existed since time.

“We are now looking to roll out our – up until now – largely UK-focused outdoor advertising campaign to other global cities, as we pursue listings on major crypto exchanges. 

“We should be on FTX and fairly soon, with Binance to follow, although we can’t say too much about that just now. Our social media channels will keep everyone up to date.”

The Chief Strategy Officer, James Fennell of Lucky Block also praised and commented on the rise of such applications. He sees deFi and decentralized networks now turning into a reality and at a level where it will be adopted by mass. 

The platform is also set to release its application in March. This will make it feasible for users to participate in the lottery and track their winnings as well. Users can also keep track of their dividend payments along with other passive incomes, he said. 

“As we continue to build out our offering, which at a later date will include gaming, NFT and metaverse products, we will work towards achieving one of our other strategic goals – advancing our mission to transform philanthropy, in part through setting up our global not-for-profit Lucky Block Foundation.” He further told of their next plans.

Lucky Block is set to deliver its vision for the entire world. 

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