Who Are Damar Hamlin’s Parents? Their Struggles And Hardships

Damar Hamlin Parents

Damar Hamlin’s Parents are Mario Hamlin and Nina Hamlin. Buffalo Bill safety player Damar Hamlin was born in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania on March 24th, 1998. 

On Monday, January 2nd Hamlin had a cardiac arrest on the field playing for the Buffalo Bills against Cincinnati Bengals.

Damar took a bad hit to the chest due to which he fell to the floor, later he got up from the ground but then collapsed again.

He was immediately given CPR and then rushed to the ambulance for being transferred to the UC Medical Centre, Damar was accompanied by his mother Nina throughout the journey.

Damar Hamlin’s Parents’ journey

Damar Hamlin’s Parents Mario Hamlin and Nina Hamlin were high school sweethearts and they gave birth to Damar when they were only 16 years old. 

The young couple started the journey to build their small family but money was one obstacle. To stabilize the family’s financial situation Mario ultimately thought of selling drugs, which didn’t turn out to be a wise choice. 

He was arrested and sentenced to spend 3.5 years in prison, leaving Nina and his son Damar alone. After the arrest of Mario, Nina had the sole responsibility of taking care of her son.

While being a teenager herself, she did all she could: she got a job at an organization and earned the bread for the house. Later when Mario got out of jail, they both worked together to run a daycare company and an office cleaning business.

Damar attended Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After attending school, Damar would play football in the afternoon and help his mom in the evening at the Daycare.

With Damar’s Parents’ hard work and dedication, Damar hardly lacked anything in his childhood and grew up in a supportive environment. 

After graduating high school Damar decided to join the University of Pittsburgh to play football and to be close to his home.

From 2016-2020 Damar played five seasons at Pitt and then he finally got selected in the 2021 NFL drafts.

On May 21, 2021, he signed a four-year rookie contract with Buffalo. Damar also earned the First-team All-State honors and Class AAAA Defensive Player of the Year.

Damar is always appreciative of his Parents and is very outspoken about his close relationship with his mother Nina. 

In 2021, he said: “I’m extremely close to my family and I just try to think about when I was 16 years old and I just couldn’t imagine having a little boy. It was us at first, just me and my mom and my dad, and they taught me hard work. They taught me you gotta work for everything and basically, they just taught me all of the lessons of life.”

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