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How Perseverance Helped Daisy Morgan in Empowering Women

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the global economy and culture, it becomes clear that the epidemic affects men and women differently, necessitating gender-balanced countermeasures.

According to the International Labor Organization, COVID-19 and its attendant lockdowns have severely disrupted economic activity, affecting 80% of the worldwide workforce. 

While such volatility poses a threat to everyone’s livelihood, women are disproportionately affected by the pandemic because it exacerbates existing inequities, introduces new hurdles, and reverses recent gains.

COVID-19 has had a number of economic consequences for women. Many women already work in precarious jobs with poor pay and limited access to social safety, exposing them to economic downturns.

Daisy Morgan is a Singaporean entrepreneur with a long history of establishing lucrative and well-known local and overseas clubs.

Giving Back To the Community by Small Acts of Kindness 

During the epidemic, Daisy assisted a number of skilled women and entrepreneurs in regaining their footing while making the earnings they desired. She is giving back to the community that helped her succeed by coaching, leading, and networking with capable women all around the world. 

She believes in empowering women. As in these uncertain times, it is critical for women to step up and help other women get back on their feet rather than bullying and pushing each other down. 

Many women have been financially struggling to support their families during the pandemic. Daisy made an effort to assist many women in getting back on their feet financially during this difficult time. She connected a lady baker with a woman who could run a bus using her networking talents.

In this manner, she helped two women financially gaining independence and stand up for themselves in times of crisis.

The recent incident at Miss Sri Lanka’s crowning event serves as a reminder that when a scenario like this develops, every lady around the world must speak up for her fellow ladies.

Miss Sri Lanka's crowning event controversy

In response to the Sri Lankan event, Daisy stated that women all across the world could lift the crowns of other women rather than removing them. Daisy feels that kindness can make the world a better place to live in a world where everyone is struggling financially. 

If a person is compassionate and kind and treats others with politeness, they can be a strong contributor to the world and help give back to society. 

About Daisy Morgan & How She Struggled To Be a Successful Entrepreneur 

Daisy Morgan is a single mother and the owner of the nightclubs Celebrities, Rumors Exclusive, Bounce, and Platinum.

 She decided to close them down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and focus on the skincare market, which she had been experimenting with since 2004. After more than ten years of trials, she developed a creative beauty salon in Singapore and India, and in 2018, she launched her own skincare line, Dr. Morgan International.

Dr. Morgan International is a skincare and haircare company that makes a wide range of products.

Women Helping Women

Small acts of kindness can make a big difference in the world, one person at a time. Daisy had the misfortune of being neglected and professionally sidelined as a single mother. 

Today’s environment is fast-paced, driven, and isolated for some. Even while we are connected to everything and everyone around us through social media and cellphones, that connection is frequently superficial. It can leave us feeling alone as the world goes by. 

Rather than giving up in the face of these challenges, Morgan resolved to work even harder to provide her children with the life of their dreams.

“Giving up is the birth of regrets. It’s the overwhelming breakdown for an inevitable breakthrough. If nothing goes right, go left to reach your goals.” Said the single mother to her children; P. Laxshana, 16, P. Meschantra, 14, and Tyra D’Morgan, 4.

After becoming a successful entrepreneur, Daisy now works around the clock to ensure that women in difficult situations around the world receive the assistance they require.

Many women become caught up in the rat race of life until they are overcome with loneliness and the need for companionship, friendship, and encouragement. Unfortunately, loneliness may be terrible, resulting in melancholy, anxiety, worthlessness, and even desertion. This is where the concept of women supporting women comes into play. 

“My advice is to always plan and execute in any circumstances. Make amendments and change according to the situations to reach success,” said a determined Morgan.